Glasgow's West End: People: Harry Kelly, Writer and Expert on Scottish Ceramics

Harry Kelly died in 2008 - he bequeathed a collection of ceramics to The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery at Glasgow University further information

Harry Kelly

Henry E. (Harry) Kelly is a talented writer, and enthusiastic and friendly West End character and a real expert on Scottish Ceramics. His knowledge of the subject is awesome and his collection breathtaking. His particular interest lies in Scottish spongeware which he believes is the "best" - you can check this out for yourself by visiting the Hunterian Museum at Glasgow University (where Harry was once a student) - he has gifted most of his spongewear collection to the Museum.

Jim and I had a great time visiting Harry whose enthusiasm is infectious. Harry is hooked on ceramics and has a truly wonderful collection: beautiful plates, jugs, bowls, urns, basins, figures, serving dishes can be found on every available surface in his home - and amazingly he can tell you everthing about each individual item. He has many interesting anecdotes and I enjoyed his story about when visiting a school in the Shetlands talk to the children about spongeware and delighted when they brought in samples from thier homes including jugs "where my daddy keeps his brushes"

Scottish Ceramics by Henry E Kelly

His 'hobby' developed as a result of going on archeological digs around the West of Scotland in the 60s. This interest has continued to the present day - currently he is President of the Scottish Pottery Society and he is passionate about the subject. Over the years Harry's interest, expertise and collection have grown at an impressive rate. His knowledge of ceramics and the history of the Scottish Potteries has been captured in his wonderful book "Scottish Ceramics" published by Schiffer in 1999. This Schiffer Book for Collectors, which is beautifully illustrated with photographs by Douglas Leishman, is fascinating and is much more than a collector's guide. It paints a vivid picture of the history of Scotland's many potteries from the Borders to Fife (where Wemyss Ware was made); and includes the Glasgow Potteries such as: Bell's "the most important pottery in the history of the Scottish industry"; Possil Pottery which made "some of the finest porcelain ever produced in Britain"; the Britannia Pottery with its glorious Omar Khayyam designs and The Deltfield formed in the middle of the 18th century by Glagow Merchants and whose products were exported to areas "across the Atlantic Ocean".


"Scottish Ceramics" is full of fascinating information and its original research "sets the record straight" on Scotland's contribution to ceramics found throughout the world. It brings to life this fascinating part of Scotland's history and is totally abosorbing - unlike most history books it is also a feast for the eyes, showing the remarkable and extensive range of ceramics produced in the various potteries. I have pored over this book for hours and just know that antique browsing is never going to be the same again! I look forward to Harry's new publication on Scottish Spongeware which will be published by Schiffer later this year.

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who was the last owners of Britannia Pottery BP & Co Ltd?

Bobby Pool | Sun Jun 08 2014

I have one antique JEROBOAM THE ROYAL BLEND WHISKY JAR of ceremic of AG THOMSON & Co ,GLASGOW with floral painting and trademark of Stag .Please assist me for its value and is it a rare collection? Subodh. Wednesday ,March 25 ,2014 .

Ms SUBODH KUMARI | Wed Mar 26 2014

Hello, I am wondering if you can help me. I have a Peony gravy boat and bowl. On the bottom it says Peony Coy Ltd.Glasgow. Made in Scotland. It belonged to my great great grandmother and if it helps I am 22 years old. Could you tell me any information about it and its monetary value as I am interested in selling it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Claire (Northern Ireland)

Claire | Sat Nov 10 2012

Hello, Mr. Kelly, Today at an estate sale in Sherman Oaks, California, I purchased an apparently (crazing with three tiny minor chips in the glaze)very old "Blue Willow" blue and white transfer print plate marked J&MPB&Co. with the crown and bell inside a wreath under glaze mark. Upon arriving home, I immediately checked my Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks and Warman's English and Continental Pottery and Porcelain learning that the mark is for the John and Matthew Preston Bell Ceramic Factory in Glasgow , 1840- 1929. What a thrill to have a piece of Scottish pottery!!My maternal grandfather was Scottish, Edward Saunders. I am a Board Member of the Old Treasures Antique Club of Los Angeles and will be thrilled to share as much information as possible about the Bell ceramics factory and the history of Scottish ceramics production with my fellow club members. I will seek out your book at the library. Thank you. PS: My son has called me MomBot ever since I became computer literate. However, my answer MomBot is rejected by your spam blocker. So.... I'll be human.

