Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary June 2011

Photographs from our trip to New York and our travels in Canada

Sadly we lost our camera when we were in New York so most of the photos below were taken on my iphone or on pat's phone. We were sad to discover the loss as it was after we had done all our touristy stuff, inluding our boat trip around Manhattan.

Photo: Canada visit June 2011.

Alistair, Catherine and Pat. Burlington, Ontario.

Photo: Canada harbour.

The harbour at Bronte were Pat's sister Catherine and her family stay. I took this photo on what was the most beautiful of days; a perfect combination of good company, perfect weather and lovely scenery.

Photo: Canada beautiful day.

Photo: Private Beach at Bronte Canada.

Not everyone has their own private beach.

Photo: Graduation dinner for Sean.

After the graduation ceremony we all went for our dinner to celebrate. Alistair, Sean and Catherine study the menu; Alistair is finding it very hard to pick a starter. :-)

Photo: Alistair, Lauren, Catherine.

Alistair, Lauren, Catherine at Holt Renfrew in Toronto.

Photo: Sean's graduation in Canada.

Photo: pat and Sean at Graduation.

Sean's graduation

Photo: Pat and sister Catherine.

Pat and Catherine

Photo: Maple Syrup sign Canada.

We must be in Canada now. :-)

Photo: The Clark Gallery Canada.

The Clark Gallery, Lincoln, Massachusetts

Photo: Pat and Chris.

Pat and Chris.

Photo: At Banjo Jim's Canada.

One of my favourite photos from the trip. It's Banjo Jim's - where I would play later that evening.

Photo: Jim playing at Banjo Jim's Canada.

Playing at Banjo Jim's.

Photo: Vintage Clothes shop New York, The Village.

This vintage clothes shop was across from our apartment in 'the village' when we stayed in New York.

Photo: Freedom Tower Construction.

We passed by the Construction site of the new Freedom Tower at Ground Zero. This area will be incredible when it's finished - the building already look stunning.

Photo: Twin Towers Construction.

Photo: Waiting for coffee Tinderbox Byres Road.

Here's me waiting to order my coffee in Tinderbox on Byres Road.

Photo: McCormacks music store closes.

It was sad to hear that McCormacks music shop in the centre of Glasgow has shut down; I spent many hours over the years staring at the guitars and amps - as well as buying music gear. I wasn't my fault guv.

Photo: Dave Acari Edinburgh Gig.

I played a gig with Dave Acari in Edinburhg a few weeks ago; Dave was particularly explosive that night; musically speaking of course.