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THE SECRET MOBILE PHONE TRANSMITTER MASTS IN GREAT WESTERN ROAD I have just received a Neighbour Notification Notice from Glasgow City Council’s Development and Regeneration Services Dept. It mentioned some proposed work at the local Cathedral, St Mary’s, 300 Great Western Rd, Glasgow. I have always promised myself that because of the dangers from mobile phone masts-which I do believe is true-I would never stay nearer than half a mile minimum from a mobile phone transmitter mast. I phoned the Cathedral and was told that we already have two Mobile phone transmitter masts built into the steeple. I was too shocked to continue talking and hung up. They emit UMTS pulsed radiation-that is the most dangerous type. No one can see these masts. They are secret and that is what the phone companies want. If people could see these masts they would protest but they are hidden away. A website shows you how to find out where masts are in your area: A useful site about the dangers is: I have spoken to my neighbours and some expressed doubts that a Cathedral would do such a thing to its neighbours. However, I assured them that they (the Cathedral) would get well paid by the mobile phone companies. I live thirty yards from the two masts. I have emailed my Green Party councillor and MSP about the masts next to me but no reply from either. I am a Science Technician who has done serious research into science matters and into Scottish History. And I have a deep interest in the philosophy of scientific research. The majority of mobile phone and mobile phone mast studies have shown no danger from either. However, scientific research is not like a democracy having a vote i.e. the majority does not win out over the minority. Let me explain, if a Scientist wants to prove something -he does experiment after experiment. Yet she can only say that: under those conditions and during that time period certain results were obtained. It is almost impossible to prove something. But, it only takes one properly set out study to disprove something. If you have one experiment or study that shows the dangers of mobile phone hand sets and mast radiation, then you have shown it is not safe. You only need one instance were the rules don’t apply to disprove the rule. This is why when mobile phones first came out, many Scientists asked for the burden of prove to lie with those trying to show that mobile phone radiation was safe. This doesn’t seem to have been done. So, why do so many studies show no danger? Well, some are funded by the mobile phone companies and I would rather have an impartial sponsor. I would argue that the Government makes billions of pounds from mobile phone companies and does not want to actively oppose a source of great wealth. Some studies seem to look in the wrong direction and look for effects that are unlikely e.g. the actual heating of human bodies near a mast. Technology changes and the new pulsed radiation that is used by some phones is particularly dangerous. Many studies have shown dangers e.g. loss of concentration, sleeplessness, headaches etc. New mobile phone technology is still coming out and has not been subject to proper epidemiological testing. Many effects could take generations to show. So how can a technology that is only nine years old be studied through generations of the human population? It cannot. A few decades ago, everyone said smoking was safe. And once, everyone said that lead in petrol was safe. It took years of contradictory evidence to convince, Governments and businesses – and the Scientists who received funding from these bodies – that they were wrong. Also, some individuals are especially sensitive to certain types of radiation or pollutant. Indeed some people can have their sensitivity increased merely by repeated exposure to a particular pollutant or to (it has now been discovered) electromagnetic radiation. Individuals in a community often face this misuse of science by company scientists who try to say, “This is safe because the balance of evidence is that it is safe.” When they should be erring on the side of safety. In some cases it seems that safety of the community comes a poor second to company profits. The truth (e.g. a scientific truth) is not a moral creature. It does not argue its case. Anyone can use the truth to try to validate their own ideas. Masts emit radiation 24 hours a day. There may be up to ten emitters in an array. The Public have a quite correct instinctive fear of these mobile phone masts. No one wants to life near them. House prices plummet. Yet you are not allowed to oppose a planning application that relates to mobile phones on health grounds! Churches are increasingly being used by mobile phone companies. The Churches do not see being a business as contradictory with their religious remit. The masts are hidden in Church spires and are quite secret. Email in support from a Campaigning Group: 8th July 2014. Good luck with the campaign and remember that these frequencies have been officially classified as “possibly causing cancer” by WHO and this includes radiation from masts. I would alert the church to this fact and find out when the contract is due to end and give them the opportunity to terminate it. Best wishes Eileen O’Connor Director EM Radiation Research Trust The EM Radiation Research Trust is an Educational Charity
Ashby McGowan | Mon Jul 14 2014

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Danny | Sun Sep 23 2012

i just adore this site its my hometown but i,m learning stuff i never knew.pure dead brilliant
margaret mcdonald | Mon Apr 09 2012

Is it possible to hire Willowbank Bowling Club on Dowanside Road for an afternoon/evening event for 80 people? Or are there any similarly beautiful locations that can be hired? Thank you.
clare speed | Sun Mar 29 2009

hi pat, I have been living in the west end for 4 months now and find it absolutely delightful…However, i need a bit of your advice…i wish to get a haircut and have googled the internet, but its a lil daunting for me to go to a hairdresser without any prior recommendation. I live near Queen Margaret Drive and was hoping to find a place soon. I look forward to hearing from you
Kavita.G | Tue Jan 20 2009

Cleopatras was the name of the club before it became the Viper club. Locals called it Claty Pats. Jim
Jim Byrne | Mon Feb 12 2007

Dear Pat, i have been visiting Glasgow lately for the 1st time, friends took me to Ashton lane and to the Viper club. i heard the expression “Clatty pat” but none of those i was with could help. i checked on web and found yr site related to that. could you help me ? thanks a lot, have a nice day marie
marie | Mon Feb 12 2007

Love the site it help me coming back to Scotland after ten years. Parents who live in Bearsden. Older brothers went to St Ninian’s and me to Boclair Academy but now spead from Canterbury to Chili and me in the north of France. Wife and I’s favourite bar is still Tennant’s despite the smoking ban. Need a hand, does anyone know a “old” history teacher? I’m looking for old school books that say something about the Darien Scheme. I want to see how it was taught in schools as I’m doing a little project with my students on Scottish identity. Any help, scans, photocopies welcome. With all the best, john
John G Watters | Fri Oct 13 2006

I grew up in the west end and I loved it. I don’t live in Glasgow anymore. What I loved that there were so many interesting and funny characters who roam the area, such as the guy who is quite round with a pink face who sits on Byres Road on the benches at the front of the car park on the corner of University Avenue? Is he still around? What about the older woman who wore a long coat and big white trainers and a walking stick, and she walked really, really fast up the hill of Glasgow street? We used to call her Speedy Gonzales, cheeky kids that we were!
Lawrence | Sat Mar 18 2006

Hi Pat, unfortunatly I could not save the Cooper’s building picture on Jimmy’s Diary as there was en ERROR when I clicked on it saying: ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved ——————————————————————————– While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: Zero Sized Reply Squid did not receive any data for this request. Your cache administrator is ——————————————————————————– Generated Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:56:13 GMT by piggy (squid/2.5.STABLE11) You may want to have a look at it and see if the URL is still valid. Cheers, Julienne
Julienne | Tue Nov 22 2005

