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Where ever I go to in the world I’m looking for connections. Anything that connects Scotland to the place I am visiting or any connections to India, the land of my birth. Each time I came to Buffalo I tried to find something that reflects that. It makes any travel more interesting, the personal within the macro world of the new country. I struck it lucky this time. At a writer’s meeting I met a lady who has Wallace in her name and is very proud to keep that Scottish heritage alive. She has already visited the Highlands and Stirling, visited the Wallace Monument and is planning on a second visit.So the sleuth in me wanted more about the Scottish connections here.

On my visit to the heritage museum in Buffalo, I tried to find Scottish settlers in the early groups of people who arrived in Buffalo from all over Europe. Poland, Germany and Ireland had many who settled here but very few from Scotland. But to my great surprise and joy I find that The Highland Games are alive and held every year in Buffalo at the Heritage Village. Here’s the link. The festival is on 15th August, 2015, I’ll be back in Glasgow by then.  But just looking at the programme you can see that it is going to be fun day. I love the fact that even though it is only the 31st Games and Gathering of the Clans to be held here, the old traditions are maintained. There is even a Face Book page and you can follow all the information as they are uploaded.

The photo “My Nation, My Heritage” with the Saltire, the Stars and Stripes, with the Thistle in the middle says it all.  One can never forget one’s roots.


Other Festivals in Buffalo

Summer is the season of Festivals in Buffalo. The good weather gets the people out and about. The community rises to the occasion and there is so much going on. As I write this a week long Gay Pride Festival is on.

What other Festival will I miss in Buffalo this year? The book arts festival outside with printmaking and art!
Like Glasgow Buffalo city is trying to reinvent the city and make people aware of its potential. A huge amount of effort is being made to make it an attractive place to be for visitors and locals alike. I particularly like the Canalside revival. An absolute must visit place if you visit Buffalo, with free concerts and activities that will make you want to savour all that the place has to offer.

June, 2015

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