Jim's Glasgow West End Photo diary: November 2002

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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24th November 2002

Photo: Ashton Lane.

Above and below are photographs of both ends of Ashton Lane, the one above taken early in the morning, and the one below taken as the light started to fade.

Photo: Ashton Lane lights.

Photo: Glasgow St. Lane.

A photograph of the lane that runs between Glasgow Street and Great Western road. As you can see this particular lane is a bit of a mess; but then it's probably not had much in the way of maintenance over the last 150 years.

Photo: Botanic garden leaves.

Not all of the leaves have been blown off of the trees yet - as you can see this one is hanging on bravely.

Photo: Glasgow Group show.

I took a visit to the Glasgow Group Annual Portfolio Show on Saturday. I recommend you check try to get to the next one - the work is all of a very hight standard, and all for sale at reasonable prices.

9th November 2002

Photo: sculpure - lion.

Ok, it's time I added some text to this 'diary' - instead of just throwing up some photographs and leaving you guessing. Above you can see the Bengal Tigress (1866-7) by AN Cain - which can be found the Kelvingrove Park. Thanks to the excellent Glasgow - City of Sculpture for providing me with that information.

Photo: Park Towers.

Looks like I'm in a competition to squeeze the largest number of West End landmarks into one photograph; notice the Glasgow University tower just visible on the right hand side. It would be a better photograph if it wasn't interrupted by that large flagpole - and if it hadn't been raining.

Photo: Ashton Lane.

Who knows what it is that makes me point the camera at something and press the shutter; in this case there was something I liked about this corner of Ashton Lane - could have been the shape of the wall, the texture of the sandstone, or the interestingly placed black door?

Photo: Autumn leaves.

Here we are in Autumn - so here are some autumn leaves - still clinging on to the tree.

Photo: Pasion flower.

I've always liked the look of these flowers - and found this one the Main Glasshouse in the Botanic Gardens.

Photo: University Ave.

Photo: New University building.

Two pictures showing the old and new on University Avenue.

Photo: Red Ivy.

Photo: Reflections.

Strangely enough this is the reflection in the goldfish pond of the Kibble Palace roof - it might have been more interesting if a few goldfish had been swimming past.

Photo: Pat and friend.

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Fiona Alderman the contemporary dance teacher from The Salignac Foundation in France. Fiona's partner Barry Paton tells the story of their move over to the Dordogne in France and their subsequent adventures, in the Worldwide Westenders section of this site.

I have a selection of my photographs for sale in the Gallery Shop.


Thanks for the nice comment James. Just one small correction; my surname is Byrne not Galagher. I'm sure you will be pleased to get back to the sunshine of Tanzania - it's even colder in the West End now than it was when you were here. Good luck.
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from Scotland on 17.12.2002; 17:17:26 Uhr


I am a Tanzanian lawyer aged 42. I do love Scotland. I studied for a Master of Laws Degree at the University of Strathclyde between 2000-2002 as a distance learner via the Internet. I graduated on Friday November 8th, 2002. I had served some money so I was able to travel to Glasgow and attend the graduation ceremony at Strathclyde in the Baronry Hall. The ceremony was very Scottish and very nice.

Unfortunately it was my first trip outside Africa and I kept getting lost in Glasgow.

I met or rather stumbled on Jim Galagher at the University of Glasgow on Saturday evening November 9th, 2002 where I had gone for sight seeing after the graduation ceremony at Starthclyde. When saw Jim, he had a photograph so i naturally asked him to photograph me. He took more than 10 snaps of me at Glasgow University, Westend, Hillhead,the Botanical Gardens etc. eventually he took me to his flat at Hillhead for a cup of tea and more photographs. On the next day I left for London and Africa. Thanks a lot for the Scottish hospitality.

I still remember Hillhead and Westend hence my decision to make this contribution in this website.

Best regards,

James Boaz
James Boaz and Co. Advocates
PO Box 7061
Dar es Salaam
United Republic of Tanzania
[email protected]
--James Boaz ( jboaz at justice dot com ) from United Republic of Tanzania on 14.12.2002; 10:22:53 Uhr

Thank you very much for such a fantastic website.The photographs you take and most of the comments are superb.I have always known how fantastic Glasgow and the surrounding areas are,but you'r photo's tell an amazing story without words.
Regars RW

I have sent you'r e:mail adrs/website to all my European friends especially my English ones.
--Robert ( boab76 at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 28.11.2002; 22:49:51 Uhr

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