Glasgow West End Photography Diary December 2003: Byres Road, University Avenue, Ashton Lane

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28th December 2003

Photo: Off Byres Road.

I had a wander down Byres Road and along University Avenue on Christmas morning - when it was still very quiet. The photograph above is of Dowanside Road.


Photo: Asthton Lane on Christmas Morning 03.

Photo: After the fire.

Work continues on the reconstruction of the Bower Building on University Avenue.

Photo: Pearce Lodge.

Photo: Winter colour.

Photo: Succulent plant.

13th December 2003

Photo: Puddle.

I am starting this months diary with a few photos of a wet and windy West End. Puddles, backlanes and reflected tenements were the 'order of the day' when I took these photographs.

Photo: West End Lane.

Photo: Back lane.

Photo: Grosvenor Cinema.

Photo: Ashton Lane 2003.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

As you can see - a big chunk has been bitten out of the side of the Kibble - as the work continues.

Photo: Leaves 03.

Photo: Leaves 03.

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i like your pics have you got any of houses tenaments in the west end

john mcguffie | Mon Feb 12 2007

thanks for those beautiful pictures, makes me miss the west end even more.....

marc | Fri Dec 26 2003

Hi y'all, Thanks for the nice comments. Clearly I need to take more photographs of West End puddles - as these particular puddles are proving popular. :-)

Jim Byrne | Tue Dec 16 2003

Love the puddles,and the new blue front page heading. I live in California, and the main thing I miss about Glasgow is the thought of the streets at this time of year, the dark coming down and the lights coming on. Add to that the twittering of the starlings on Sauchiehall Sreet (are they still there?), and the nostalgia trip is complete.

Arlene Holloway | Tue Dec 16 2003

I remember that puddle from 50 years ago and many like it. My grandmother lives in Byres Road, just down from University Cafe and we hiked up and down the there every Saturday for years. What happened to all the butchers' shops? june

| Mon Dec 15 2003

Well, Jim, I am so glad to see that some things never change. I remember that puddle (top pic) in Byres Road from more than 4 years ago! Barry.

barry paton | Sat Dec 13 2003

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