Photography Diary February 2007: Byres Road

Glasgow West End: Jim’s photography diary

Here are some of the photographs I have taken while out and about in the West End of Glasgow – I hope you find them interesting. Click on the images to view larger versions. You are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes any of my photographs as long as you put a link to this site and give me credit for the photograph (Jim Byrne)

Some months the images are a mixture of photographs of the West End, photographs of Glasgow and photographs of Scotland.

February 4th 2007

Photo: Jim Byrne self portrait.

The sun came out for a wee while on Saturday – so I took a walk and some snaps. Pat asked me if I could photograph some pubs and some cafe’s on my travels – I did.

Photo: Outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Here is a marginally interesting idea I had for taking photos – that I may follow up on during future walks, i.e., put the camera on the ground and press the shutter. Makes for a different perspective.

Photo: Byers Road.

One more Byres Road street scene.

Photo: Hillhead tube station.

I took the tube up to Cowcaddens, took advantage of the bookshops for a coffee and a free read from their well-stocked shelves, and then walked back to the West End. Given the amount of money I spend on books I don’t feel guilty about the odd one I read from front to back while in the shop.

Photo: Art deco building.

Passing these new flats – formally the student residence. I think this used to be called the Beresford?

Photo: Blas Restaurant.

Blas Restaurant – situated across from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. I’ve been in a few times – and would recommend it.

Photo: Naked soup coffee shop.

Photo: French cafe and deli.

Photo: Kember and Jones cafe.

Photo: The Rubiat pub.

Photo: Boho pub.

This is an impressive sign.

Photo: The three judges.

The Three Judges pub at Partick Cross.

Photo: The Wee Pub.

Photo: Vodca Wodca Pub.

Photo: Jinty McGinty's.

Photo: Bobar pub.

Photo: The Belle.


Just a wee update to my previous post Pat,After talking to ma wee Ma back in Glasgow(she’s now in Knightswood)but a prouder Partick wummin yel never meet.I’m told we lived at 31 Anderson street,Arthur & Janette McHugh same close as Ellen & Jackie Crawford in the mid 60’s. But what I was told to ask Sadie Benson was if her mammy was Lizzie as that would’ve been ma nana’s best pal. Ma Nana was ‘Catherine Law(nee)McMillan’,Kate to her friends.Ma great granny Nana ‘Jenny’ McMillan reared her family at number 60. As for my last post I was told we did know “Lizzie McHugh” as she had the sweetie shop,I’m under further instruction to mention that we lived near Johnsons pen(bakers)and above McColls pub and another shop name was Pudhopes.Hope that stirs a few memories. My uncle still stays in Partick to this day and i’m sure a few of you will know him and possibly my aunties as well who were aw reared in Partick,Bobby Law,Christine Law,Emily Law and my ma who is the eldest Janette Law.

Brian McHugh | Mon Mar 24 2014

I was just reading the comments after having a nosey at your photos and the first one by Sadie Benson caught my attention. I was also born in Partick where I still have family there to this day,But more importantly I lived in Anderson street,number 42 I think. Although like quite a lot of families at that time we ended up moving to Yoker(indoor toilets would you believe?lol)Some of the names I remember through my mum and dad’s reminiscences and the “Derrick’s” were one. Was it Agnes and John Derrick by any chance? They were a bit older than my parents but friends all the same. I remember my Mum telling me how we were always in Ellen’s dairy when I was a toddler to pick up a wee cake or two for our Epic journey to see ma Nana Law aw the way tae Stewartville street.(1st close as well,haha)As for Lizzie McHugh although we share the same surname i’ve never heard of the woman. It’s been nice looking at the photies and reading the comments.Just outta interest does anybody remember the Law’s or the MacMillan’s?

Brian McHugh | Mon Mar 24 2014

I LIVED AT 50 Anderson Street does anyone know whereabouts of Mary DOAK.

sadie benson | Sat Mar 01 2014

I LIVED AT 50 Anderson Street, have great memories of the Derricks and the burkes Mary DOAK and Ellen the dairy Lizzie McHugh wee shop. SADIE BENSON.

sadie benson | Sat Mar 01 2014

i was born at 50 anderson street glad to see my wee nursery still there

sadie benson | Fri Apr 12 2013

i grew up in chancellor st. my dad was robert burns and his regular was victoria bar. it hadnt changed when i was in it a couple of years ago. does anyone remember the old wino singing round the backs on a sunday morning and everyone shouting out there windows telling him to shut up or people throwing money for him

david burns | Fri Jul 15 2011

Thanks to your site, I have made contact with my long lost cousin Mary Murray. She also came across your site and recgonised names and places and put two and two together and made contact with me VIA email. It was so good as it has been so long and I now live in Perth Western Australia.

Anne Kirkpatrick (nee Black) | Thu May 19 2011

I was born in 7 Chancellor Street, but moved to Drumchapel at the grand old age of 6mths. I went to St. Laurence’s School. I love keeping in touch with Glasgow as I now live in Perth Western Australia. My Nana Murray lived in Gullane Street and both me and my sister Eileen used to spend summer holidays in Partick. Very happy times. Great to read all the comments above and look at the photos. Wonderful memories of a wonderful time and place.

Anne Kirkpatrick (nee Black) | Fri Apr 01 2011

I was born in Anderson st. Our name was Faulds. We lived near the sweetie shop. I love looking at the old pics. We moved to Drumchapel. I live in TX now but have great memories of home, I miss it so much.

Patricia prim | Tue Mar 22 2011

I enjoyed your pics very much. I now live in Ohio and wa just surfing the web looking for old photos of Anderson when I accidently came upon your site. I used to hang out in Partick as a teenager, used to sneak into hte Tivoli to watch old movies and drink cider ugh! with my mates. I worked at yorkhill and used to drink in the pub across from the gallery. As a child I lived in Whiteinch ( 1090 Dumbarton rd for the summer of 1963. I was raised in drumchapel though. It’s horrible to see all the old neighbourhoods disapearing. My family are all from Anderston and Ruchill, so I was just taking a trip down memory lane as I dont get to come home very often..thankyou once again and keep up the good work..maureen

maureen michaels (nee leyden) | Sun Dec 14 2008

Thanks for all the great photographs, I have been living in Australia for a long time now, but spent the first 30 odd years of my life living in Partick. I don’t know if you take requests, but if you happen to be wandering past the Victoria Bar on Dumbarton Road with your camera, I would certainly appreciate a shot. It was my Dad’s local for a long time, and I’ve never been able to find a picture of it. Thanks

Calum Macleod | Wed Aug 22 2007

I just happened upon this site by sheer accident, but am so glad that I did. I have enjoyed so much looking at your photographs, which have brought back so many memories. I was born in Glasgow and lived at numer 40, Anderson Street in Partick, on the corner of Gullane Street and above an old pub, the Black Bull I think. I attended Church Street Primary School. We moved out to Johnstone when I was around 7 years of age and I have only recently went back to look at the old place. The house has now gone, and has been replaced by a supermarket car park bu the memories are still there. Thank you so much.

Liz Cladwell | Sun Jun 17 2007

I’m so happy I found your site. I lived there for a year (study abroad), and have considered it a home ever since. I haven’t been back for years, and miss it often. Your pictures are helping cure a little homesickness right now, so thank you!

KC | Fri Jun 15 2007

Pictures are great. Grew up on Chancellor St across from St Peters Church abd the school. Understand that part of Chancellor Street huses are gone but I still remember the cold wet Partick days growing up and going to school there. Now in US and missing Glasgow.

Allen Mc Lean | Fri Mar 30 2007

When I saw your photo of the Blas restaurant across from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery it brought back very fond memories of an Italian ice cream parlour we used to go to in the early 60’s following our regular visits to the gallery. Love you site. Many thanks Stephen.

Stephen | Sat Feb 24 2007

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