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love at first sight sm

Love at First Sight? 

Smitten, I’ve been hit by the golden tip of Cupid’s arrow. Second date? See you tomorrow, same time, same place? 

Tom  xxx

He waited two hours wait. It was midnight, is she going to respond? He tossed and turned in bed. 

Let him wait a bit, play a little hard to get? But…I like him…she thought to herself. 

Next morning, she texted back.  

Hey! same here. Kamadeva’s arrow made of sugarcane and five fragrant flowers hit me too. See ya, same place, same time.  

Anita xxx  

‘Corny or what?’ he said when they met, the next day. He kissed her and added,  ‘Two love gods, one in the East and one in the West throwing arrows and causing all this mayhem.’ 

‘But my Indian love god is better,’ she teased, ‘sweet and fragrant’ 

‘Mine is made of gold, worth more’ he replied.  

They enjoyed the banter. It was the start of their life together.


Five years on, they laughed at their first date and the texts. 

‘You caused me a sleepless night.’ 

‘Why not? I wanted to let you stew a bit’ 

‘See what I ended up with? Five years, stuck with you.’ 

‘You’ve been so lucky,’ she laughed.  

‘Yes, I have,’ he said tears blurred his eyes. 

They sipped the champagne, eyes on each other. The meal at the ‘Ubiquitous Chip,’ their favourite haunt, was perfect. 


Back home, Nina, the toddler, had waved them goodbye. Grandma Maggie, held her tight and watched Tom walking slowly and Anita helping him get into the taxi. 

Maggie put Nina to bed and decided to make herself a cup of tea. On the kitchen counter there was tiny red heart shaped cushion, a big box of chocolates, with a card addressed to Anita. Beside it,  addressed  to Tom, was an open tin, with two airplane tickets, a crumpled red wrapper  still around it. It was labelled ‘Big Apple.’ The card lay open, Maggie couldn’t resist having a peak.  

Tom darling, 

Happy Valentine’s Day. On June 10th we will be flying to NYC for your op. No, not tickets to visit my parents in India. Your health is more important. All my savings for your op. My heart, my love, you are my everything. 

Anita. Xxx 

Maggie, wiped away her tears as she sipped her cuppa.

Leela Soma, February, 2022

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