Jim's West End Photo Diary: August 2002

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29th August

The evening light made this picture, I just tried to put it on film. Normally I try to avoid the street signs and lighting poles when framing a photo, but they seem a natural fit here. The location is the top of Great George Street.

A walk in the Botanics, and a few photos before August leaves us.

Some photographs I took while walking around Glasgow University; Professors Square, the Glasgow Coat of Arms and a veiw of the tower.

Something different as an entry in my occasional 'where was that taken and what is it?' competition. What building is in the above photograph? Add your comments to the bottom of the page; sorry, no prizes, just a bit of fun.

Saturday 10th August 2002

It's been a while since I added to my photo diary - not that I expect anyone has been holding their breath waiting - but it's always nice to get a few new pictures on the site. I took some photographs of some flowers during a recent evening wander around the kelvingrove park with Pat; you can see examples above and below.

This has not been Glasgow's sunniest summer. Usually my mood is not affected by the weather, but I thought it was a shame to see the heavy rain during the recent Multi-cultural festival in Kelvingrove park a few weekends ago. The gentleman in the photo above had the situation covered though.

A new garden has been developed outside the library at Glasgow University - it looks quite architectural with the newly laid grass and sculpted wooden seats.

Great Western road choked with 'home-time' traffic.

We did get the odd day of sunshine - and it doesn't take much sun before Westenders are heading for the Botanics.

I have a selection of my photographs for sale in the Gallery Shop.

Well done Dorothy. That's exactly what it is. Thanks for taking the time to reply. All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 27.9.2002; 17:46:37 Uhr

'Mystery' photograph: I'm inclined to disagree with Thomas Wilson on the August 'competition'. I believe it's Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church on the corner of Observatory Road at Huntly Gardens.

Keep the excellent photographs of the West End coming!

-- Dorothy Easson ( Emaildorothy at easson dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 27.9.2002; 13:51:39 Uhr

Tried hard to resist Jim, I really did but alas I did not see anyone else giving it a go. The pic, 'the mystery' is surely the spires of the University, at the Chapel?
--thomas wilson ( trw at minister dot com ) from UK on 19.9.2002; 1:24:25 Uhr

I have an extremely bad memory, but If I am in the Botanics, have my camera, and manage to remember the name of the tree, I will of course take a picture of it.

Thanks for the comments.
--Jim Byrne ( james dot byrne2 at ntlworld dot com ) from UK on 28.8.2002; 23:59:23 Uhr

I always enjoy the atmosphere around botanic garden and the west end. It reminds me of the days when I was pursuing my PhD in Glasgow university. I even find a tree labelled with its native home-Taiwan at the wee garden to the right of the Kerklee Palace. I had also seen that plant 20 years ago at mountainous area in northern Taiwan.
Will you find and take a picture for me?
Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chiang Sheng
--Macsheng ( macsheng at hotmail dot com ) from Taiwan on 28.8.2002; 11:34:49 Uhr

I found your site and am I glad I did it takes me back to when I was in Scotland we used to go to the Botanic Gardens .I lived in Maryhill and used to cut through the Botanics to go to Kelvingrove roller skating.Your pictures are wonderful
--Margaret Rolland Amato ( mramato at optonline dot net ) from USA on 11.8.2002; 5:37:44 Uhr

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