Love Stories and Poems by Glasgow Writers: Sound of the Wind by Paul McCafferty

Sound On The Wind
For Claudia Accosta Fernanda Beccera

by Paul McCafferty

Sound carries on the wind.
Funny thing. It gets tane up
in the sail of breeze or brutal gale.
The mumble of a Love you.
The shout of a Fuck off.
The drunken echoes
of slow 3:am wanderers
always lookin for ‘Malky’.
On some still afternoons
I’ve found ma self standin
wi a fresh ear, turnin at the
faint hint of some voice chantin,
siftin itself et me through a forest
or the beaty jangle of a band
some ten mile aff.
The same big wind
that tears aff roofs, brings
doon bridges, throws doon
mighty trees that seemed tae
touch the sky can also carry
messages as easily as a
white night owl that zips
above barely fields.
Sound carries on the wind.
Your words are wee whipped
petals, writ notes lifted by the
lilting breath of days.
Where they go to find
an ear. Dae they go wake
some sleeper somewhere
on this insane globe,
some soul who lies alone
in dreams and you on the
windiest day stawnin on yer
tip toes next tae the rose
bed, giving it a try, giving it
your all. Starting wi a whisper,
endin wi a ball…Let’n go
your love cry, that deep
sweet scream, your soul
just lettin itsel go, aw that
insatiable hunger, a clutched
up kiss, a searing smile set free
like a let go hawnfa torn up notes.
Away, away, away it goes.
And then just yersel there
in yer daft slippers n yer bare
cheest wi a yer mad hope-
aw flung in the direction o her heart.
And ye keep on, keep chantin under
the dumb as fuck illusion of space,
intae the blissy five thousand
odd miles that ye suddenly feel
are jist an inch…So then ye
Jist start whisperin yer love.
Still oot in that cawld gairden
wi this hope-That yer ancient
text will gently faw intae er ear
as she lies there saftly
sleepin; and that she’ll turn
and find ye there.

by Paul McCafferty

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