Would You have saved me? A poem In memory of Aylan Kurdi and family by Karrieanne McCafferty

karrieanne mccafferty

karrieanne mccafferty

In memory of Aylan and family  by Karrieanne McCafferty

Karrieanne McCafferty was inspired to write this poem after seeing the horrific images of Aylan, the little boy, whose body was carried from the beach when his family was attempting to flee war torn Syria.

‘It struck me that it took such tragic images, highlighting the plight of refugees, for people to be spurned into action all over the world.  Yet this did not only happen to little Aylan and his brother and mother but to many before him – the power of pictures and media can never be underestimated yet I wonder why only now did they decide to show such a horrific image and not long before?’

‘It is a poem that in itself is quite near the bone and straight to the point, my hope being it will stay in people’s minds long after they read it and they too will be urged to do something to help these people. I am horrified at some of the responses to our fellow human beings fleeing from Syria that I have seen on social media sites but I am also hopeful that more and more people are trying to help; they are collecting much needed clothing etc and, for example, taking them to France.’

‘I have started to collect clothing and toiletries and will be dropping them off at Erskine Parish Church Rashielee Ave, Erskine, Renfrewshire PA8 6HS (Erskine Parish Church – Facebook) for  delivery to the Refugee Camp in Calais by CalAid  – one of the orgainisations who are collecting and delivering much needed goods.’

Would You have saved me?

Didn’t you know our plight

Long before the ocean’s tears

Tore me from loving arms

Didn’t you hear our cries  

Before we set sail

Didn’t you see our struggle

Watch the news/media glare

Stricken parents children’s screams

Eyes pleading police beating

The innocent victims of war

Would You have saved me?

Have I died in vain?

My sodding body drips into

Your mind as you tuck your child

Up at night

But would you have saved me?

‘Suffer little children…’

Now is Your chance.

Karrieanne McCafferty, September, 2015


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