Photography Gallery: Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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28th August 2004

Photo: Hillhead Underground Station.

A few photographs from a wander up Byres Road last week.

Photo: Dowanhill House.

Photo: Sign to Botanics.

Photo: Treehouse.

12th August 2004

Some photographs taken at Geilston Garden in Cardross. A very interesting and tranquil National Trust Property.

Photo: Cardros Gardens.

Photo: Apples from Cardross Gardens.

Some apples in the orchard.

Photo: Cardros Gardens.

The house dates back to the late 17th century.

Photo: Cardros Gardens.

An echinacea plant growing in the herb garden.

Photo: Hotel at Erskine.

Previously the Erskine Hospital at Erskine and home of the Earl of Mar. Mar House has been refubished and is now a small exclusive hotel.

Photo: Basia and friends.

The Palka Family over on holiday from Poland visiting our house.

8th August 2004

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

I popped in to Oran Mor last weekend and took a few photographs on the first floor restaurant/music venue.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

This is a nice design touch; the salt and pepper pots sit on a mirror, which is handy if you want to examine Alasdair Gray's spectacular mural on the ceiling.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

Photo: Oran Mor Venue and Restaurant.

I didn't have a lens on my camera that was suitable for taking photographs of the ceiling - but this gives you an idea of the colour and detail.

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Thanks - I appreciate your nice comments. I've never done album artwork - but would be keen if anyone offered me the work. :-) All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Fri Feb 04 2005

Just happened to come across this page after searching the web for info on a west end street. must say that i think your compositions are brilliant and you have a great eye. There are many photographers around who dont do their subject justice, you are not one of them, you are in a class of your own... Think its called talent. have you ever done album artwork?

J. Noble | Wed Feb 02 2005

See the page on Oran Mor at All the best, Jim

Jim Byrne | Wed Aug 25 2004

Please - where is Oran Mor? june (exiled to Milton Keynes)

| Tue Aug 24 2004

Hi Am exile from West End - living in London. Was very keen to see interior of Oran Mor - saw exterior on my last visit. Quite funny to me as I used to go to Brownies in the basement of that church, and Alasdair Gray is old family friend, so viewing of his murals is a must for me when Oran Mor opens - is it open? Anyway, love your sight.

Jane Lloyd | Tue Aug 24 2004

Nice returning to Glasgow for a holiday in a few weeks, Oran Mor will be on my list of places to visit. Bermuda is nice, but I sure as hell miss the West-End.

kiran | Tue Aug 10 2004

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