Cirkis Made to Measure Dance Costumes

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Salsa, tap, jive and ballroom - always a dancer's city Glasgow's favourite activity has spread far and wide, with an ever growing number of enthusiasts, competitors and dance schools.

Lisa Templeman and her partner Steven McTear have been working in partnership since they met while studying design and textile at College. Since setting up their dress design business, Cirkis, a couple of years back they have moved more and more into a niche that they both love and that is designing made to measure dance costumes.

Lisa did some disco dancing as a teenager and had lots of fun customising her own costumes with sequins and bright colours. Just to make them a bit different.

"About a year ago we got talking to a local dance teacher who knew we sold made to measure clothes and she showed us some dance costumes. They looked like fun to make as you can be as creative as you want and it reminded me of how I always wanted my dance costume to be different from everyone else's."

Photo: cirkis.

Their venture has paid off with their made to measure, costumes very much in demand. A lot of the ready to wear ones are very similar and only really cater for the one body size whereas Cirkis can create your own unique costume and it will be a perfect fit.

They have a wide range of fabrics available and can talk through the customers needs and discuss your ideas and preferences.

Costumes can be designed for children or adults and to your own specifications. Just get in touch with Lisa and have a chat about your requirements. Also watch out for Cirkis' promotional stands at dance exhibitions and competitions.

Contact Details:

Telephone: 0141 952 5572

Further information:

Unit 3, Clyde street business centre, 31 Clyde street, Clydebank, Glasgow, G81 1PF, 0141 952 5572

Cirkis Made to Measure Dance Costumes.


I was wondering if its possibile you could put crystals on my husband,s jacket I have previously had one done but the guy who did it has emigrated and now am looking to get another jacket the same can you help me please. Kind Regards. LIZ.

liz | Tue Jan 28 2014


Pat Byrne | Mon Nov 19 2012

hi my daughter has a dance competition coming up and she needs a slow dance costume,and i was just wondering how much do you charge for one of these costumes?

clare | Mon Nov 19 2012

I need a massive favour, i have a dance competition coming up where i need to dress as a sheep, the company i had orginally planned to make my outfit 7 weeks ago cancelled last night out of the blue! I was wanting white fluffy hot pant shorts, white fluffy crop top with hood and ears. White fluffy knee high socks and fingerless gloves. The character needs to be has to be cute and up beat however still sexy! This need to be ready and with me by november 1st. Please help me out. I really need to nail this performance. Thanks!

Kirsty dinning | Mon Oct 22 2012

Hi i was wondering if you also made tap dance costumes as i cant seem to get any from america as i dont have my own dance company and my 8year old daughter has just started competing.

Leigh-anne Anderson | Sat Apr 21 2012

hi im 12 years old and i am a girl and i really need a latin dance dress for my sisters wedding do you think you could help me out

teresa | Mon Nov 07 2011

Anyone wishing to ask a question should contact Cirkis at the email address at the bottom of the feature rather than place their query as a comment. Thanks, Pat

Pat Byrne | Wed Dec 08 2010

Hello I Was Wondering if i designed My own starter costume would you be able to make one thank you xxxx

Robyn | Wed Dec 08 2010

Hi, Can you make ice skating dresses

helen symington | Wed Sep 08 2010

hi there am look 4 a slow dance costume 4 my wee girl looking 4 sumthing very unusal. she is 4 years old could u get bk 2 me. thanks.

fiona | Wed Jul 07 2010

hi lisa my 7 yr old daughter has just started disco dancing a few months ago and shes looking for a beginners costume cud u send me some pics of ur designs and let me no a price it wud b much appreciated thanks.

lisa moore | Wed May 19 2010

hi lisa my 7 yr old daughter has just started disco dancing a few months ago and shes looking for a beginners costume cud u send me some pics of ur designs and let me no a price it wud b much appreciated thanks.

lisa moore | Wed May 19 2010

Hi i was just messing around on google and came across this. I am interested in making dance costumes but have no experince. Where would be the best place to start learning ? E-mail me back please

amanda | Tue Apr 07 2009

have you got any of the blue zebrah dress in 9-10 it is a beautiful dress to avoid disapointment for my daughter

mischa | Tue Jan 27 2009

hi lisa i was wondeing if u could make me and my partner a pairs costume ? we are reallying needing it as soon as posibele xx plz get back to me :D

Dannielle Grant XxX | Thu Sep 11 2008

hi lisa i was just wondering if u could make me a slow dance/solo costume for disco dancing i just moved up to champs and the most i would pay would be ?500 plz could u get back to me as soon as posible thanx xx ps: i will talk to you xxxx

Dannielle Grant XxX | Sat Aug 09 2008

hi i would like to know if you are able to create a disco costume for solo an all in one?

