Jim's Glasgow West End Photography Diary: February 2004

My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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29th February 2004

Photo: Spring 2004 arrives.

It was Saturday, the sun was out - and the Crocus announced the coming of Spring in colourful harmony.

Photo: The bridge over the river Kelvin.

The bridge accross the River Kelvin just at the back of the Botanic Gardens.

Photo: A view of Great Western Road.

A view down Great Western Road.

Photo: A large tent in the Botanics.

Now that is what I call a large tent.

20th February 2004

A few more photographs from last months trip over to Madiera.

Photo: Afternoon tea at Reids.

We took 'afternoon tea' at the famous Reid's Palace Hotel.

Photo: Madiera Toyota Garage.

Madiera is famous for the blue ceramic tiles that adorn many of its buildings - this beautifully decorated building is the local Toyota Garage.

Photo: Ceramic Tiles.

A closer look at one of the tiled scenes.

Photo: Botanic Gardens Madiera.

The Botanic Gardens

Photo: Pat relaxes in Madiera.

Pat sitting next to where Winston Churchill used to set his easel up to paint the view of the fishing village (see below).

Photo: Madiera Fishing village.

10th February 2004

Photo: Snowing on Byres Road.

Photo: Snowing on Byres Road.

Sleet and snow and rain and cold hands - another lovely winter weekend on Byres Road.

Photo: Glasgow University building.

This photograph illustrates the lengths that the Glasgow University cooling tower will go to, to get into a photograph - it leaned into the picture just at the last moment before I clicked the shutter. Not camera shy at all, it just can't bear to be left out.

Photo: New growth in the greenhouse.

This plant seems to be preparing for a burst of new growth.

Photo: Lion door knocker.

The door knocker on the Costa Coffee shop on the corner of Great Western Road and Otago Street.

Photo: Guiness action man tied to pole.

How would you like to be tied to a pole in Otago Street?

Photo: Tree trunk in the sun.

Sometimes, when the lighting is right, a tree trunk is one of the best photographic models you can work with. Ok, pose, you look great, just one more and we're done.

Mind you, there was some nice sunny weather late on Sunday afternoon - I took this photograph while I was out for a wander. To celebrate the appearance of the sun, it seems appropriate to choose this as this month's mystery photograph; what is this a photograph of, and where is it? Again we have a prize for the winner - courtesy of the Otago Restaurant, Otago are providing a £20 voucher to the winner. All correct answers will be put in a hat and the winner will be drawn out at the end of the month.

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