I found your site by accident I originally lived in Partick but have resided in Calgary Alberta Canada for the past 30 years I found it most interesting how Partick and surrounding area has changes just by reading some of your comments. I too frequented the Curler when I was young and remember a chipshop just about half way up Byres Road I was wondering if it was still there is has bean 17 years since I have been home. No matter how long you have lived overseas you still consider Glasgow as HOME.
1 | Sat Nov 19 2005

Old Kilpatrick, a village half way between Glasgow and Loch Lomond was buzzing at St Patricks Day – with street parties and everyone looked so happy – was St Patrick born in this Scottish village and does anyone know how to find the old roman fort that is said to be burried beside Gavinburn school?.
mail | Wed Apr 06 2005

Dear Pat I discovered the site almost accidentally and just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts. I was particularly interested in the comments about the way the West End is developing, I guess the argument will continue for all time. As with music, people of a certain age think it was always better 20 years ago or whenever we first knew it. Doubtless when the Byre and the Silver Slipper were in their heyday someone was lamenting the passing of the No. 10 tram, and I am sure there were others who said the West End was never the same after 1914.(Admittedly looking at the early Annan photograps with their broad uncluttered streets and elegant Edwardians, one might be inclined to agree). We should applaud the good changes and be pleased that so much of the area’s character survives. Having said that, the infrastructure seems to be creaking under the weight of the increasing traffic, and the prospect of building on bowling greens, backcourts, etc. is a complete nightmare. Good luck with the site, keep up the good work.
Roy O’Neil | Tue Nov 30 2004

I stayed in Glasgow for about 4 months. Hillhead specifically. I loved and still love Scotland and Glasgow specially. I think this website is great because it lets me keep in touch with people and informed about what’s going on over there. My best regards from Santiago – Chile.
Cristian van Schuerbeck | Tue Nov 02 2004

Hi pat, We have had 17, yes 17 calls from people looking for some girl from Oz who reported that she worked for us, she came along for interview but did not actually get the position. Can you please let every one know that she was stayed in Otago street but has now moved to digs in Edinburgh.
mail | Thu Sep 09 2004

Having played the West End Festival the Wallace Clan are running a SPOT THE HEID competition, to help raise public awareness of the unsatisfactory situation regarding the Wallace Monument at Robroyston, Glasgow. To see if you have won visit
Wallace Clan | Mon Jun 14 2004

Hi Pat, I’ve been away from scotland for the last ten years living between Italy and London. I’ve found your site purley by accident but can’t say that I’m disapointed about it. I’m a former Hillhead pupil who at thirty two never honestly had any urge to return to see scotland. However in the short time that it took me to read theese pages my nostalgia has been switched on. I had a good childhood growing up on Cranworth street, running about the university grounds, going to the cinema in ashton lane, sneaking into curlers for a beer or Chimmy chungas on Gt western Rd. As if this wasn’t enough, someone mentioned Ricky Fernandez at the Curlers, he was my double bass teacher a great man whom I didn’t appreciate until it was too late. Anyway I dont want to get too sentimental but I’m now married with kids and i reckon our next holiday might just be up the byres road. Thanks pat you’ve got a lovley site. p.s. anyone from hillhead class of 1990 who wants to contact me don’t be shy Mark
mark reid | Fri Jun 11 2004

Hillhead St. My home for a year as a student and part time bum. I learned a lot that year, not least that i was never meant to be an engineer of any sort. Instead i took advantage of both the student and gap year benifits. This gave me an unrivalled access to student life with none of the hinderance that is studiousness. Strange sleep patterns develop as days and night become a backdrop to a degustation of the joys of the west end. Hedonism is easy with such a wide choice of eating, shopping and stuff to do. Still, i cannot forget the little row of shops on great western road at the bottom of the steps from hillhead where a tiny cafe india sells amazing curries cheap. It was there I discovered the curry pizza, a local delicacy i am told. So it was i the spirit of experimentaal tempura mars bars and designer beer tasting that i had to leave. sad days. however a friend of mine stayed on as a resident of 15 hillhead leaving us an excuse to revisit. the whole building has become a venue as a pre-party staging point before a sortie to somewhere that closes too early in the morning. Then what you ask? Insomnia of course! Why does no-one stay up till the magic hours of 4 in the morning for nachos + pankakes + whatever takes your fancy? Don’t sleep till you drop with exhaustion in the west end and a year may be enough to scratch the surface of what can become an intoxicating and addictive weekly routing that is never the same two weeks in a row
Neil M | Thu Apr 22 2004

Dear Pat Was very interested in your Diary, and traipsed all over (without any luck)Great West Road and Byres Road looking for Polish delis. We moved here to Largs a year ago and my husband is rapidly going downhill because I cannot find a Polish deli anywhere. I noted your reference to the Polish Club and went looking for it but it didn’t open until 6pm so will try again next week, also noted your reference to Basia and thought ‘Aha this young lady has some Polish connections who may be able to help us. The Tourist Information told us there was a large community of Poles living in the area of Kelvingrove but no delis or restaurants. Why are there so many in all areas of London and none in Glasgow, the market is wide open, someone can make a killing! If you know of anywhere I can buy some Polish food I would be so grateful Pat. Thanks Jessie
jessie | Sat Feb 28 2004

Not so much a comment but a couple of questions. As a local, and interested in architecture, do you know what the two ‘coats-of-arms’ painted on the western end of Great Western Road Bridge are? There is a suggestion that the one on the NW side is the Burgh of Hillhead, but, if so, they have never been registered with Lyon Court. That on the SW side is a crest (goes above the shield) rather than Arms as such. The one on the NE end is the City of Glasgow obviously. There is also another beautiful display of Arms just round the corner in Otago Street, high up on the building next to the Sikh Temple. Any idea why they are there? Incidentally, I went to Glasgow myself (late 60s) and my son (currently also there) now lives around the corner from you in Bower Street. Cheers Jim Floyd
Jim Floyd | Fri Oct 31 2003

Love your site nice work..

Just to let you know that the blue vine flower named Nastrium is actually a Morning Glory and the flower labelled Pinks is Sweet William..
Lena ( xwxerophyiawx at aol dot com ) from USA on 14.8.2003; 8:58:57 Uhr

Martin, I just wanted to answer your question and confirm that change is constant in Byres Road with some memories of my own.

"There was a cafe up on the top left hand side, just before Antipasti" – That would be the Cozy Neuk! Also, don’t forget the Gardens Cafe which was next door to Woolworths or the Botanic Cafe which was in the old station building at the Botanic Gardens (since demolished) and was also owned by the Gizzis. The Grosvenor Cafe was owned by the Zenottis (Renato & Enrico). We used to like to sit upstairs after ABC Minors at the Grosvenor cinema.

