Glasgow West End: Jim's photography diary March 2007

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow - I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

March 24th 2007

Photo: Kibble Palace statue.

I took a wander through the Kibble Palace last week. I've always find this statue is worth a second glance - seems to be the mix of innocence, perfection, beauty and Japanese pop hair.

Photo: Orange flowers.

Photo: Spring flowers.

Photo: Plants.

Photo: Pavement art.

My own form of pavement art. I could make this my mystery photograph for March - but I don't think there is any possibility of someone knowing where I took it - so I'll give it a miss.

Photo: Cafe art.

Cafe art, salt style.

Photo: Monkey.

This monkey expresses the way I feel at times.

Photo: Elvis.

Though I still have the odd Elvis day to balance it out.