Glasgow West End: Jim's Photography diary September 2008

Photo: Sunset in Anniesland Glasgow.

Another amazing sunset in Glasgow's West End.

Our trip to the Colonsay Folk Festival

Myself, Pat, Issi and Davy travelled up to Colonsay for the Folk festival where I was playing some music.


Photo: sea view at Colonsay.

Colonsay Ceilidh Band

Photo: Band on stage at Colonsay.

Heading for Kiloran Beach

Photo: Out for walk in Colonsay.

Photo: Colonsay sheep.

Pat in Colonsay

Photo: Pat at Colonsay cottage.

Davy having a paddle

Photo: Davy out paddling at Colonsay.

Issi lighting the fire

Photo: Issi lights the fire.

Issi and Pat having a stone throwing competition

Photo: Pat and issi throwing stones at the pebble beach.

Photo: Colonsay sheep.

Chatting to Fiona and Andrew, who play with Rallion

Photo: Meeting the band Rallion.

Jim playing at the hotel

Photo: Jim playing at the hotel in Colonsay.

Strip the Willow in Scalasaig Hall

Photo: Colonsay dancing.

Kennels Cottage, where we stayed

Photo: Cottage in Colonsay.

Issi and Davy at the local shop

Photo: Issi and Davy at Colonsay Folk Festival.

Issi, Davy, Gill Saunderson from Crail and Pat

Photo: Friends at Colonsay.

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