Martha Blessington-Padilla | Sat Jun 02 2012

I found a old Port Dundas bottle off the coast of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on 03 Mar 2012. It's two tone in color, white with a off brown in color top. It's in very good shape. It has the Port Dundas Glasgow crest with a stamped K off to the right of the logo. I was wondering if any one new the year of the bottle. Port Dundas only operated from 1866-1923.

Jaime L | Mon Mar 05 2012

I have a pitcher and vase with the stamp of Colonial Pottery Alberta England and it has Rd 235970 stamped into the base of the vase. Can you tell me the history of these items please as they belonged to my great grandmother and would be over 86 years old.

Colleen Jeffery | Wed Feb 08 2012

hello. i found an old, wel i think its a huge cider jug, i think the stamp says govancroft pottery glasgow, it also has a large number 2 on it, its about 18 inches tall, the bottom is cream, top is caramel colour, it also has a handle, can you shed any light as to whether it is a cider jug or something else, maybe dates to, many thanks...alexis

alexis | Tue Aug 23 2011

hello. i found an old, wel i think its a huge cider jug, i think the stamp says govancroft pottery glasgow, it also has a large number 2 on it, its about 18 inches tall, the bottom is cream, top is caramel colour, it also has a handle, can you shed any light as to whether it is a cider jug or something else, maybe dates to, many thanks...alexis

alexis | Tue Aug 23 2011

I have jug bottle with an inion GOVANCROFT 11 POTTERY-GLASSOW ,TWO AND HALF AS ITS CAPACITY. I need its monetary value, history, uses, and all other information available.

Boakye Charles | Fri Apr 29 2011

i was working on drainage on the railway , i came across a old black /brown (cork screw top) bottle with G&C MOORE round the top and GLASGOW round the bottom !! would like too know more about it can you help me ???? age ~ value, what would have been its contents ??

ady vance | Wed Apr 06 2011

I would just like to thank Henry Kelly for his wonderful book "Scottish Ceramics" which has been an invaluable reference book for me. I hope he writes another one. If some of the people who have commented here asking for information and valuations totally ignoring the text that this page is for comments about Henry and not a form for answering questions, actually went out and bought his book they would find the information they were looking for. Must be totally disappointing to get all these people searching for valuations.

Jacqui Harvey | Fri Mar 25 2011

I have a pitcher that came with my mothers family when the came to the USA in 1907, from Scotland. the bottom has an oval frame with the name SAPPHO in the middle and the letters J & M P D & Co.Could you tell me if this is a valuable piece or a good momento of my maternal ancestors?

Dottie | Thu Feb 17 2011

hi, i found a pottery/ceramic old beer bottle(i think) it says WHITE BROS. CLINICAL BREWERY,TESTER on front,can you tell me anything about it,was found on aitkenhead rd,glasgow thank you

traci montague | Thu Feb 17 2011

I have 2 small coffee cups ( I think that's what they are)with saucers they have like a bluebird design, measuring 52mm high and 49mm across the top of the cup, the saucer is 104mm across .The saucers have mark "scotch Ivory B.P. Co Ltd with Brittania Emblem, the number 11 on one side of it and 31 on the other. Could anyone shed any light for me please / Thanks Keith

keith wilson | Sat Aug 14 2010

I have three Omar Khayyam plates with wooden display stands Reg Nos.440397 on all three.I would appreciate any help on the age and value of these plates.Thankyou regards Kerry

K.McCarthy | Wed Oct 21 2009

I have a ceramic container, seems to be a liquor flask of some sort, and it says 3 pt. on it. It also has a marking of Grosvenor Glasgow with the number 11 stamped on it. My ancestors were all from Glasgow so I have a special interest in it, but I can't seem to find out anything about it. I would appreciate any info you can give. Thanks.

