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Bar Stool Philosopher

The Bar Stool Philosopher.

In January the BBC ran a story about migrants caught abusing that most traditional of British fruits, the banana. The court illustrator of the Daily Mail produced a drawing of one he had seen in the lunchbox of a friend; the banana was straight. ‘Many of my friends are foreigners’ he said; ‘this has nothing to do with racism’. Nonetheless, readers were out-raged.

By April The Telegraph after weeks ‘digging into the story’ discovered that the lunchbox belonged to a Muslim doctor whose grandparents had lived in Stratford (they still live there). The Telegraph then produced a number of independent reports, which demonstrated that ‘bent was British’ and that ‘taking back control’ was the only answer. The Labour Party got on board but with a slightly different slogan, ‘To be British is to be bent’. Only Jeremy Corbyn knew what the slogan meant, but he wouldn’t explain as he felt it would undermine his negotiating position within his own Party.

By June, as a result of the furore David Cameron had decided to hold a vote on whether ‘posh people’ or ‘rich people’ should be in charge of the UK economy. England and Wales voted for ‘rich people’ preferring to be subject to the whims of Michael ‘Banana’ Grove than Tristram ‘son of a Baron’ Hunt.

In July George Monbiot wrote an article in the Guardian entitled, ‘We are all doomed’. By December it was clear he was right.

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