Jim's Glasgow West End Photo diary October 2007

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow - I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

31st October

Here are a few of the many photo I took on our trip to Rome.

Photo: Pat at the Roman Forum.

Pat amazed by the Roman Forum - and the sunshine. :-)

Photo: Rome Coliseum.

You'll recognise this place - it is the specially constructed film set for the film Gladiator (only joking). The Coliseum lives up to the hype - I had a walk around inside and it wasn't difficult to imagine the atmosphere and noise from past crowds - excited by the gory goings on in the centre.

Photo: Cafe Argentina Rome.

A little cafe that we liked at Largo di Torre Argentina

Photo: Art gallery Rome.

The Museo Dell'ara Pacis where we went to see the Valentino Exhibition

Photo: Priest vestments.

One of the religious shops in Via Borgo Pio

Photo: Fuit shop barrow.

Photo: Lunch table.

Photo: Lion statue Rome.

Palazzo Venezia

Photo: Pat in Rome.

Pat and Chris in a cafe at Piazza del Risorgimento

Photo: Pat at the art gallery Rome.

Capitoline Hill

Photo: Rome architecture.

Photo: Rome river.

Isola Tiberina

Photo: Rome nuns.

Crossing the Tiber to Trastevere

Photo: Wall stone with message.

Photo: Pinochio wooden doll.


6th October 2007

Photo: Sunset in Anniesland Glasgow.

Three sunsets, viewed from our balcony in Anniesland. These pictures are not doctored in anyway - the colours were as you see them in the photos.

Photo: Sunset in Anniesland Glasgow.

Photo: Sunset in Anniesland Glasgow.

Photo: Anniesland high flats.

The high flats in Anniesland.

Photo: Jim Byrne in lift at Ascot Gate.

Me, looking like a dodgy character going up in the lift.

Photo: Small Hippo at Edinburgh Zoo.

Last weekend we went to Edinburgh Zoo.

Photo: Polar Bear at Edinburgh Zoo.

Photo: Bear.

Photo: The kids at the Zoo.

Photo: The kids at the Zoo.

Photo: Zebra at Edinburgh Zoo.

Photo: Camel.

Photo: Penguins.

Photo: Wild dog.

Photo: Tiger at Edinburgh Zoo.

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