Mary | Tue Oct 06 2009

Hi there, I have recently acquired a scotch ivory soup turreen, i think it is a soup tureen...with decorative flowers and a decorative lid and handles with the B.P Cete mark on the base and the number 4 and 31 there too. Can anyone tell me about this piece and where I am likely to find more information on it. Thank you.

andrea | Wed Sep 02 2009

Hi there, I have recently acquired a scotch ivory soup turreen, i think it is a soup tureen...with decorative flowers and a decorative lid and handles with the B.P Cete mark on the base and the number 4 and 31 there too. Can anyone tell me about this piece and where I am likely to find more information on it. Thank you.

andrea | Wed Sep 02 2009

Hello, I have a 20-piece dinner set, including two turines, 2 oval servers, a gravy boat and numerous sized plates. They are called Scotch Ivory, with B.P. Co Ltd, Made in Scotland stamped on the back, which surrounds Britannica. I wondered if anyone may know how old they are, as from reading this site lots of BP Co Ltd pottery dates way back. I am very intrigued and wondered if anyone could give me any information on them. Thank you. Louisa

Louisa Cook | Wed May 27 2009

I have an hachette ingrey and white the same design as the soup dish on this website; poppy and bindweed. It is stamped J&M.P.B.Ltd. It also has a bell shaped stamp with J.B on ot and no. 12 I would be interesred to know how common these hachettes are, value and where I coul see others like it . Thankyou

R,TUNSTALL | Fri Apr 17 2009

have a gravy boat with a picture of a keystone with double edging and the word keystone printed diagonelly inside.the letters C.P.Co. is printed under the keystone. the stamp is light blue or blueish green in color. i believe it be CLYDE POTTERY Co.,but i cant find any reference to the keystone part of the stamp. boat has gold gilt around the top and bottom edges and a picture of a tree branch with green leaves or blossoms cant tell. ANY HELP WITH THIS WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANKYOU SINCERELY ANDY

Andrew Mcleod | Wed Jan 14 2009

I have a glazed, ceramic 'Govaner of Glasgow' stamped pouring jug. Stands 6.5" with 5" circumference, widest(It has a predominantly pink with aqua green speckled design. Have no info about this piece. Does anyone out there? Thanks & Regards.

Erin | Thu Sep 11 2008

I would like to know more about this plate given to me from a home in Ireland. (SYRIA R.C. & CO. V.P. within a symbol on back) May I send a photo to an address to learn more? Thanks! Joan in Virginia ( USA)

Joan | Sun Aug 17 2008

Hi. I am a SCUBA diver and while I was diving in Lochalsh i found an old 5 gallon stoneware flagon. It has the company name of WILLIAM KERR AND Co. FINE WINES AND SPIRIT DISTILLERS. GLASGOW. and on the back it has an oval stamp saying Hy KENNEDY BARROWFIELD POTTERY GLASGOW. Its quite large and heavy its also in two colour tones of brown. Can anyone tell me anything about it. I suspect that it may have been a rum ration flaggon discarded by a navy ship. It also has a serial number 3872 stamped near the neck. THANKS.

Mr Derek marsh | Sun Jun 08 2008

Hi. I am a SCUBA diver and while I was diving in Lochalsh i found an old 5 gallon stoneware flagon. It has the company name of WILLIAM KERR AND Co. FINE WINES AND SPIRIT DISTILLERS. GLASGOW. and on the back it has an oval stamp saying Hy KENNEDY BARROWFIELD POTTERY GLASGOW. Its quite large and heavy its also in two colour tones of brown. Can anyone tell me anything about it. I suspect that it may have been a rum ration flaggon discarded by a navy ship. It also has a serial number 3872 stamped near the neck. THANKS.

Mr Derek marsh | Sun Jun 08 2008

hello mr.kelly i found a white stoneware bottle. it is made by possil pottery stamped with a number 4. on it is written tennent with a big t below. i was wondering if this bottle has any monetary value?

wyatt morash | Fri May 09 2008

My friend has found a ceremic whiskky jar with the following markings on it: on the sides - ROYAL BLEND - WHISKY - A.G. THOMSON & CO. GLASGOW it also has a trade mark of an antelope with a rising sun and flamingoes. If you look at the jar from the top - these words are visible - JEROBOAM - CAUTION ROYAL BLEND. On the bottom of the jar there is an oval stamp H. KENNEDY, GLASGOW. It is said to have been on an armenian cargo ship which was stranded in Martaban, Burma in 1679 during the reigh of the Burmese King Min Ye Kyaw Htin. Can you assist me in assessing its value? Thank you.