You are right about Hillhead Burgh Hall. It was quite renowned architecturally and appeared in a number of books on the subject. It was lost at a time when the authorities wanted to destroy the West End by putting an expressway down the Great Western Road which would have required the removal of the beautiful terraces that line it. The plans intended a flyover at the Botanic Gardens.

Much is made of the loss of John Smiths bookshop but, of course, it wasn’t there for very long anyway. Previously it had been a tobacconists (Buchanans I think). The Post Office too has moved from opposite Roxburgh Street to opposite Safeways (which was once Wylie & Lockheads garage). The Electricity Showrooms are a record shop and RS McColl has moved from next to the McPhees to its present location where masseys (the Grocers) used to be.

Ruthven Lane was called Price’s Lane locally due to Price’s Garage which is now the shops/restaurants at the bottom of Saltoun Street.

You mention a number of pubs but, in the early 1970s, The Byre was the fashionable place to go. Often there would be a queue to get in on a Friday and Saturday night. The Byre is now the Amber Chinese Restaurant

The real hangout for us youngsters was The George snooker hall situated at the bottom of Great George Street where the garden centre now is.

Of course, it is not just shops which come and go but streets have been realigned too. University Avenue is new (the original is next to the Rubyait). It didn’t exist until the buildings between it and Ashton Road were demolished.

Anyway, thanks for your contribution and for the memories!
Charles ( roger287 at hotmail dot com ) from USA on 9.7.2003; 22:31:33 Uhr

Hi’ V. empressed by your site. I am the new Arts and Culture Liason for The Scotland/Russia Trust. Thought i’d just say hello. may also need to talk to you about our website, however moving premices at the moment, so don’t have much info yet. As I say will be in contact near future.
Gordon McCulloch ( stairheid at hotmail dot com ) from scotland on 28.5.2003; 14:26:36 Uhr

Great site.

Some people are complaining about the changes in Byres Road. Yes, it’s all going very corporate and food and drinks based. But, what at least one commentator doesn’t realise, there’s always been change, and there always will be change.

I can remember the entrance to the underground used to have an Edwardian canopy to the street where Starbuck’s is now. The entrance to the underground was a wind tunnel, a true waft of the underground aromas of Glasgow. The cabs were red, charmingly antiquated, with wooden latticed floors, and they shook and bent with every movement of the tunnels. Glasgow was one of the earliest cities in the world to have an underground system, and the "Clockwork Orange" which replaced it has proved a soulless disaster. We lost a major asset. We used to go round the underground just for the fun of it.

The Grosvenor Cafe was next door, on Byres Road. It moved to Ashton Lane many years later. The Grosvenor Cinema was a REAL fleapit by the late 1970’s, with a marble stepped frontage onto Byres Road. There were private booths, and this was where you had your "first winch " in the days when they kept the movie rolling for repeat screenings. If not, you went up the road to The Salon, now a Stefan King bar/restaurant called "Gong". Bonhams Bar has for at least 2 decades been where the exceptionally grand entrance to the Grosvenor Cinema used to be.

The Rubiyat pub had a B listed Art Deco cocktail bar based on Omar Khayam, with tiny lights as desert stars, and this was stripped out when a brewery took over. Tennants was not such an ersatz "Victorian theme pub" as it is now, but more the genuine article, a shabby remnant. It was one of Glasgow’s earliest bars where gay people could meet without intimidation. Downstairs, the Safari Lounge was a mixture of drugs, under age drinking, and later the scene of some quite vicious gang fights. I saw some nasty "chibbings" there, before I started drinking elsewhere.

Gizzi’s chippie, at the top of Byres Road was there decades before the "Maggie" all night trailer at Botanic Gardens, and McPhees was called The Savoy before it was Lorettos – the best fish supper in Byres Road, Italian run and owned.

There was a cafe up on the top left hand side, just before Antipasti, which was one of the main places to hang out, but I can’t remember its name – can anyone remind me? Antipasti was a KFC for years. Hillhead Library is a relatively recent building which replaced a derelict but distinctive Victorian building which had been the Burgh Headquarters for Hillhead District.. Shame they didn’t restore it, but that was in the days when Glasgow Councillors were hellbent on destroying the past.

Ashton , Ruthven. and Cresswell Lanes were not developed as they are now. The Curlers was a pub where the "Blue Angels " hung out, drugs were freely available and a band called "The Khyber Trifles" played on Saturdays.

Upstairs at the Curler’s, through the late 70’s to mid 80’s we had some of the best live jazz you are ever likely to hear for the price of a pint – Frank Pantrini, Carole Kidd, Isabel Buchanan, Ricky Fernandez, Eddie, a host of others, and I hope I haven’t insulted anyone with my poor memory – all were exceptional musicians, and some were extraordinary drinkers. A Saturday afternoon with a few pints and Frank and band doing Chick Corea’s "La Fiesta" was pure bliss.

I loved those days, and will never forget them.
martin ( martinreid11 at hotmail dot com ) from india on 13.5.2003; 16:41:28 Uhr

Can anyone help? An ex-Westender now an abiding Rothesayite wonders if there is a contact to the PERUVIAN TYPE band (all boys) that sometimes plays in the City Center? I have seen them outside Marks and Spencers and also outside St Enochs – they have CD to sell etc?? We are trying to run a small music festival in Rothesay, Bute, and I have suggested their presence, but have no idea how to get in touch! Clicked on this site, and felt that warm glow of West end life and times (23 years there) creeping over me – they’ll know I thought – so I’m asking. Thanks Sara.
Sara Goss ( sara_goss at yahoo dot com ) from Scotland on 3.4.2003; 23:26:40 Uhr

Help! Cottiers have lost their kids licence! I am sure many other parents will be in a similar state. where else can we go for a drink/lunch with our children at the weekend???? PLEEEEASE don’t say the beanscene because that would involve sitting on top of each other. I only know of two other pubs that have childrens licences – Firebird (which is our other favourite) and The Rock (which has the smallest childrens area known to man) any suggestions? and I would like alcohol with my lunch if possible..
Gill Macfarlane ( gill at weekender dot co dot uk ) from West End (Glasgow) on 26.2.2003; 14:22:25 Uhr

Hello there.
May i just say that your article is pretty intresting but may i make a suggestion. How about a sister article from a younger point of view on the west end? Don’t be alarmed, im not going to be talking about a bottle of buckfast and ten mayfair behind the libary on a saturday night.
I am a 21 year old ex-Kelvinside academy boy who still spends his days plodding around this little village we call g12. I am sure a different perspective would freshen the site and further intrest the readers!
Please drop me an E.mail if this sounds like a way forward for the site.

