Conal Doherty – Vision and Peace Be Me

Peace be me

A minute after midnight,

from another world I woke

The door slammed hard behind me 

And the earth below me shook

I saw the little boy… that night,

drop a pebble in the molten light

The earth below rippled hot and slow

lit the world with bitter glow

My eyes adjusted to this light

salted tears, like stalactite

it’s time to end the crying here

end the hatred, end the fear

together we can stop the war

what was all the fighting for? 

the chosen few say ‘it had to be’

but a voice inside said ‘peace be me’

For a minute in my mind I see,

all people in the world are free

No manipulation or S-L-A-V-E-R-Y, an age of love and U-N-I-T-Y

Now break the shackles, through the pain

The world as one, a family again

I sent the thought to the sky above,

And watched it fall and felt the love

We stand together ‘we are free’

no lies between us…. ‘peace be me’

The people in the better seats

of power, fortune and of fame

Can help the people win the game

Take a stand and live in truth

Spare the old and love the youth

This time goes down in H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

A call for freedom – an end to T-Y-R-A-N-N-Y

let the people say, “peace be me”

let the people say, “peace be me”

Conal Doherty, November, 2020


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