Poetry for Valentine’s Day by Donna Campbell


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Wish you were Here

(Paris was built for Lovers)

Today I wondered down the banks

of the Seine,

passed couples

chaining love locks

inscribed with their name and

the date of when they first met

before throwing the key

into the water so no other could

unlock the bond between them.

The Pont de Arts bridge

was near keeling ower

with the weight of all that love.

I wish you were here.

Donna Campbell

Poem from Wanderlust Women

Stealing Kisses

Last night I sucked the breath

from your mouth,

rolled the taste of you around

my tongue

and swallowed.

Sleeping soundly,

you didn’t know of my secret ways,

my stealing of kisses

from just parted lips,

swollen as if to entice my touch

the running of fingers

over them.

I watched shy smiles

explore your face

till a watery light

bled its way through a part in curtains.

Until I fell asleep myself

and dreamt you kissing me

as I slept,

my lips blood gorged,


Donna Campbell

Poem from Mongrel


In my dreams I am a red streak of cat, stretched across

a shaft of sunlight,

pushing its way through a part in curtains

not opened yet to an outside world.

And you are stroking me along my stretch, as though

I have the softest fur you have ever touched,

or will ever touch again.

Luv is

sleeping on the wet patch

when it’s not your turn

and actually enjoying doing so.

Donna Campbell

Poems from Mongrel

donna campbell

“Donna Campbell’s first collection may be called ‘Mongrel’ but it is purebred poetry.  Her use of words, especially in the Glaswegian vernacular, combine with images to form brutally beautiful poems about aspects of life that less fearless poets might shun. ” (Lesley Benzie, poet)

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