Sebastian Ward Fincham ( E dot S dot Ward-Fincham at ncl dot ac dot uk ) from Kelvinside on 18.1.2003; 21:24:01 Uhr

Hi Pat

Lisa and I have just read through you website and it is great. Of particular interest was Cafe Andaluz where we just ate today, and I have to agree with you it was wonderful. Jim is not big on tapas but I will have to take him there he will definitely change his mind. I also like to visit Moon and think her range of clothes are wonderful. Annie is so helpful when you go in and lets your browse if that’s what you want.

Will visit again shortly.

Best wishes.
Maureen Templeman ( Maureen dot Templeman at ntlworld dot co ) from Scotland on 11.12.2002; 22:03:34 Uhr

Great site,I love the post card of The University cafe on Byers Road. Can anyone tell me if the soup of the day is still called ‘Varied daily’or has it gone upmarket and is now called ‘Soup de jour’.

malky ( Emailmcblain at ozemail dot com dot au ) from australia on 27.11.2002; 13:38:02 Uhr

Hullo! I’m Catherine and Lauren’s neighbour from Oakville, and was ‘encouraged’ (aka persuaded forcefully!) by Catherine to have a look at the site. It’s beautiful- both the layout and the brilliant pictures. (I especially like the Crocus picture!) I’m planning on studying at the University of Glasgow next year, and this brings Scotland to Toronto. This site should be winning awards!
Heather Spares ( heatherspares at hotmail dot com ) from Canada on 22.11.2002; 2:17:05 Uhr

Sunday Opening at Kelvingrove:
Margherita should check out the current display which shows Sunday Opening plebiscite documents of the early 20th century.
Many romances took place on Sundays at the Art Gallery. On a Sunday, it was one of the most popular places in Glasgow for "winching".
The Art Gallery is open 11am to 5pm every Sunday (except Xmas and New Year.

Stanley K Hunter ( EmailStanleyKHunter at compuserve dot com ) from Scotland on 9.9.2002; 20:02:26 Uhr

Hello Pat,
Was over on holiday in August.I took a photo of a statue on woodlands rd."Lobydosser". A bronze memory of the creator,Bud Neill(1911-1970).He was a cartoonist and a poet.Please does any of your readers know where I could obtain a copy of the poem "lobbydosser of calton creek"
Thank you. Your web page is a touch of class web page is a touch of class.
Alex Thompson ( lobydosserpal at aol dot coml ) from canada on 6.9.2002; 20:25:25 Uhr

I don’t know if you have come across the pastime of Googlewhacking – trying to find two words that the Google search engine can find together once and once only on a web page. Anyway, I have got a bit addicted to it recently. Most of the results (which you can record at are meaningless, but after a bit of playing around I found a ‘whack’ right here on ‘tenemental pizza’. Very west end, I thought! For the philosophically minded, you might like to reflect on the fact that now I have mentioned these words again here, they are probably not a valid ‘whack’any longer.
Peter Taylor ( peter at pdtaylor dot com ) from Glasgow West End on 26.8.2002; 1:35:24 Uhr

I love your web site. I was born in the back bedroom of a flat at 102 Byres Road. I walked the beat in the Eastern Division for three years as a constable in the City of Glasgow Police Force before emigrating to Canada. The last time I was in Glasgow was 1979. I can’t believe the changes to the Dear Green Place. I’m amazed at the dramatic reduction in population. I enjoy life in Canada but I’m very proud of my Glaswegian roots…I still have the accent.
Bill ( rapipey at netscape dot net ) from Canada on 21.8.2002; 0:51:26 Uhr

I’ll have to say that as much as I love the website – it’s the kind of thing that seems obvious only when somebody’s actually gone and done it – that I can’t help agreeing with an earlier comment about the way the west end is changing.
As much as I’ve enjoyed living in the West End for the past twelve years (so much so that I’ve said it’s more accurate to say you live in Glasgow’s West End, rather than that you live in Glasgow), some changes around here do worry me. I do have distant memories of a more rundown West End in the Seventies when my older brother was a student, and I know that things have much improved, but my personal last straw and sign-of-the-end was when Byres Rd Safeway was effectively turned into a giant take-away and stopped being a supermarket.
Now I know that business goes where the money goes, but I always liked it here because it was vaguely bohemian, fun, and attractive. But now that I’m looking at being a prospective home-owner in the next year or two, I’m sure I’ll be joining what must be a general exodus out of the west end to parts of town I can actually afford to live in. The shame of it is, the West End – now that everybody’s noticed it’s a nice place to live in – is being colonised by people who have a lot more money to spend and invest than any of the people who make this an interesting place to live in.
Now I’m not knocking them, I’d do the same (if I had the money), but at the same time the end result is that the area is losing much of the character that made it a charming and nice place to live. As said in a previous message: the end of the cheap cafe across from the cinema, the cinema itself closing down to be eventually transformed into god knows what, and indeed, the loss of John Smith to Starbucks. Perhaps this is all evidence of the transitory nature of an area, part of the general economic and social flux of a postcode, but my fingers are crossed that we won’t lose the West End as I and many others remember it.
Gary ( gary at barkinglemur dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 13.8.2002; 16:34:29 Uhr

Enjoy your site. Makes me miss the west end like crazy.
Paula Ames ( pp3ames at hotmail dot com ) from Jesrsey on 9.8.2002; 1:08:10 Uhr


Just a wee thing about your truly excellent site. Was reading stuff about Ali Abassi tonight (was thinking about approaching him about some work things), but some of the references to Donald Dewar as First Minister may be a bit out of date?

Otherwise, love the site and visit regularly. Keep up the good work!

Liz ( mavis9870 at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 7.8.2002; 1:50:06 Uhr

Computer crashed, lost all favourites and am trying to regain some of them. Notice you are planning on visiting Canada in the fall. If you find yourself in Alberta you are very welcome to stay with us. We should be here early part of October before heading to Arizona.
Best wishes
Muriel Inch
Sherwood Park Alberta
muriel inch ( murielinch at shaw dot ca ) from Canada on 29.7.2002; 22:43:14 Uhr

– Recently discovered your website regarding the west end. I have always lived on the south side and continue to do so, but always enjoy going "over to the west". I went to Hillhead High School in the 1960’s and knew the west end, but have rediscovered it over the last six years since my son and daughter have been at Glasgow University. My son graduated two years ago and the graduation ceremony was beautiful.

I love Byres Road and enjoy reading about the shops on your website. The Studio is one of my favourite shops in De Courcy’s, but one shop that does not have a mention and should, I think, be mentioned is the Secret Garden in Great George Street just beside Ashton Lane. It has a peaceful tranquil atmosphere, and has a lovely selection of gifts as well as plants outside and inside. I know that if I go in I will always buy something.