Ruth Phool | Tue Mar 11 2008

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Henry(Harry)Kelly on the morning of 24th January 2008. He will be missed by all who knew him. Len Fisher, Scottish Pottery Society.

Len Fisher | Fri Jan 25 2008

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Henry(Harry)Kelly on the morning of 24th January 2008. He will be missed by all who knew him. Len Fisher, Scottish Pottery Society.

Len Fisher | Fri Jan 25 2008

y have digging a bottle of The"CLUB" higland whisky Woolley & Co London & Buenos Ayres.Have you tell me something about the makers and made?date?etc alejandro buenos aires argentina

alejandro falabella | Sun Dec 09 2007

I have a blue and white jug which looks identical to the 'Glasgow Jug' in the well known ' Still Life 'painted by Edward Baird (1940) in the National Gallery of Scotland. Can you tell me which pottery these jugs would have come from, when were they made and were they very common.

Jennifer Mackenzie | Tue Nov 20 2007

Sir I have a squirrel from the coven croft Glasgow was given by mother and she had this for 60 years or more is there any monetary value in this Maura Nicoll

maura nicoll | Sat Oct 13 2007

I have a plate Made in Scotland Omar Khayyam B>P>Co ltd only numbers I can read arethe last 6 they are 640397 and there is a beautiful desert scene with a snake calmer and a building in the background.Any info please My gran came out from Scotland in 1890 or there abouts and she gave this plate to my mother as a gift years later.Thanks I am in New Zealand.

P Kilmister | Mon Sep 03 2007

Ok I answered wrong I have the grosvenor #15, the kennedy #38, and two Fort Bundas bottles all stamped Glasgow; where can I find history rwegarding this pottery?

larry | Sun Sep 02 2007

I have a jug that stands 6 1/2 inches tall. The words JEROBOAM- THE ROYAL BLEND WHISKY are on front. It is decorated with a large stag with the words TRADE MARK on the side of the deer. The back of the jug states A G THOMSON & CO. GLASGOW. It is stamped PORT DUNDAS POTTERY, GLASGOW on the bottom. The jug is also decorated with sprigs, leaves and flowers. The jug has a handle and a 1 1/2 inch high spout and a handle attaching it to the base. Can you tell me the value of this item. Thank you.

Adrienne | Tue Aug 28 2007

Hello I have a Govancroft Glasgow 9" jug it has a duck egg green ribbed body with a lemon sponge effect top it also has A1 imprinted in the china Can you please tell me anything about it?thankyou

julie mounfield | Fri Aug 24 2007

I have bought a Grosvenor Glasgow Scotland saltglaze stoneware bottle #14. I have research every website I can find on Google but can't find out about this company. It is supposed found in the Calif. gold fields and inherited. Can you give me some where to look?

Nancy Farr | Sat Jul 28 2007

I have a piece of pottery from Britannia Pottery Coy. Ltd, "Willow", Glasglow, Made in Scotland. The design is pinkish in color and is about 6 - 7 inches deep, with a lid, and has ears with a wicker handle. Could you please provide me any info, if possible, on this piece, such as age, price, etc...

Clay Hendricks | Mon Jul 09 2007

Mr. Kelly, Recently purchased a ceramic jug, appro. 12 inches tall, with a screw on lid. On the lid top is an anchor. A small oval stamp on the side has H ? Kennedy,Barrowfield Pottery, Glasgow. Could you give me any information on it and its value? Thanks, Joe

Joe Ferguson | Sun Jun 24 2007

I have a Thom and Cameron cream Dundas jar in very good condition. It has Queen Victoria printed upon it and it was full of Jubilee Blend My Queen highland whisky. Could you tell me how much it would be worth? Thanks.

jane | Wed May 30 2007

I have acquired an old blue + white platter, marked J&MPB&Co, with a crown above, a bell below + a wreath around all the symbols. I wld be grateful for any info re maker, age etc. Thank you.

