Photography: Jim's Glasgow West End Photo Diary: October 2006

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow - I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

25th October 2006

Photo: Woollen hot water bottle covers.

Pat is updating the information relating to local fashion shop, Pink Poodle - so my job was to go and take some up-to-date photographs. It was no hardship as the shop is full of beautiful looking clothes and jewellery. And unusual gifts like these woolly water bottle jackets.

Photo: Pink top and necklace.

Photo: Jewellery and star.

Photo: Red top, green skirt.

Photo: Sripes dress.

Photo: Purse looking like a radio.

Photo: Red jewel.

Photo: Jewels.

Photo: Green boots.

Photo: Jewellery.

Photo: Small bags.

Photo: Denim mini and t shirt.

Photo: Top with buttons.

Photo: Blue boots.

Photo: Beads.

Photo: Outfit with skull belt.

Photo: News dress.

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