Guest photographers page

This page contains photographs sent to me by fellow photographers.

By Ian Buckland – November, 2010

Photo: partick.

Photographs by Jay Voy – October, 2008

Photo: early bird.

Photo: finnieston.

Photo: end of a day.
Photo: down the clyde.

Photographs by Paul Wright – July, 2008

You can find more of Paul’s images at:

Photo: Trees by Shemore Loch Lomond.
Photo: Loch Lomond.

Photo: Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Photographs by Carol Peacock – June 2008

Toy Orchestra – at the Kibble Palace Saturday 21st June

Photo: toy orchestra.

Photo: soldier.

Photo: toy orchestra musician.


Photographs by Maria Peckey – January, 2006

Photographs taken on her trip to Glasgow from Maryland, USA in October 2006

Photo: The Barras.

Photo: Betty Gray at Roots and Fruits.

Photographs by Hollowhorn – January, 2006.

Photo: queen street lower level.

Photo: italian centre imgram street.

Photo: glasgow university.

Photo: chinatown hill street.

See more photographs by Hollowhorn -Flikr

Photographs by Alan Morrison – January, 2006.

Photo: Glasgow t-shirt.

Photo: Culzean Castle.

Photo: trusty steed.

Photo: hello!.

You can see more of Alan’s photographs at Flikr

Some photographs of the West End Festival Parade by John Owens – June, 2006.

Photo: dancers.
Photo: byresrd.Photo: cafe.

Photo: children.
Photo: tenementfolk.
Photo: orangeandblue.
Photo: banner.
Photo: par.
Photo: lane.
Photo: viewpoint.
Photo: park.


Photo: colin and betty. Colin and Betty

Sent by Gladys Fitzgerald on 12th March, 2006.
Gladys had this to say about the photographs:

Photo: colin. I’ve just been out on Hyndland Road walking my 2 cocker spaniels and saw …the finest “snowman and snowlady” I’ve
ever seen! I thought they might add a little fun to the website this weather and really symbolise the spirit of us west end folk! Super!

Freddie Pond, Auckland, New Zealand: in Botanics 1960

Photo: Summer of 60 Botanic Gardens.

David O’Neil of Phiten Scotland

Thanks for the photo David:

“my camera, a la your good self, and saw this amazing tree (photo
attached) just off Observatory Road. It’s very Japanese, which I’m
obviously interested in because of the shop etc, and I thought it was a
cool fusion of East and West cultures.

Photo: the parade.

Photo: East Meets West.

Sarah Chiodetto

Sarah Chiodetto got in touch and sent me this fantastic photograph of the morning sky over Park Circus.

Hi Jim

Thought you might like this – I took it on Hogmanay morning through the (rather dirty) window in my stairwell on Bank Street looking toward Park Circus. It?s a bit out of focus but no filters or tweaking were applied! (Have saved it as a smaller file though for e-mailing ? can send you a different size if you like for your ?guest photographer?s? slot!)

Best wishes to you and Pat


Photo: Park Circus sky.

Pierre Picard

Dear Jim,
My name is Pierre and I am the person who left a message on your website stating I could send you pictures of the West End last October. I am sorry that I haven’t been able to provide you with them earlier, they were somewhere deep into my parents’ attic! I am not quite sure they are good enough though.

Anyway, have an excellent year and thank you for your site.
All the best,
Pierre Picard

Photo: Botanic Gardens from Clouston street.

Photo: Bridge over Kelvin.

Photo: Glasgow University.

Photo: Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Photo: Kibble Palace.

Photo: Transport Museum.

Photo: Charing Cross.

Photo: The West End.

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