Una McClean | Thu Apr 12 2007

Hi Mr Kelly, I had looked up your site through Govancraft Potteries as I have three(3) small Patersons De Luxe Irish Whiskeey decanters in the shape of books. The all have the W.R Paterson LTD Glasgow, Scotland on the front , reading Vol 1, 2, and 3, Spirit of Scotland, Spirit of England and Spirit of Ireland. One is black, one white and one green. These are all in excellent condition, I would like to find out more information regarding these, as to what age they are? and hopefully you may be able to tell me if they are mass produced? and their worth please. They at present are sitting in my china cabinet, they are lovely to see in such great shape. Thankyou for your time.

debbie johnson | Thu Apr 05 2007

hia I have what i think is a plate stamped with 'brittania pottery coy. ltd, glasgow'. It is white with blue decoration around the side. It has one very very small crack and is a bit discoloured but is in good condition. Could you please get back to me about this plate please. cheers

Dale Williams | Sat Mar 24 2007

Can you help? I have a scotch ivory BP.Co.Ltd, think it's bowl. But it has a metal rim. The base colour is cream with poppy style flowers in red,lilac and yellow. It also has what's supposed to look like background in black and brown smudges.

Aileen | Mon Feb 05 2007

just inherited a 6"fluted jug It is cream coloured with a flowered pattern of orange lillies and black flowers.The base is marked scotch ivory,with B.P.Co.Ltd Made in britain around a circular brittania symbol.Any history and value would be appreciated

margaret smith | Wed Jan 03 2007

i have two jugs which has the stamp of govancroft pottery embossed on the base of them, i am looking for information about the pottery as my father worked there after the second world war and i understood from him when he was alive that the pottery had closed down around nineteen forty nine can this be confirmed, if it didn't when did it close down

scotsman | Wed Dec 06 2006

I emptied my loft yesterday, and found several items of Glasgow pottery including 6 dinner plates. they are marked Brittania Pottery Co and the design is Peony. I am curious as to how old they are and if they have any value, as I am about to give them to a charity shop. Please can you help!

Sandra Rickman | Thu Oct 05 2006

Hi,I have a what I think is two small ceramic whiskey flask that has Mind Inh with 0,7L on the bottom.Both have matching flower transfer's on them.I have searched till I can't search anymore on these flask.They also have plastic straps at the top where it kinda looks like handles that the straps are on,they are red straps.Can you please tell me what they are and how old they are and the worth of them?I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you,Karen

Karen | Tue Sep 19 2006

Please note that this is a page about Mr Harry Kelly - I am sorry that queries placed on the page cannot be addressed by the website.

pat Byrne | Mon Aug 07 2006

Hi, I have several pieces of Omar Khayyam designed Pottery from BP. I gather it was produced in the era 1920-35. I am in New Zealand. Can you tell me whether it was prolifically produced or whether it has a 'rare' factor. Its a lovely colourful design which I'm not seeing a lot of.

Jo | Mon Aug 07 2006

hi,i was snorkeling in loch arcaig last week and i found a small ceramic pot,it had govancroft,glasgow and the number4,all this is inside a small oval shaped circle,it is still sealed with a cork stopper,do u think the contents will be authentic or just water. alex..

alex | Fri Jul 21 2006

This page is about Mr Kelly and his work. You can add comments on this, however, you are not contacting Mr Kelly by writing a comment, therefore, it is not appropriate to ask questions. I am sorry we cannot offer this service.

pat Byrne | Thu Jul 13 2006

Dear mR kelly It has been a week since i sent you a e-maiul and no reply. i am happy to send you a photo to assist you. But I am dissapoint as your the only site that claims to relate to my inquiry. A reply of any sortb would have suffice. Please contact me directly on to discuss I am in very capable expertise. Thank you. Jon