Enjoy your website very much.
Anne Vernal ( anne dot vernal at glacomen dot scot dot nhs dot uk ) from Scotland on 11.7.2002; 15:02:54 Uhr

I brought my friend down in December ,he was sceptical about Glasgow being a northeaster from Aberdeen ,we had a lovely stay at Jureys ( the pond hotel as I remember it )I showed him the delights of Byres Rd the Ashoka and Tennents Bar which is very similar to our own watering hole in Aberdeen called The Prince Of Wales ,also took him to Largs for an icecream in Nardinis which he loved .He cant wait to return nor can I
Regards Jane
Jane Mitchell ( thirdtimelucky at ntlworld dot com ) from Scotland on 31.5.2002; 14:41:46 Uhr

1) hitting ‘add a comment’ on the ‘travel to west end’ page links into the currency converter (well it did when I hit it

Travel deals which Visitors may be interested in are:-

2) FirstGlasgow (bus) are currently doing a £1.95 offpeak (or £2.20 before 0930) unlimited day travel ticket which is great value if you’re travelling around even a little

The ‘Roundabout Glasgow’ ticket – £3.50 after 0900 – is also great value and gives unlimited day travel on all suburban trains as well as the subway but not buses
Mark Aston ( maston at waitrose dot com ) from Scotland on 2.5.2002; 12:33:22 Uhr

1) hitting ‘add a comment’ on the ‘travel to west end’ page links into the currency converter (well it did when I hit it

Travel deals which Visitors may be interested in are:-

2) FirstGlasgow (bus) are currently doing a £1.95 offpeak (or £2.20 before 0930) unlimited day travel ticket which is great value if you’re travelling around even a little

The ‘Roundabout Glasgow’ ticket – £3.50 after 0900 – is also great value and gives unlimited day travel on all suburban trains as well as the subway but not buses
Mark Aston ( maston at waitrose dot com ) from Scotland on 2.5.2002; 12:32:55 Uhr

I am an interior design student and in deperate need of your help! I am in need of info on Interior Design in Glasgow for a report I am writing. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could give me their views on Interior Design. Are you interested in it? Are you a Designer? Do you bother about it? Do you hate it?! Any info, no matter how small, would be great!

Lisa Black
Lisa Black ( lisabeeblack at lycos dot co dot uk ) from Scotland, Glasgow on 13.3.2002; 11:13:25 Uhr

Pat – I’m in Glencoe, looking for a west end hotel to stop over on return journey. Do you have any suggestions ?

heather mochrie barnes ( mocbar at AOL dot coml ) from england on 6.3.2002; 18:06:42 Uhr

Pat I was reading some of your information and you said you grew up in Old Kilpatrick, I grew up there also and have been gone since I was 18, I am sure you are much younger than me but maybe I knew your family,

I have 3 brothers who live up in Canada and a few cousins, my cousin was the one who sent me this site to look at since you mentioned the 2 deaths in Old Kilpatrick last week, we knew both of those guys.

My mom still lives there at Freelands.

Please answer I would like to find some of the people I went to St Mary’s with, I am planning a trip in June this year.

thank you my e-mail is
Mary Fery — Cairns (maiden) ( ferymf at earthlink dot net ) from United States on 6.3.2002; 4:09:48 Uhr

Hi Pat, thanks so much for my birthday card and for the greetings on your site. It was really bizarre, mum hadn’t yet mentioned it so i didn’t realise until i was speaking to someone on Friday night who knew it had been my birthday as they had come across your site accidentally and had a browse. I had a good night even though i’d refused to organise or suggest anything much to the frustration of everyone and in the end imaginatively opted for going for drinks with some friends and Anthony(bro). We’d decided to just go to Grouch St Judes but had totally forgotten that it is now closed on Sunday nights(and other days until 5pm,thought u might be interested if u don’t already know)so we went elsewhere but i wasn’t that bothered as everyone made an effort and totally spoiled me; earlier on the first thing i’d come across were tea lights all the way up the top flight of stairs in the close which my flatmates had layed out and flowers and stuff. During the day i’d also gone to the antiquey part of the ‘Barras’ with mum and got loads of cool stuff. I better go since this is the msg board and i probably should have emailed this directly to u as i’m sure noone else is that interested in my goings on. thanks again for my card.Hopefully see you soon. love luisa x
Luisa Venditozzi ( luisa_venditozzi at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 3.3.2002; 14:26:07 Uhr

Dear Pat,

When looking for the G.C.C site for kelvingrove museum i came across yours. It is much better believe me! They have all of one paragraph and no links!

Anyway, I am a 3rd your BA (Hons) Tourism Management student at GCAL uni and me and my fellow consultants are researching the cafe in Kelvingrove. After the refurbishment when the cafe re-opens we are to propose ideas for the new and improved cafe. For example how to improve visitor numbers through marketing, branding, theming, improved menus, staff trsining and even the design and location of the new cafe?

Could you offer any help on this matter? Or more importantlt: What do you think of the current cafe? How often do you visit it? etc…

We were hoping for the new cafe to be much more popular and more widely marketed then the present one, which if you didnt know exsisited, would be hard to find, don’t you agree?

Infact, does anyone have any comments on the Kelvingrove Cafe, or any suggestions at all?
If so please e-mail them to me.

Regards, Sara. J.
Sara ( saraj at handbag dot com ) from Scotland on 28.2.2002; 12:24:35 Uhr

after advise, i am writing on behalf of my best man who is trying to organise my stag weekend. we are very interested in glasgow (especially me). as it seems to offer the diversaty that we are after. we are looking to stay at the grovener hilton in april. could any one offer advise on good areas to drink eat etc. maybe with a bit of golf thrown in.this will not be the sterotypical stag weekend as the average age 35-36.any comments welcome
james ( james dot bridge1 at btinternet dot com ) from england on 17.2.2002; 20:32:01 Uhr

Woodside Senior Secondary School served the West End for almost 100 years and on June 8th Former Pupils from all over the World will return to Glasgow’s west end for an All Years Reunion. Details of the reunion can be seen at After an absence of many years I am looking forward to a stroll down Byers Road, over University Hill and down Eldon Street to the Old School.Features of the Weekend will be a Golden Oldie Stroll, and a Seminar on 118 Years of life at Woodside School, followed by a Dinner Dance on Saturday June 8th. Ex "Woodies" are coming from Canada,USA,Brazil,China,and England to join in the festivities. See you all there Bill Clark- Canada
Bill Clark ( billclark at dccnet dot com ) from Canada on 16.2.2002; 19:47:08 Uhr

