Glasgow West End: Jim's West End Photo Diary November 2000

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

28th November 2000

Botanic Gardens Main Range Walk

Hillhead High Janitors House and Glasgow University Tower

The above two photographs Continue my current theme of dark back-lit scenes. The first is taken from within the Main Range glasshouse in the Botanic Gardens; perhaps it's just a little too dark this time, although it does capture some sense of the claustrophobia created by the overhangin plants and trees on this walkway.

The one on the right is Southpark Avenue looking towards the University Tower ( obviously). On the left hand side is the Janitors house of Hillhead High School which is currently being refurbished.

22th November 2000

Glasgow University Tower in the Evening

I have been looking at the book 'A Hillhead Album' by Henry Brougham Morton, which is as the name suggests, a book full of personal photographs of Hillhead. One of the most striking features of many of the photographs in the book is the way Morton manages to capture the light cutting through the trees and streets of Hillhead. Impressive given that all of his pictures where taken with a relatively cheap and unsophisticated Box Brownie camera.

I have had it in my mind to try to capture, in my own photographs, some of that early evening, late in the year, West End twilight - the most successful of which (so far) you can see above.

Rain Flower

This of course is also the time for lots of rain - which has given the flowers and leaves above a nice fresh. As usual I don't know what type of flower this is - but I'll try to find out and get back to you.

Cut Flowers

From flowers in the wild to flowers in a vase. Here are some flowers that I assume Pat bought which where sitting on our kitchen table - so I took a few photographs - and this is one of the better ones.

November 5th 2000

Two Young Tipplers

I met these two characters last Saturday morning walking through the Botanic Gardens - this was about 10am and they were both drunk; friendly drunk. They wore their drunkeness lightly I think It would be fair to say.

Anyway they insisted that I take their photographs. I asked their names twice but within seconds I had managed to forget them ( anyone who knows me knows I have the worst memory for names). I think the guy on the right said his name was Cheesy.

Glass Bottles Designer Teapots

On Saturday afternoon we popped into the Nancy Smillie Shop ( gallery and interior design ) and at Pat's suggestion I took some photographs of the new and not so new merchandise - to put on Nancy's page in the shopping section.

I spoke to a young girl in the shop who asked why I was taking photographs. Although I didn't know it at the time the girl turned out to be Rachael; the daughter of Bruce Ferguson ( the drummer in my band) and Rona Ferguson ( a researcher up at the University in the same department as myself). I know this now because Rona got in touch to ask if it was me taking photographs in the Nancy Smillie shop at the weekend.

Red leaves

Something seasonal; a photograph of colourful leaves.

I have a selection of my photographs for sale in the Gallery Shop.


yas as Margaret Springer said Ascot.aloyas Ascot.i was in glascow and i would like to say its anice cuntry for good peopole.
--Emhamed ( emhamed_matroud at hotmail dot com ) from LIbya on 30.7.2002; 1:53:23 Uhr

It's very interesting to view your site. I left Scotland at the age of 11 years and my family did not keep contact with anyone. I came from the Kelvinside and Garnethill area. Do you have any photos of the Villas in Botanic Crescent. And Buccleuch Street/Garnethill or Hill street/Garnet Street? (I remember visually, but can't be sure of the names) but one of my friends house was on one of these corners next to a Synagogue, and had 22 rooms and 8 bathrooms inside I must say, that it is disappointing to see a huge Highway (Motorway) running right through this area. It must create quite a visual impact amongst such Victorian architecture. Your site gives me an opportunity to recount childhood memories. Thank you
--Lela Valerie Cochrane ( Scholle2 at ozemail dot com dot au ) from Australia on 19.3.2001; 23:42:29 Uhr

Very nice photos Jim, especially the Westend Twilight, which I think is superb and the very colourful autumn leaves. Julie - 28 Nov
--Julie Hendry ( julie dot hendry at net dot ntl dot com ) from Scotland on 19.3.2001; 23:40:31 Uhr

Thank you for giving me a little look at home. I was born in Glasgow as Margaret McWilliams traveled to Australia and now live in Montgomery Alabama. Life is good but once a Scot always a Scot.
--margaret springer ( maggie dot springer at gepex dot ge dot com ) from America on 19.3.2001; 23:39:08 Uhr

Yet again, lovely photos Jim.
--Lynne ( Lynne dot inkblot at virgin dot net ) from Scotland on 19.3.2001; 23:37:30 Uhr