Jon davis | Thu Jul 13 2006

Mr Kelly I found your web site in search of a Omar Khayyam plate that I have and to my surprise you have several pieces of pottery on display on your web page. My plate is more a saucer and is about 3 inches wide It has a 6 digit Rego No. 440 could be a 3 or 8 or 0 then 9 or 0 then 7. What is also interesting it appears to have a misstrike on the makers co. mark it looks like D. P. C. P Ltd -made in Scotland. I am from Australia and I would love to know more about this piece and of course is it of any value. With much thanks jon

Jon davis | Sat Jul 08 2006

Dear Mr. Kelly, A few weeks ago I was asked to identify 2 jugs for elderly lady. The jugs have an incised oval stamp containing the following(Govancroft 11 Pottery Glascow). The jug is 15" high x 9" dia. with 1` 3/4' inside threaded opening.The dia. of the top the of cover is 2 3/4". The body is beige with a darker coloured top with a 2 to indicate it's capicity. Can you please advise on it's intended use and appro. date of manufacture. Thank you

Vaughn | Fri Jul 07 2006

Hello, In the early 1970's, I believe, I purchased a set of Lauffer Govancroft Scotland dinnerware and a few extra serving pieces. They may be slight seconds, or at least some of them are. They are heavy with a dark chocolate brown matt glaze with a slight sheen. The dinner plates are rectangular with rounded corners (8"x10".) There are 6 (nearly 8") dessert plates, 9 (6 1/8") saucers, 8 teacups (2 3/4" high x 3 1/4" wide,) 7 bread & butter plates (6",) a large serving platter (8 7/8" x 12") and a sugar bowl lid. I am in the market to sell them. They would be right in style right now. Is anyone interested or know of the potential value? All help and information is appreciated. Thanks so very much. Carole Gordon

Carole Gordon | Tue Jul 04 2006

i have a pea-green. boat shaped vase, with diamond detail an is roughly 16inches long, 4 inches wide and 6 inches in height i would like a rough estimate of it's value, if that is at all possible thank you

dave | Thu Jun 22 2006

After researching on the internet, I found this site. I live in Canada and have a creamer (chipped on the underside of the spout), with a picture on one side of Mrs. Robert Burns, and Robert Burns on the other side. On the bottom reads "BURNS" in a ribbon banner, underneath that is "C. W. McNay" It looks like "gold" around the pictures of the Burns, in their clothing and around the entire bottom of the creamer. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have found Charles McNay tried to operate Bridgeness Pottery in Bo'ness. Thank you for reading this email. Sinikka

sinikka | Tue Jun 06 2006

Dear Mr Kelly, I have 3 books stamped govancroft potteries on the base and W.R Patterson Ltd on the front. They are fo various drinks. I was wondering if the could be of any value. thanks

margaret tohill | Tue May 30 2006

Hello, by fortune I found this page. You might help me: I bought a Whiskey flask from 1887, Port Dundras pottery, Jubilee Blend of Highland Whisky, My Queen, showing the picture of Queen Victoria. Unfortunately the handle is rebuilt. Can you tell me anything about its value? Greetings from Germany.Sylvia

Sylvia Weimar | Mon May 29 2006

Hi,I have recently accuired two stoneware pots that were found on a rubbish tip! The stamp on the bottom reads Port Dundas Pottery Co. Ltd Glasgow. Hand engraved on the sideof both pots says Memento St Stephens Church Bazaar 1892. I was just wondering if you know anything about this kind of piece value,history etc as I found them quite interesting. They are single pieces with slightly different decoration. I can send pics if needed.

Dave B | Mon May 29 2006

Mr. Kelly, my Mother has a large jug, with these markings on it: NYKENNEDY > BARROWFIELD POTTERY > GLASGOW > > and > > A > 1039 > STEWART POTT &Co > GLASGOW Can you give us an idea of what this piece is worth? If you want, I will email photos of this jug. Thank you for any information you can give us. Louise Moore

Louise Moore | Mon May 22 2006

About 30 years ago I was given a serving platewhen my husband's grandmother died which I have always liked and use often. The glaze appears cracked all over although smooth to touch and no chips but only today did I realise a possible family connection with the manufacture i.e. her uncle, James Thomson worked as a potter (dipper) when he married in 1892. His father, Robert was a kilnman. They lived in Petershill Road in Glasgow. The plate has a stamp 'Rosalind' J & M PB & Co Ltd arched over a picture of a Bell. There is also a number 14 stamped into the plate.I'm sure it is of no financial value but I would like to know whether or not it may have been produced by my relative.

