Late Winter Snowfall

Added on Wednesday 16 Mar 2011

Snowy Main Building - University of Glasgow


Snow always creates some very special photographic opportunities. Like I mentioned in my last post, the West End has a vibrant color palette that changes through the seasons. One of my favorite subjects in Glasgow is the University?s Main Building, and I have particularly enjoyed watching how its honey-colored sandstone complements the different colors of the seasons.

Photo: snow main building university of glasgow. ?

Snowy Quadrangle - University of Glasgow


Snow presents some difficult challenges as well. Besides having to brave the elements, light does funny things in the snow. Images come out with too much contrast, or incorrect white balance. Using a digital workflow has the advantage of opening up possibilities in the digital darkroom to exploit the ?flaws? that sometimes come up in snow pictures and create some truly unique images, like the one below:

Photo: snowy quadrangle.

? Snow Burn


Another of my favorite subjects is the Kelvingrove Museum. The building?s architecture is so dramatic, it seems more like a villain?s secret lair than a repository for art. Black and white photography is very good at adding mood and drama to a subject, and the snow just enhances this effect even more. ?

Photo: snowy burn glasgow.

Snowy Lord Kelvin


Robert is an American student at the University of Glasgow, where he is studying economic development. When not working on his dissertation, he is usually out and about with his camera documenting life in Glasgow. His work can be found online at

? Photo: snowy lord kelvin.

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