Honest Politicians.

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Politics are broken. In an independent Scotland we can fix this.

There has been much discussion about a constitution, which we propose will reflect the sovereignty of the people of Scotland. It will include a mechanism for a People’s (or Citizens’) Assembly which will, among other things, regulate the behaviour of politicians. We should always remember that we elect them, we pay their wages and they work for us. We will not tolerate the cronyism and corruption which are rife in Westminster.

Honest Politicians, a play in two voices, by C.E. Ayr and Jenne Gray, invites you to consider a possible future.

Honest Politicians – a play in two voices

Jenne Gray and C.E. Ayr Honest Politicians Rab! Rab, look at this! What is it? Oh, from the interim government. What do they want with you? Read it! I’m on the Assembly! The Citizens’ Assembly! I’m building the new Scotland! Wheesht, Cathy, I’m reading. Dear Mrs Wallace… That’s me, Rab, that’s me! Aye, I think […]

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Monday, August 9, 2021 | Filed under: Honest Politicians

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