Woodside Senior Secondary School served the West End for almost 100 years and on June 8th Former Pupils from all over the World will return to Glasgow’s west end for an All Years Reunion. Details of the reunion can be seen at After an absence of many years I am looking forward to a stroll down Byers Road, over University Hill and down Eldon Street to the Old School.Features of the Weekend will be a Golden Oldie Stroll, and a Seminar on 118 Years of life at Woodside School, followed by a Dinner Dance on Saturday June 8th. Ex "Woodies" are coming from Canada,USA,Brazil,China,and England to join in the festivities. See you all there Bill Clark- Canada
Bill Clark ( billclark at dccnet dot com ) from Canada on 16.2.2002; 19:47:03 Uhr

dear pat and friends. its an emergency! im stuck in cumbria and the only stockist of flock wallpaper i can find is in america? does anyone know where i can get some, or do i have make my own!
nichola pearson ( Nicola at pearsonn5 dot fsnet dot co dot uk ) from england on 16.2.2002; 1:45:58 Uhr

I would like to see the modle ship display. My grandfather worked at the shipyard for many years. And my mother was born in Glasgow His name is Robert Burns and my mother was Mary Burns.
Robert Huskins ( Emailmeghuskins at aol dot com ) from U.S.A. on 13.1.2002; 18:40:15 Uhr

well what can i say christ thare is life @thare is the other world or may be thare is some Play that can go to a persons heed good work
jock ( Emailjohn dot wilson95 at btopenworld dot com ) from isle of arran on 3.1.2002; 23:21:10 Uhr

I like your website and use it regularly to find out what’s happening – but why is nobody on this site ever critical of anything going on in the west end? I’ve lived here for 8 years, since I first came here as a student, and although I will always love the area it seems like the people who control these things are doing their utmost to rip the heart out of the place – something which is being mirrored all over the city. John Smiths bookshop being replaced by Starbucks (of all people) was horribly symbolic, and the theme-pubification of the Curlers, a historical pub is nothing short of cultural vandalism. (Student theme pub? Hello? Since when did students need a theme pub? As if students never visited pubs until "It’s a Scream" was invented!) However, what has happened to the Grosvenor cafe seems to be the final straw. I haven’t been to the new upstaires cafe yet, as I fear it would be too depressing, but everyone loved the old place – it wasn’t broken, so why fix it? And what essensial new business has replaced it? A cafe bar! As if Ashton Lane really needed a new bar. I’m currently trying to support the Grosvenor cinema whenever possible, as it has seemed vulnerable for a long time – will there really be room for an old fleapit cinema in this hip, new urban bohemia?? I suppose people will call me a reactionary, but I am not in any way against change. I know that one has to move with the times, and there have been some welcome new additions to the west end in recent years; "Heart Buchanan", the excellent new delicatessan on Byres Road is a case in point, and I have to say that Jack MacPhee’s was a big improvement on Loretto’s. What I hate is the gradual erosion of all of the area’s character and uniqueness – the very aspects of the West End which have always been celebrated, and which made me want to live there in the first place. What I fear is that Byres Road is fast becoming homeogenised, no different to any other busy urban area – a tragedy for somewhere that holds such special memories for so many people. Apologies for sounding like an "old fart" – I’m actually only 25, but I felt like getting that off my chest!
fiona ( fionamay30 at hotmail dot com ) from scotland on 21.12.2001; 14:00:15 Uhr

Konaki Greek restaurant is well worth a visit. It may not quite be in the West end, but is well within reach on foot. I have been on several occasions and have found it to be the nearest thing to a Greek taverna this side of the Med!!!!!
Hedeli Shaw ( Hedeli at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 28.11.2001; 13:53:14 Uhr

Dear Pat and Jim, Thank you for this great web site and the fantastic photos!! I spent a year (1998) of my 3 year working holiday in Glasgow’s West End – I was only supposed to stay for a wee while, but just could not bring myself to leave (until my visa ran out that is). I am absolutely in love with this city, its people, its culture… and miss it terribly. That’s why I was so thrilled to find your web site – it’s like being there all over again. Many, many thanx, Agata (Cape Town, South Africa)
Agata ( agata01 at hotmail dot com ) from South Africa on 1.11.2001; 23:46:37 Uhr

I searched the web for ‘David Postles’ and came here. Do you know him? He’s a nurse, if he’s the right one. Let me know – perleeeeaaaasssee. (Like the site)
David Palmer ( intertrace at supanet dot com ) from UK on 27.10.2001; 10:58:36 Uhr

The Grosvenor Cafe has been sold! Apparently to a posh fish restaurant- Gamba. Cant believe they will be serving up lentil soup and tattie scones to keep the student population going. How can this west end institution be allowed to disappear without a murmur?
Hilary Thomson ( Hilary at msoc dot mrc dot gla dot ac dot uk ) from Scotland on 4.10.2001; 13:23:51 Uhr

i’ve only been on the net for about 18 months,and i’ve been to quite a few sites,but i think u guy’s take the cake,i’ve been here every night since i found it thanx for making it available great stuff>>>>>>> regards mick
mick ( pondman at optusnet dot com dot au ) from australia on 26.9.2001; 14:43:20 Uhr

Hey Pat ! Mum was down visiting and showed me your website. Very cool !! We had a laugh at our inclusion in your diary- I’ll let Candradasa know he’s had his ordination to the Western Buddhist Order acknowledged to the world via the web. Hope the foot is healing well. loads of love, Maria xx
Maria Venditozzi ( mariavlm at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 22.9.2001; 22:13:29 Uhr

Dear Pat, I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your site.I used to live in Glasgow as I worked for Scottish Opera for five years but left to become a teacher last year.I was feeling a little nostalgic and I stumbled accross your site to discover lots of great pics of some of my old haunts.Please continue taking pictures of Glasgow because I will return regularly to see the new ones. thankyou Paul
paul ( pacook at ic24 dot net ) from england on 8.9.2001; 18:19:49 Uhr

Always knew someone would find a decent use for the web! Unbelievable a sit dedicated to the westend. I had trouble reading all the wonderfull things available on it as i was all mystey eyed at the memories. The walk from the rock to byres road (one of the longest dry runs unless detour down hyndland st!) then the glorious "find my mates" game characterised by theZig zagging up and down byres road the obligatory "wee one" along the way. Somehow it all lended itself to the surroundings, and i came through the glorious years of 72-80 b4 heading for the south pacific. My annual returns can now be supplemented by cheking out your great site and catching up with the memories from around the world. Great stuff Thanks for doing it Dougal
Dougal Thompson ( Dougal at dougal dot ws ) from New Zealand on 22.7.2001; 10:37:05 Uhr

Need some help, have been away from home a wee while now, and small sis is getting married and need somewhere for her hen night in a few weeks time, that is, a place to have a meal, a wee drink and a dance,(hopefully remaining in the same building) any suggestions of where we could go?? thanks linda
linda young ( lindayoung1 at aol dot com ) from York, England on 14.7.2001; 21:11:37 Uhr

