Glasgow West End: Jim's West End Photo Diary August 2000

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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30th August

Red Roses

I have not had much time over the last few weeks to be out and about taking pics. So here to finish off the month and stay on the same theme are some more photos from my earlier trips through around the Botanic Gardens. The roses above where taken during the Scottish Carnation and Roses flower show in the Botanics.

Flowers Inside the Kibble Palace

17th August

Kibble Palace Dome Fushia

Here are some more Kibble Palace photographs. This month I am overloading on flowers, plants and glass roofs - mainly because I'm on holiday and I've had some time for a wander. Hopefully - for your sake - by next month's diary my interest will have moved on to something completely different.

The first picture is of the first glass dome that you meet as you enter the Kibble Palace. Under this dome is the circular fish pond - with a large Tree Fern on the island in the middle (stating the obvious here). The pond is full of very active and large goldfish - Carp I think they are called. If you like to just stand and stare - there is no better place to do it than at the fish pond - there are always a few fascinated youngsters engaged in just this activity.

For those interested the Kibble Palace is home to the national Tree Fern collection.

I took the picture of the fushia for no other reason than it looked nice. If the truth be known this wasn't in the Kibble it was at the entrance of the Main Range of glasshouses.


To the left as you come in the front door of the Kibble you can find this statue crouched in the corner - hemmed in by the encroaching plants and the glass dome. Is he hiding his face because he has a headache or because he is embarassed to be stark naked in a public place? If you know tell me.

If you have Information about any of the statues in the Kibble I would be very interested to hear it.

Yellow Flowers

In the main dome I came across this yellow flowering plant - looked like a giant rubber plant to me. Again it looked nice so I took a picture. For those with a technical bent - I took a reading from the yellow flowers and increased the exposure by one stop. Aperture was F4.5 and I used a 50mm lens - I think the shutter speed was 1/60 of second.

14th August 2000

Kibble Palace

You can't keep me out of the Botanic Gardens these days - I've obiously gone soft in the head - must be my age. The fact is that as soon as I walk through the park gates I relax. One thing you can't do while walking around a park is worry about work - or for that matter actualy do any work. So I can't promise I won't be back for another wander anytime soon.

One thing I'm not good at is paying attention to what I am photographing - so I don't know the names of any of the flowers published in todays diary. Feel free to at a comment to the bottom of this page if you would like to display your horticultural knowledge.

Unusual flowers

The picture of the unusual flower above was taken while walking through the Main Range of glasshouses.

I was speaking to a fellow photographer Dougles Leishman ( who took all the photograpsh in the book Scottish Ceramics by Henry E Kelly) last week and he was advising me that I should supply details about the camera settings and information about how I took each of my photographs. It had not occurred to me that any 'real' photographers would ever look at my diary so I've never thought of supply such information.

In the case of the flower above I remember taking a spot reading off the main yellow flower - and because there was so little light the apperture was set at 2.8 on a 50mm lens - I can't remmember exactly the shutter speed but it was probably either 1/40th or 1/60 of a second.

For most of the photographs I take I don't take a note of the camera settings I use - which is not necessarily a good thing - I'm sure I would learn a bit quicker if when I looked at a photograph I knew how it took it.

Yellow daisy like flowers

The park itself is - as usual full of attractive flowers, like the one above - and a few plants you don't expect to find in a public park - like the artichoke below ( I'm hazarding a guess that this is artichoke but I could be wrong.)


4th August 2000

Reeds Daisies

Not the usual outdoor shots to start this month's Photo Diary - instead a few photographs of Acanthus - a new flower shop located down Ruthven Lane off Byres Road. Pat is writing a feature on this new shop and had already taken some good photographs - so I just picked out some of what I thought where attractive details from this well designed shop.

Lillies in a vase

I did of course take some pictures on my occasional evening walks, including one of the Doublet which is on Park Road. Quite a few people have e-mailed asking for more pictures of West End pubs - so here's one.

The Doublet

I had not taken a single photograph of the statue of George and the Dragon which is located at George Cross just next to the underground. This statue has an interesting history - which I have read about but escapes me at the moment ( I think it was donated to the city by the Co-operative - where it had been part of a co-operative building). One side of the statue is unfinished i.e the bit that pedestrians were not meant to see. George has a weird rough face with staring deep eyes - quite disconcerting close up.

George and the Dragon

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beautiful. i want these pictures. i congratulate you on your work. its wonderful. i would put that in really big letters, but i cant on this. so. to put it simply. good job
--emiloou ( eeg2250 at netscape dot net ) from hungary on 17.8.2003; 1:34:19 Uhr

Info on the Statues in the Kibble Palace :- 1 CAIN the crouching man hiding his face on the left as you enter The Kibble by Rosco Mullins 2 KING ROBERT OF SICILY the chap with the wonderful haircut and a monkey on the right as you enter by G H Paulin 3 EVE the lovely lady who sits at the top of the main walkway by Scipio Todalini 4 RUTH commencing your circuit to the right she is on the left by Giovanne Ciniselli 5 NUBIAN SLAVE is next by A Rossetti 6 THE ELF the famous crouching lady is on the right and by Sir Goscombe John 7 STEPPING STONES next by W Thornycroft 8 SISTERS OF BETHANY on your left by Warrington Wood If you start your circuit to the left you have to work it all out for yourself!
--Lynne Scobbie ( Lynne dot inkblot at virgin dot net ) from Scotland on 8.9.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Love your pictures. First time on this site. Great stuff. I was born in Partick just after the war and really enjoy seeing your pictures. My dad used to take us to the botanical gardens on Sundays when we were small. Tks again.
--Margaret Pacaud ( mpacaud at revelstoke dot net ) from Canada on 22.8.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr