Barstool philosopher: media bias cannot be avoided so don’t try to hide it

"1962 - Saigon Girl - Photo by Paul Naples - Đầu đường Hai Bà Trưng, hãng bia BGI" by manhhai CC

By the time someone has the skills to be a TV or newspaper reporter they already have ingrained views and beliefs. There is no such thing as unbiased news.

What we need is to have people’s philisophical and political leanings clearly laid out – so you can weigh up what they are saying on the basis of what you know about them. Watching CNN these last few days – as the US election unfolded – highlights that and shows a different approach (not a foolproof way – because we live in ‘bubbles’ – but a way nonetheless we don’t have here).

That approach is to have news networks we know to be either ‘liberal’ or ‘right-wing’. Granted, there’s no left wing news in America – but there is at least more than one perspective in the MSM. Here we have mono right-leaning MSM – slightly less so in print – but 100% on TV.

The recent proclamations by the BBC – was about hiding the bias of the network not about balance. There’s no such thing as balance on the BBC – it has a right of centre (sometimes veering to extreme right given that they make stars of people like Farage) worldview and that is reflected in all news and commentary.

Open your mind to the reality that balance does not exist and bias cannot be avoided. Instead of ignoring and hiding – bring it forward, make it obvious. Make it so obvious that you are educating the viewer and therefore empower them to make choices and to understand the basis of those different perspectives.

The Barstool Philosopher

Photo: “1962 – Saigon Girl – Photo by Paul Naples – Đầu đường Hai Bà Trưng, hãng bia BGI” by manhhai CC

The idea of Scots having to ask permission to be independent is frankly ludicrous.

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