The idea of Scots having to ask permission to be independent is frankly ludicrous.

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Just to nail something down – Scotland can have an independence referendum any time it likes. Scotland is a country and the people are sovereign. It’s not like we are children who have to ask our ‘parents’ first.

Scotland is not a colony and not a conquest of England. The idea of asking permission to be independent is frankly ludicrous.

If a majority of Scots want to be independent from the rest of the UK that will happen. No permission is required other than from Scots themselves.

Scots are not owned. if you think you require permission from another country for an independence referendum that is down to social conditioning; a form of false consciousness; a false belief which I’m prepared to admit can take time to shake off.

So next time someone tells you ‘but, but, but, but you won’t even get permission to have a vote…’ put them straight. Scots don’t need permission to be Scots.

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Scotland in the UK and Europe

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