Some Winter Poems by Maria Venditozzi

The invalid

January     hobbles      along



              Paying for the consequences

                        of December

Nothing to do

                        but learn…


The weather changed to snow confetti –
fluttered showers, soft as baby’s breath.
Kissed her eyelids, cooled her burning tears.
They lowered the coffin, laid her child to rest.

Pause for thought

It is quiet in the street this morning.
The sound of scraping windscreens,
occasional voice in the distance.
Overhead a full moon hangs proud
in cloudless sky, dawn
tinged to palest bronze

and it feels as though such a sight
could halt sharp words on a tongue,
freeze a mean thought in its tracks.
Reflecting into the soft space
within us that rests in inspiration,
breathes into wonder and gratitude.

Maria Venditozzi, December, 2015

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