Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary September 2011

Some photos of our trip to York a few weeks ago; inluding this one of a man in Pat's tea cup.

Photo: Man in tea cup York.

Photo: Shop display in York.

Photo: Old Clock in York.

Photo: Yorkminster Abbey.

Photo: Yorkminster Abbey stairs.

Photo: Yorkminster Abbey.

Photo: Warning - don't try these stairs if you aren't well.

Photo: Yorkminster Abbey.

Dr Tim, one of The Blackwoods, at opening night of The Roxy 171

Photo: Tim at the Roxy 171.

Seals at Eyemouth Harbour

Photo: A grey seal.

Photo: A grey seal.


Photo: Vintage sport car.

Photo: Fishing trip huts.

Photo: Boats in the harbour.

Photo: Mooring rope.

Apples and Pigs at Tower Farm

Photo: Autumn apples.

Photo: Pigs on the farm.

Glasgow University

Photo: Glasgow University new building.

New School in Gibson Street

Photo: New School at Gibson Street.

Photo: New clock Gibson Street.