The Bar stool philosopher get’s anxious about Scottish Independence


Bar room philospherScottish Independence? Maybe’s Aye, maybe’s nah.  Shallow, vox pop based tv ‘debates’ on Independence can only lead me to conclude; that nobody knows – or if they do know – they are not telling. Though maybe I should just conclude, ‘it’s a waste of time watching tv debates’.

But then, facts and figures seem as solid a wet lump of sand in your hand; small amounts of pressure and the the facts crumble and those providing the figures stumble.

So let’s ignore the facts and figures and concentrate on stuff that is either ignored, is too woolly to articulate or not really any of our business – consider for example:

The psychological effects on the Scottish ‘people’ no matter whether it is a yes or a no vote:

  • Confidence and pride that we aren’t nationalistic or anti-English?
  • Confidence and pride that we are a nation again and can stand on our own two feet?
  • A dirty feeling because we lacked the confidence to go our own way?
  • A dirty feeling that we have abandoned our friends in the rest of the UK?
  • The effect of suppressing the knowledge that a geographically remote government in Westminster can’t really be blamed for prioritising its own local needs; it’s human nature; you would do the same.  
  • Guilt because you know you are abandoning the rest of the UK to never ending Tory governments?

Whatever the result of the vote the most important initial change will be in the minds of the Scottish population; the other change we won’t know about, ‘until it’s too late’.

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