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My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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18th March 2004

Photo: Cottage.

This month's mystery photograph (see foot of page) was clearly just too difficult. Apart from one e-mail asking me if it really is in the West End, there have been no guesses. So I'll tell you the answer; my photograph shows a view contained in another photograph - and you can find that photograph in the Main Range of Glasshouses in the Botanics; the part with all the cactus plants.

This month's new mystery photograph is the cottage above; do you know where is it - and how it got there? It's just for fun - no prizes this month I'm afraid.

Photo: Kids Wellies.

Here is a small surprise for the people who stay downstairs in our tenement close - a photograph of the kids' wellies.

Photo: Daffodils at Glasgow University.

Daffodils on the hill outside Glasgow University.

Photo: Glasgow University Gardens.

Looking across University Avenue at University Gardens.

Photo: Glasgow University Professor Square.

A veiw of Professors' Square in Glasgow University.

8th March 2004

Photo: The sun is out on Byres Road.

Walking down Byres Road on Sunday the winter sun was low in the sky - at times it was difficult to see what was ahead.

Photo: A bus on University Avenue.

Further down the road I spotted this bus stopped at the lights on University Avenue; it was interesting because written on the front of the bus, where you would normally find the destination, were the words 'just married'. You will just have to take my word for it - I didn't have a lens on the camera that would have allowed me to take a close up.

Photo: Costa Coffee entrance in Bank Street.

I have always found this entrance to Costa Coffee, on the corner of Bank St and Great Western Road, interesting as a piece of architecture. It is the old Bank, I'm not sure when it was built, but it has an Art Deco look to it.

Photo: A view of a tree and hedge in the sun.

A tree in the Botanics, warmed by the sun.

Photo: Mystery photograph.

Here is this month's mystery photograph; where can you find this unusual scene? This one might be too difficult, so if there are no replies within the next week or so, I'll replace it with another one. At the moment there is no prize, but if we find a sponsor for this month's competition, I'll be sure to let you know.

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