A name from the past came into my head just now, so I stuck it into the PC. What did I get? – none other than kirsten O’Neill’s article on A E Pickard! This is wonderful! I still remember going along Great Western Road in the bus (or tram) with my mum to visit her pal Flora in Clydebank and hear about The Blitz. (I started life in Bishopbriggs in 1941). The many eccentric billboards he put up outside the properties he had acquired fascinated me then, but I never heard more about the man. This at long last starts to satisfy my curiosity – I must keep an eye on your site in the hope of finding more! Thanks
Ron ( Ron dot Marsh at btinternet dot com ) from Scotland on 9.7.2001; 13:53:53 Uhr

Have been out of commission lately so have not checked you column. What do you mean Hillhead High – is now a building site, that’s my old school circa late forties and fifties. Regards muriel
muriel inch ( murielinch at home dot com ) from canada on 23.6.2001; 20:20:34 Uhr

What can I say.. being a ‘regular’ in Ashton Lane.. thought I’d have a look at this site.. excellenté. Jim.. your photos are amazing. Have sent your link to many of my "freeends" down South to have a wee insight into where I spend a lot of my time (err.. a bit too much – thanks Bar Brel!) and also where I work (Byres Road). Keep up the good work!! Thanks again!
Shauna ( SuperShauni0007 at aol dot com ) from Scotland (Barrhead to be exact..) on 7.4.2001; 10:57:59 Uhr

Hi, glad to find someone actually living on Glasgow Street. I am search for information regard a church named "Martyr’s United Free Church". The minister of that church wrote a letter of recommendation for my mother back in 1926. His name was Rev. David McDougal and his address was 37 Glasgow Street, Hillhead. I don’t know if that was the address of the church or his residence on the letterhead border. The letter head states "Stanhope Street" under the church name. I hope you might tell me if Stanhope Street is anywhere nearby. I cannot find any current reference to this church name – it may have been destroyed. The "Unitied Free Church" does not respond to e-mail. Thanks for any info you might be able to pass on. Jim Clark
Jim Clark ( jandjclark at earthlink dot net ) from Torrance, California, U.S.A. on 26.3.2001; 3:30:42 Uhr

Hi Pat! Season’s Greetings from the Mllennium Dome!……in the East End of London…doing a comparative study with the Garden Festival…..preferred the GF but the Dome is still pretty impressive….See you soon..Jess><
Jess Fitzgerald ( jess dot fitzgerald at which dot net ) from Scotland on 20.12.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

I am looking for a bedsit/studio/flatshare available from around the 4th of January. I can pay up to £250 a month. I need to be located near to a tube or within walking distance of Royal Scottish Academy where I will be starting my Masters degree. I am 22. Please let me know if you can help!
Olivia Darnley ( odarnley at hotmail dot com ) from England on 11.12.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Just stumbled across your website trying to find a Vancouver newspaper called the "Westender". Boy, did you bring back memories! Indian meals at the Shish Mahal for about 75 pence! Shopping for the "old dear" in Byres Road. Visiting the University of Glasgow’s hallowed halls…despite the fact that I’m a Strathclyde graduate! Great website, I’ll visit it frequently. Aurrabest from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Gordon McFarlane ( profmac at altavista dot com ) from Canada on 27.11.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat. Just thought I’d come back for a quick browse through the old web site, but I realised that I didn’t have enough time at work to have a really good look. Hope everything’s well. See you soon. Anthony xx
Anthony Venditozzi ( venditozzi at mail dot com ) from Scotland on 9.11.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Wasssssuup!!!!!! I introduced Paul to your site today and he loves it! Love Aileen and Paul xxxx
Paul and Aileen ( P dot Mehigan at gcal dot ac dot uk ) from Scotland on 1.11.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

why don’t you add something about the carbeth fishfarm where you can catch fish of the scottish kind, brownies,rainbows ect…bait& fly what a great day out . got transport then take me out with you and pay the day and i will be your tutor at the farm and you will have a better chance of getting a fish to feed more than one, cheers stevie contact me at :01389-381375 0r at after 6pm weekdays.
steven malcolm mcdougall ( electrolite at madasafish dot com ) from Scotland on 7.8.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat! I’m sending you this message from BBC Futureworld at the SECC. They have loads of PC’s and free access to the internet…..I think I’ll come down here and do my page for free this week……Hope you’re enjoying the sun instead of being a sad person like me!!…Jess
Jess Fitzgerald ( jess dot fitzgerald at which dot net ) from Scotland on 20.7.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Pat ,

This is a thought for the day that I am passing on for a second opinion and because if you thought it was a good idea you would probably know the people who could develop it further.

Having heard that Perth has established a ‘Farmers Market’ which is going from strength to strength, it went through my mind that a west end ‘farmers market’ located centrally, eg carpark at the junction of Byers road/University avenue…would be a great asset to the west end and the city. My view is that it has to be central to be successful …complementing the existing trading. Food markets are always of great interest when we travel abroad and having Scottish ( organic ?) produce available would be excellent, enhancing the growing reputation of the west end. One day a week…Saturday would seem feasible.I can visualise the colourful display .Views …? Comments !


Ps hope you are all well, take care
Jim Bowes ( Integriteam at euphony dot com ) from Scotland on 19.7.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat,

My name is Cathie Middleton originally from Knightswood and I have been living Johannesburg for the past 32 years. I loved your column brought back loads of memories. I always remember walking back from the Locarno in stilleto heels to knightswood and on the way buying chips and a pickle from a chippie near Byres Rd. We had spent all our money so we could not afford a taxi and my mother telling us if we were not careful "John the Baptist " would get us.

I am on the committee of an organization and it is called "Scottish Schools Ladies" We have a Dinner once a year for Ladies and the pre-requisite for this dinner is that you have to have gone to a school in Scotland,. At the dinner we read out all the nam es and we put them all in school order and when you name and school are called out you stand up and it is amazing how many people meet up from their school days.

Our next dinner is coming up soon maybe you can email some of your colums and we will read them out at the dinner the funnier the better.


Keep up the good work I really appreciated your site.


Kind regards,


Cathie middleton
cathie middleton ( cathiemiddleton at hotmail dot com ) from South Africa on 4.7.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hello love! Moi again. I still say the West End consists only of Hillhead and Dowanhill, but if you’re using "West End" in the context of the whole of the west of Glasgow, then I guess you are right to include the more common areas.

Anyway, given the number of homos in the area, my boyfriend has decided to launch his own site, dedicated to the lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transexuals of the "West End". check out It isn’t completed as yet, but when it is, we hope to have many features, and we’d love to integrate with the West End site.

