Winter 2014.

Driving to Mass by Micheal Norton


I drove through the sticks over the thick ice and frozen muck that gripped the backroads.   The countryside was pitch black, abandoned, with lonely houses spread out like rare driftwood amongst the ditches.  My mother was wrapped up in the passenger seat.  Her nose poking out from her head scarf as she eyed the road.  […]

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Ayah a poem by Leela Soma

Ayah My child eye watches,Ayah’s Rangoli patterns bright, on the newly washed verandaThe dots threaded together like pearls of life’s experienceCultural traditions handed down in perfect symmetryThe opalescent sky shimmers anewA visual joy starts the day. My child ear hears,Her quiet, broken piece by pieceThe coffee machine, grinds beans, the aroma rich.Golden sun beats down noon […]

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