Photography diary: Jim: April 2004

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9th April 2004

Photo: Amaryllis.

The spring flowers are blooming.

Photo: Tullips.

Photo: Daffodils.

Photo: Daffodils.

Photo: Small blue flowers.

Photo: Cast iron and sandstone posts.

Photo: Chimney pots.

Photo: Street drain after a shower.

Currently the weather alternates between sun and heavy showers. Luckily the streets of Hillhead are rarely flooded - the water all runs down the hill of course - but the drains still catch some of it on the way down.

Photo: Cactus and tap.

A photograph that is clearly a little out of place for this month; I call this one, tap and cactus.

4th April 2004

Photo: Spring flower.

Tick the box for the coming of spring 2004.

Photo: The bookmakers shop.

I can't remember the last time I didn't pick the winner of the Gand National - including the horse that was first past the post when the race was cancelled. So how about this year? Hmm - it's bizarre - I picked the winner again. I know it doesn't sound believable - ask Pat - it's true.

This I am sure must be my last winning year.

Photo: The Kelvin Hall.

An unusual view of the Kelvin Hall and Dumbarton Road.

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Jims photo index,,re,2004,,the pictures of the flowers were lovely and also the photo of Kelvin Hall and Dumbarton rd .I love the west end news letter read every word of it,I have been in Canada for 37yrs but am still a glasweigin at heart ,keep up the great work..regards anne calman

annecalman | Tue May 18 2004

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