Jim's West End photo diary: March 2003

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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29th March 2003

Photo: Delcor.

I have been taking some pictures for Pat's 'featured' shops over the last couple of weeks. Above you is a photo of Laura who worked in the Delcor: Furniture Design Studio on Great Western Road. Laura has since moved on to a new job at Olympian - an interior design shop also on Great Western Road.

Photo: Delcor furniture.Photo: Delcor furniture.

A few more photos from my Delcor 'photo shoot'.

Photo: VW toy car. Photo: The Pink Poodle shop.

The next shop Pat will be featuring on the site is the 'Pink Poodle' on Byres Road - above you can see a couple of photos I took during a recent visit.

22nd March 2003

Photo: Ashton Lane..

Photo: Ashton Lane..

It was a bit of a shock when I saw the destruction of the old cinema in Ashton lane - I hadn't realised that this was what was meant by refurbishment? Will Ashton Lane's famed 'character' survive this major change? Add your comments to the discussion forum.

Photo: Flowers.

Photo: Spring flowers.

Photo: Crocus.

A few photographs of Spring flowers, because it's Spring - and they caught my eye and raised my spirits.

Photo: Burnbank Bowling Club.

Burnbank Bowling Club on Woodlands Road.

Photo: Cat n Mouse.

And here is this months mystery photo - where did I see this unusual weather vane? Just a bit of fun - provide your answer using the comments feature at the bottom of the page.

9th March 2003

Photo: The Kelvinhall.

The view of the Kelvinhall Indoor Sports Stadium from Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Photo: Kevlingrove Park entrance.

This pillar is situated at the entrance to Kelvingrove Park on University Avenue. Originally it was part of the Gateway to Woodlands House in Woodlands Road.

Photo: Statue on Kelvinway bridge.

One of the 'allegorical' statues on the bridge across the River Kelvin in Kelvingrove Park; this is the Philosophy and Inspiration group, represented in this case by the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci. The sculptor was Paul Raphael Montford (1868-1938) who completed the set in 1926. More information can be found at Glasgow - City of Scuplture.

Photo: Hospital building Dunbarton Rd..

I think this building is part of the Western Infirmary, on Dumbarton Road near the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Photo: Hillhead St..

Hillead Street was re-surfaced a few weeks ago - when I took this photo it was early morning and it was quite misty; the street had a strange eerie quality to it.

Photo: The Maggie Centre.

The photo of the 'Maggie's Centre' on Dumbarton Road.

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If you have a mo could you please put me out of my misery and let me know if I got the mystery picture right or wrong...I was in a bit of a rush that day so I can take it on the chin if I am wrong!! With thanks.
-- Dorothy Easson ( Emaildorothy at easson dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 21.5.2003; 16:56:55 Uhr

You are right again Dorothy. Thanks for taking the time to add you comment.

All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 27.4.2003; 0:24:53 Uhr

The weather vane is on the gatepost of The Secret Garden in Great George St.
Looking forward to April's Competition.
Thanks again for all the other excellent photographs you give us each month.
--Dorothy Easson ( Emaildorothy at easson dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 26.4.2003; 15:59:04 Uhr

Haha, we came over to Canada two weeks ago, and you didn't. But alas, Glasgow does look ever so pretty in your pictures. And we do miss it. Keep up the good work. Bye.
--Mairi Helen ( voodoomoo at hotmail dot com ) from Canada on 11.4.2003; 18:08:39 Uhr