Bar Stool Philosopher: It’s Time To Grow Up And Leave Home

Bar Stool Philosopher

The Bar Stool Philosopher.

The idea of a ‘god given natural order of things and people’ is central to Conservative ideology; Westminster is full of public school educated individuals, who are part of that section of society who believe they are born to lead. They believe this is natural and it is right. They know best – and they are there because a majority of people in the UK agree.

Thinking about Westminster’s relationship with Scotland; those born to lead are in charge of and taking care of’ Scotland.  Just like a parent looks out for a child  because the parent knows best and a child must be protected as it does not have the natural skills to look after its own interests.

Scotland is the child; and the ruling elites – concentrated in a government based in London is (collectively) the parent. Again – there has been a general consensus that this is natural and right; those born to lead should lead and those born to follow should follow.

However, this ‘unconscious consensus’ about how things work has an effect on the confidence and potential of the individuals not born in to the elite group. Not just individuals but an entire country. And let’s face it – that model (i.e. the god given right to be on the top of the pile) – is – quite frankly – absolute bollocks. It’s time to grow up and leave home.

Bar stool Philosopher

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