Jim's West End Photo Diary April 2002

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My picture gallery contains; photographs of the West End of Glasgow, photographs of Glasgow, and photographs of Scotland.

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Photo: Pat in the Highlands

Here is Pat looking the part on our Highland trip

Photo: Pat watching the ferry

Pat watching for the Corran Ferry to take us across Loch Linnhe to Onich.

Photo: Thatched Highland cottage

On the road from Arachle to Ardtoe we came across this lovely thatched cottage.

Photo: loch and boat

Further along the road we came onto this very picturesque and tranquil scene. Incongruously there were people with a very loud ghetto blaster having a picnic nearby.

Photo: Boat on the sand

At the very end of the road is Ardtoe with it's own little sandy cove.

Photo: Mallaig harbour

Mallaig's busy harbour, where there is lots of activity, with boats coming and going to the Hebrides.

Photo: Ferry

One of the smaller ferries arrriving at Mallaig.

Photo: flowers at the art fair

Not part of the Art on display at the Glasgow Art Fair but these tulips on our table in the coffee shop looked rather nice.

Photo: Pat at Art Fair

Pat at the Art Fair

Photo: flowers

The City has been full of the heavy scent of hyacinths.

Photo: Caravan art gallery

When we left the Art Fair we noticed this very colourful little caravan just outside the Art Fair Tent in George Square. The owners travel around with their very own gallery of interesting and humourous postcards from cities throughout the UK.

Photo: Glasgow Univesity Tower

Back in the West End with a silhoutte of Glasgow University's Tower.

10th April 2002

The weekend before last we visited some churches as part of Glasgow 'Churches Doors Open Day'. One of the churches I was particularly keen to see was the United Presbyterian church in St Vincent Street, designed by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson.

Photo: Inside St Vincent St Church

Photo: Inside St Vincent St Church

I have always liked the buildings of Alexander Thomson - but I am now convinced that he was not just a great architect - he was a genius.

Photo: decorated pillar inside St Vincent St Church

Photo: seats inside St Vincent St Church

Photo: decorated pillar inside St Vincent St Church

Photo: decorated pillar inside St Vincent St Church

Alexander Thomson was born in Balfron (Stirling) in 1817, the 17th of 24 children.

His influences include Italian, Indian, Egyptian, Romanesque, Scottish Baronial and Gothic styles but he was particularly inspired by the architecture of the ancient greeks. A further influence was provided by his stong religious convictions; taking his inspiration from biblical theology and ancient art.

Although Thomson never travelled outside Britain himself, the Travelling Scholarship established in his name gave Charles Rennie Mackintosh his first chance to study abroad.

His style was very popular and has been copied by many other architects, including architects in America (Frank Lloyd Wright being a noted example). Much of Glasgow's distinct Victorian look is said to be down to the influence of Alexander Thomson.

Great Western Terrace, just off Great Western Road is his most notable West End building. Examples of his work can also be found in Oakfield Avenue in Hillhead. Thomson also designed the interior of most of his buildings as well as producing the architectural plans.

He died in 1875 at home in Moray Place in Strathbungo, just outside Glasgow.

Update: Alan Burton got in touch to correct my geographical incompetence:

"Nice Alexander Thomson photographs. I thought I should point out that Moray Place, Strathbungo, where Alexander Thomson lived is not outside Glasgow, but in the heart of the Southside near Queens Park. Gavin Stamp expert on Alexander Thomson who has written books and made television documentaries on him as well as being a leading figure in the society named after Alexander Thomson now lives in his house."

Thanks Alan

Photo: St Vincent St Church Tower

Photo: St Vincent St Church Tower

We also visited St Patricks Church in Finnieston; the photographs below show the main altar and a shrine to the right of the altar - both extremely colourful.

Photo: St Patricks Church Alter

Photo: St Patricks Church shrine

Finally, we had a look at Ruchill Parish Church in Maryhill with it's hall designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Photo: Church in Possil

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very lovely, i came across this by chance. i was actually looking up shettleston, were i was raised.the photograghs bring back fond memories as a child , all the way from glasgow to the highlands. i hve not yet viewed them all, but promis i will. i have not been back to glasgow in many years, actualy since my mother died. but i still have five brothers and two sisters there and many how many im not sure, of nieces and nephews. and most likely there children. we keep in touch my siblings and i, including the two sisters in south carolina, u.s.. i will pass this site on to my chilren here in brantford ontario and london ontario. and iam sure they will remember thre time spent at grannies house and bus trips into the city. iwill now be able to show my five grndchildren where their grannie used to visit and have fun whe she was a wee girl. and if any viewers remember me drop me a wee note. thanks again for such a pleasant to visit . tricia.
--patricia neary patricia neary kelsey ( canadiansister at msn dot com ) from canada on 10.5.2002; 0:54:56 Uhr