A Special Report by Brian Hamill

A wee short piece written in Scots, September, 2013

Glasgow Writer: Brian Hamill

Sumdy in the high flats threw a big telly oot the windae durin the night. It had flew through the air an landed right ootside the close door. By the time ah goat ready an went oer there wiz awready a crowd oot lookin at it. The screen’d smashed an there wiz glass everywhere. It wiz wan ay the auld yins wi wood roon the sides an a big metal back. Me an wee Stevie McGinn heaved it upright, so’s the screen wiz facin the front, but the wood at wan side had buckled an it sat oan a slant. Stevie’s big sister said whoever flung it oot mustve opened their windae first coz there were nae new broke wans she could see. Auld Mrs Love came oot wi a brush an shovel tae sweep the glass away. She telt me an Stevie tae kick the last shards oot the frame so it couldny injure anybody. We did, an she pullt it aw away wi the brush an left it in a wee heap next tae the bins. Stevie climbed intae the telly and shouted ‘Welcome tae a special report!’ We played wi the telly aw day. Everybody goat a chance at bein in it. Kelly an Clare Black managed tae both fit in, then huv an argument like they wur in EastEnders. After we aw goat took in, the older wans set the telly oan fire. They were aw staunin aboot drinkin an shoutin. Ma da laughed when I begged im tae go oot an stoap it. Ah watched oot the windae as the boattom ay the high flats an the gairages flickered orange. In the mornin it wiz jist a pile ay black ashes.

Glasgow Writer: Brian Hamill

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