Ashley | Thu Jul 10 2008

i like the blue costume

tom | Fri Feb 15 2008

hi im looking for someone two make me a simple leotard if i sent you a picture of a back view and the front view do you think you would be able to put the two picture together to create a new leotard with a quote. please write back xkarax

kara colmer | Sun Jan 27 2008

My daughter needs a Isadora Duncun costume for her character dance. It would be in a similar form to a greek godess dress. Could you tell me if you can do it how much and how long will it take as we need it for 16th Feb. Many thanks

Tina Foster | Wed Jan 16 2008

Hello, I was looking at our pics above and was wondering how much you charge fro some thing like this. We are looking for slow costumes ages 2-4, 6-7 and 9-10. Look forward to hearing from you. thanks

stephanie | Tue Jan 15 2008

i bought a discofreestyle outfit from you on Sunday and would like to say thankyou,it was stunning on the floor and everyone commented on it,i hope we can meet again as i would like a slow dance the next time

Debra | Tue Dec 11 2007

i bought a discofreestyle outfit from you on Sunday and would like to say thankyou,it was stunning on the floor and everyone commented on it,i hope we can meet again as i would like a slow dance the next time

Debra | Tue Dec 11 2007


CARRIE | Thu Nov 29 2007

hi, Could u help me in designing a costume about a jive item?

niru | Mon Nov 19 2007

you can buy pink lady jackets at one of the card shops. birthdays or the main card shop, cant rember the name. they are ?10 and you get letters to stick on free.

marie | Wed Nov 07 2007

hello i was just wondering if you have any nice fancy dress costumes for girls between the ages of 12 and up any info would be good

johanna | Mon Oct 15 2007

hi Lisa, Im a coach of a cheerleading team in dundee and we are starting our dance team now, so just wondering if u can give me prices on dance uniforms i.e jazz pants - navy (crushed velvet),top - red (maybe one shoulder or halter neck crushed velvet),and gold sequins or gold crystals/rhinstones just to add sparkle. if you can get in touch would be a big help. thanx luce

luce johnstone | Tue Sep 25 2007

Hi Emma, Not able to send message to your email address. If you want to discuss things further you can email me directly at Thanks

Lisa Templeman | Tue Sep 18 2007

hi im doin a pair dance and i really need a costume me and partner

emma | Tue Sep 11 2007

i am 12 years old and i do ballroom dancing my partner is bigger than me and she wants something that will hide it so what shall we do. have you got any pictures that we can choose from. loren

loren | Fri Aug 17 2007

hi i am in need of a navy blue or violet lyrical costume, there are no particular preferences for the design so you can be as creative as you want as long as there is a knee-length skirt of some kind involved. thanks a lot.

Lauren | Sat Jul 14 2007

hello they are nice and i like the blue one

sarah | Thu Jul 12 2007

They Are Really Nice . Would Like To No More About It Please . Thanks ,

sophie garratt | Thu Jun 21 2007

i was just wondering when you say made to measure which measure ments to you take and how doyou know if the costume will fit nicely

ashleigh | Sun Jun 10 2007

Heii I know You Do like Salsa and stuff But I Do Disco Dancing and I wonderd If You Know Of any Web Site That Has Good Disco Dance Wear That Dosent Cost That Much !

Cari Ffransis | Tue May 29 2007

Hi there i am a baton twirler and go to the european championships would you be able to make me a leotard im 15 and doing my routine to SWAY by the pussy cat dolls?

sophie gascoigne | Mon May 28 2007

hiya just wanted to say a big thank you for making my new costume was well pleased =)it was brill.Would also like to say a big thanks to Stephen for all his help.Will send a picture soon to let you all see it and you might even be able to put it on this website thanks again =) love from ashleigh x

ashleigh | Fri Mar 30 2007

Hi lisa we have recently opened a dance school and are looking for disco costumes we were just wondering on what kind of price ranges you have

lorraine | Wed Mar 14 2007

My daughter is needs an elegant costume with a christmas theme. Would you be able to create something for her?

steph | Sat Mar 10 2007

hi i am looking to get my 2 daughters a starter costume made! im just wondering how much u charge? thanks

mrs kewley | Wed Feb 07 2007

Hi Lisa, i seen your stall at a competition in yoker a couple of weeks ago. I need a new starter costume and i was wondering how much it would be for a new one to be made? I dance in over 16s. Hope to hear from you soon x

Michelle | Tue Jan 30 2007

Hi haylee, i have tried a few times to contact you by e mail but i havent been able to manage! Just to let you know, we dont really do rock and roll outfits, its mainly disco costumes we make. As for an evening gown, we dont make dresses any more. Thanks for your interest and i hope you find someone who can help! Regards, Steven.

Lisa Templeman | Tue Aug 29 2006

Do you make made to measure evening gowns?

Haylee | Wed Aug 23 2006

I am in a pageant the first of October and was wondering if you make special order costumes. I am doing a jazz routine to "Rock N Roll is Here To Stay" from the movie grease and want to dress like a "Pink Ladie"!! Please contact me! Thank you

Haylee | Mon Aug 21 2006

hello i was wondering how much you would charge to make a starters costume adn were abouts your location is and if it is nerby if you could responde a.s.a.p it would be very apriciated thanks sophie !

sophie | Sun Jul 16 2006

Hi Lisa, i noticed you made dance costumes etc, though i was wondering do you make fancy dress costumes at all, i am looking for 9 pink ladies jackets - satin (like Grease)for a hen party. I'll not go on, just incase you dont, any information would be helpful, thanks for your time. Roselyn

Roselyn | Fri Mar 24 2006

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