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October 29th 2000

A few autumn like picures to finish off this months photo diary.

When we go up to visit Pat's brother - again the name of the location escapes me but it is up near Irvine - we often stop the car and go for a walk at this attractive location. It's near Kilmacolm Pat tells me. I took some photographs the last time we were up there.

Country Walk

Tree, Water, Hut

22 October 2000


I took this picture of Pat while we had breakfast in a restaurant in Ashton Lane a couple of Sundays ago. Sorry but the restaurants name escapes me at the moment - I think it might have been the Cul de Sac. I thought Pat was looking particularly attractive that day - although as you can see she was not totally at ease when confronted with a camera lens only three feet away from here face. I really need to save up and get myself a more appropriate lens for taking portraits.

Pat has been telling me that I should put more pictures of people in my photo diary - plants and flowers are all very well but people like to see other people. That might be true - so below you can see a picture of the Nelson, a member of the co-operative which owns the tea house Tchai Ovna ( in Otago Lane). While I am distracting Nelson by taking his photograph these two customers have a forlorn look that says, "when's my tea coming?" Just looking at them is making me thirsty.

The two customers are Jamie and John. we had a chat with them and they told us they where in a band called Swelter - so look out for the band playing somewhere in the West End (I assume).

Nelson Jamie and John

If the truth be known I'm not the best at taking pictures of people - Pat is better at the chat and the 'put them at ease' rapport than I am. So I'll finish today's diary with some more of those flowers and plants. The first one is of some very autumn coloured berries ( Rowan?). Followed by some fresh and colurful orchids and a cactus of some sort from the Botanic Gardens main range of glasshouses.

Rowan Berries

Pink Orchids


12th October 2000

Red Berries

Last night I went along to the 'West End Lectures' presented by the Glasgow Conservation Trust West and held in the Boyd Orr building of Glasgow University. I did not take any photographs. It is difficult to take photographs when the only light is from a projector being operated by the speaker - and anyway I was there to look and listen.

The lecture was by Gordon Urquhart and was about Henry B. Morton, who wrote the celebrated classic book on Hillhead 'A Hillhead Album'. That made it particularly interesting for me because I happen to own this book and it was good to find out a bit more about the man who wrote it. It was also good to see the many interesting old photographs of Hillhead that Gordon used in his talk. Made me want to go out and record a bit more of Hillhead myself.

Purple Flower

It was an rewarding evening, Gordon Urquhart is an extremely well informed and engaging speaker. He has recently published his own book on the West End called 'Along Great Western Road' which is a real gem of a book. If you live in the West End, and you are interested in local history and architecture, I would recommend you get yourself a copy before they are all sold out.

So why is this all relevant to my photo diary? How about this for a link: while at the lecture I met, and had a short chat with, Eric W. Curtis a former curator of the Kibble Palace and author of the entertaining and informative 'Kibble's Palace'. If you have been paying attention to my previous diaries you will know that the Kibble Palace is one of my favourite West End locations. So here is the link: the pictures above and below were taken.... in and around the Kibble Palace.

White Lily

4th October 2000

St Aloysius Church

To start the month here are the last few pictures from our jaunt around some of Glasgow's more interesting buildings. The picture above was taken inside St. Aloysius Church in Rose St; a late Renaissance style church built in 1908 by Charles Menart - the inside of which is clad throughout with marble.

We also paid a visit to the Corinthian in Ingram St which has the reputation as the finest Victorian interior in the UK. Unfortunately my photographs do not do it justice - it has a quite splendid interior. It has recently been converted to a restaurant, bar and venue for functions.


The picture below gives you some idea of the sheer opulence of the decor.

corrinthiancornersmall: old URL : corrinthiancornersmall explanation : corrinthiancornersmall

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Hi Jim Thanks for the beautiful photos,I'm impressed keep the good work.
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Hello...I just wanted to compliment you on your photography and to say thank you for showing me a bit of Glasgow! I am interested in attending the Univ. Of Glasgow but will be unable to explore the city until I move over for school! Hope you continue on with's beautiful...Megan
--Megan ( megangalbraith at hotmail dot com ) from USA on 17.10.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Thanks for the ecouragement and the kind comments Eileen. All the best,
--Jim Byrne ( j dot byrne at gcal dot ac dot uk ) from Scotland on 12.10.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Jim ,just had a look at your recent photos I'm well impressed.....keep clicking !!!!! Eileen
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