Ghazal: the phone – poem by Rizwan Akhtar


Ghazal: the phone

–for Tammara Claire

Pacing up and down you looked so calm holding the phone
Aren’t we connected? So, why this fuss about the phone?

Eunuchs inside harems giggle running errands for lovers
Now they text and delete; amor changed with the phone

my ghazals are messages wrapped in all kinds of rhymes
but the beloved is too updated, she wants all on the phone.

In Lucknow eyes choked with black antimony boys sing rekhta
bare feet the opulent dancer ogles- she doesn’t need the phone!

Lahore is swirled by dusty winds blocking signals from towers
the desire to hear clearly is so pressing- to hell with the phone!

walking like a ghost on Fritzory Road Plath peeped at windows
Inside the red box she dialed Teddy’s, never spoke on the phone

in a remote village a sad bride counts time hoping to call home
a sudden storm smashes wires; she sleeps embracing the dead phone!

Beloved meet me in real and use language and silence alternatively
The poet believes in mating, no need to waste time on the phone.

Rizwan Akhtar – June, 2020

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Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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