Loads of love for now

Iain and John Murray (the boyf who I love to bits)

Ps: Moi, Iain, works in Safeway on Byres Rd, at the Customer Service Desk, so come on over and say hiya! Also, I’ve lived in the West End my whole life, and am fifth generation West End (the family growing up mostly on Byres Road) so I am a true West Ender! Byeeeeeee!
Iain Morrow ( diva_g at yahoo dot com ) from Scotland on 2.7.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

pat enjoyed the site visit but feel as though my shop should be mentioned not only because it was established in 1924, or such films as trainspotting, carla`s song, tuti fruti, bells whisky, or even the Blue Nile filming a video there and many more. Or not even the fact that we have a distinctive original 40`s style which is still very much beautiful. But the fact is i sell probally the best ice-cream in glasgow if not scotland and if you dont believe me ask the Glasgow Herald,for when they did an ice-cream competition two years ago I received Top Vote against competition such as Nardini, Mackie, Hagandaz, and other supermarket brands.

Questiion: If i want to get on tothis site do Ihave to advertise thru u? and if so how much?

I understand with a project like this u are very busy but please reply to me.

thank you

James Evans

Cafe D` Jaconelli, 570 Maryhill RD, Glasgow, G20 7EE

James Evans t/a Cafe D` Jaconelli Maryhill Rd. ( james at evan237 ) from Scotland on 30.6.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Finally made the connection to the West end of Glasgow from my living room in Brixton… people looking over my shoulder and saying " i didn’t know Glasgow looked like that..!! next time you go home i am coming too !!!"… excellent!more converts to the west end way of life… you had better watch out i think you are making me homesick!! keep on getting the west end outthere.. thanks rachel
Rachel ( rachel_gorevan at hotmail dot com ) from London…..hmmm on 27.6.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

In answer to Kenny – I would e-mail but you didn’t put your address. You are right I am not from the West End – I come from Old Kilpatrick. However, any information from real McCoy Westenders like yourself can be posted on the site; so if there is anything you would like to add just get in touch. Pat.
Pat Byrne ( www dot glasgowwestend dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 30.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

But you are not from the West End, you are an inabootcomer…


Frankly yer web site is okay, but really as a TRUE west-ender (born Hyndland Street) you don’t fool me one bit.




Delete this and type your name ( e-mail at your dot host ) from Scotland on 30.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Just discovered your site having struggled for months on and off to find my way

around. Great to get such a comprehensive and up-to-date list of eating places.

Sorry to have to add a correction but I’m afraid you won’t have chance to try

Madeleine’s Bistro, or not at 1138 Argyle Street. Passed the other day to see

that it’s changed into Indian Cross sit-in and takeaway. Looks pleasant enough

and menu suggests excellent value: blue stained glass hints at connection with

Millennium Platter. Pity about Madeleine, who offered an interesting and

reasonable menu, plus jazz singing alternate Fridays – meant to go more often

but no chance now, unless she’s opened up somewhere else. Will keep an eye on

Jean Reid ( jeanmr at glasscot54 dot fsnet dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 28.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Really great web site! Only discovered its existence when doing some decorating and happened to use an old ‘Glaswegian’ from 17th February to protect the floor. Was interested in the article on page 15 and then realised that I recognised your picture! Congratulations and keep it up.
Alan Laurie ( e-mail at your dot host ) from Scotland on 21.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat


As a life-long friend of Ali Abassi its good to see his face on this web site.


Unfortunately I’ve had to put up with his "jokes" for the past 20-odd years! (Some are probably mine- but that’s nothing to be proud of).


Particularly pleased that the proceeds are going to such a good cause. More power to you Ali!


We live in Perth now and still miss the place – can savour some of the unique atmosphere now via our PC.


Well done! (See you soon Ali – all the best)




Bill Montague ( bill_montague at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 15.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr



I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and thank you for your wonderful comments with regards to Oblomov. I sincerely hope that your high opinions continue long into the future.



General Manager

Oblomov Westend & Merchant City

The Puppet Theatre
Diane Graham ( dianeg at bigbeat dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 8.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Having recently left the West End after eight years to return to Perth, it’s nice to have a little taste of it on the web. If any of you lucky residents should happen to visit Papyrus (top of Byres Road), say hello for me (and that’s the place for star spotting by the way, even micro-celebrities have to by birthday cards)

Debbie Murray ( debstj at LineOne dot net ) from Scotland on 7.4.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

First things first, Pat & Jim yours is the only website to tantalise me to sit at the computer for more than 5 minutes! It truly is an abundance of what I am missing! I may have been in Canada for twenty years but my home and heart will always be Old Kilpatrick, your sis, Catherine. P.S. I’d be interested to know a bit about the Lobby Dosser Statue, where it is, what it is, etc.


Catherine, Aitken ( alastair at tap dot net ) from Canada on 5.2.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat – just thought I would visit you on your web site from my new PC – see you soon


Rose ( e-mail at your dot host ) from Scotland on 3.2.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

went the trip up Byres road on your website, great fun, see you there one day soon!
the Wilsons ( elmod_wilson at madasafish dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 25.11.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr

Pat- what a star. Best web site since the Humblebums greatest virtual hits; keeps me up to date whilst I jet between Necker Island an ra barras

El Uno Grande (the B Y )
Billy Connolly ( alexmac at dircon dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 15.11.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr

Hi Pat! If you hadn’t put in that nautical photograph I wouldn’t have recognised the smile and would have thought I was commenting to a stranger! But then the West End is like that….The site is a great idea. Maybe you could get the class of ’78 together. A web gathering. I’m sure most of us are still in the West End.

Bye for now..I will be back! Jess Fitzgerald
Jess Fitzgerald ( jess dot fitzgerald at which dot net ) from Scotland on 10.11.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr

A super site – useful for both indigenous ‘west enders’ and tourists alike. Very user friendly.
Yvonne Brown ( Y dot Brown at gcal dot ac dot uk ) from Scotland on 9.11.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr


I used to work in the west end; at Notre Dame Child Gudiance centre. This is/was a well known clinic specialising in family related therapy and anomalous behavioural problems in children and young adolescents.

I would always spend my lunch hour wandering about Byres road for I loved the cosmopolitan feeling that is so evident there. Much better in my view than London town! I have often missed those days BRA (before reorganisation again)and I found that your site brought back many happy memories. Its excellent and I hope it grows as well as it started.


Mind you…what about pictures of Lobby Dosser!!!


Alex Gardner ( a dot p dot gardner at gcal dot ac dot uk ) from Scotland on 9.11.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr

I love your site Pat& Jim, I havn’t had too long to spend tonight but i hope to dig deeper at the weekend – no spelling mistakes yet!!!!


I love the way you give the west end such an atmosphere, and such difference.Love janie 🙂
Jane Hunter ( jane dot hunter at dtn dot ntl dot com ) from Scotland on 31.10.1999; 0:00:00 Uhr

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