Radiohead Go Geen

Added on Tuesday 12 Apr 2011

I love my new music and I love Radiohead and the bands long-awaited new album "The King of Limbs" is out and in an attempt to stay green and cut back on materials (and in keeping with the model used for their 2007 album, "In Rainbows"), the new record was available first as a digital download only.

The download-only release is just one of many ways in which Radiohead tries to go green with their album releases. In fact, when "The King of Limbs" is finally available in hard copy, it will be held in a piece of oxo-degradable plastic. The green effort is fitting, considering the title of the album. "The King of Limbs" refers to a 1,000-year-old tree in England, nicknamed "Big Belly Oak." The album was recorded in a small country home just a few miles away from the tree.

The band's eco efforts are well-known, frontman Thom Yorke attended the Copenhagen Climate Conference in the past, and the band participated in the planetary art show 350 EARTH in an effort to raise awareness about global warming. The band even offered front-row seats to one of their shows in Paris to fans who were willing to ride their bicycles to the gig.

Here's hoping other musicicans and artists will follow in their green footsteps!

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