Maggie | Sun May 07 2006

hi , i have a england alberta , colonial pottery, stoke england, wash pan and basin, its over 100 years old and in perfect shape . i'd like to learn its value, if u could help . let me know

steve | Sat May 06 2006

Hi,I have had in the house a plate ,which i think was produced in Glasgow.I include photos .i would be grateful if you could give me a value? Yours sincerely,

vsintes | Sun Apr 30 2006

I have a empire works company very large pitcher and bowl set. It says Empire Works, Stoke on Trent 4 England 23 on the bottom. It is green with flowers. Can you give me an idea of the value?

candy beardslee | Mon Apr 10 2006

Dear Mr Kelly I'm afraid I can't work out how to attach pictures, but I have inherited two large blue and white jugs which have been in the family for generations. They have always been known as "the Glasgow jugs" - although my grandfather called them "the wally jugs", and there is no mark or stamp on the base. The pattern is a somewhat stylised vine in blue on a white background. Please can you provide any information about them? Many thanks, Liz Simpson

Liz Simpson | Thu Mar 23 2006

I have a covered vegetable dish, soup tureen with ladle, and gravy boat (no saucer)from the Britannia Pottery coy, Glasgow. The design is Peony, in blue on white. I believe they were part of a wedding present to my parents in 1936. Can you tell me anything more about them, please. My family are not overly impressed with them, and I therfore wonder if I should find them a more appreciative home for the future. Many thanks and regards.

Bob Hill | Sun Mar 19 2006

hello, I purchased an olive green jug/pitcher for ?2 today. It has "Govancroft Glasgow 5" in an oval stamp on the base. It is about 5 inches tall with a base = 3.5 inches across. At its widest the circumferance = 17.5 inches. The neck is 6.5 inches with one handle and a moulded lip. There is no stopper or cork. It is a lovely tactile item and I would be grateful if you could let me know its probable age and use and whether or not I have got a bargain - not that I would be parted from it!

Nikki Angel-Jull | Sat Mar 04 2006

Hello I have found a pitcher that has got orange,yellow and white flowers on it. On the bottom says Scotch Ivory LTD stamped no.2577. under that no. is 13. Any information on this.Rare or not. Marilyn

marilyn | Wed Mar 01 2006

I have two small vases marked BP & Co Ltd with the Omar Khayyam design and stamped with a number, which I got for a wedding present 40 years ago. Do you have any idea of the value of these in today's market. I saw the same design in the picture on the website.

Dot Wright | Wed Feb 22 2006

Dear Mr. Kelly, We have inherited two plates from an uncle, who we think inherited them from our grandparents. They are stamped "Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd, Clasgow "in a circular band with Neptune? in the centre. Also marked with the name Posy, and Made in Scotland. The pattern is blue on white, with roses around the rim. Would you be able to give us some idea of the age of these pieces, please? Ruth McLay

Ruth McLay | Wed Feb 22 2006

Dear Mr Kelly, I have a round hand painted plate with tree birds on a pink and yellow does have small glaze cracks..on the back is B.P.Co Ltd made in scotland a britannia stamp and three small blue lines. Could you tell me anything about the maker and age.

Alex | Thu Feb 16 2006

i have recently bought a jug stamped govancroft glasgow on the bottom. the jug is banded in a light green with a pink lustre. around the bottom and top is a gold band. could you tell me of any value

denise spiller | Sat Jan 28 2006

I own a little jug which is stamped SCOTCH IVORY it is dated 1903 and has the letter M on the base. It has a purple handle and the jug has yellow and orange flowers painted on it.There is also a fish with bubbles coming out of its mouth. Unfortunately it has a small crack Any value?

Anne Verrecchia | Wed Jan 04 2006

Dear Mr. Kelly: Thirty-some years ago I bought three slate-blue stoneware serving plates (all that they had at the time) from Marshall Field & Co. in Chicago. The mark is Lauffer, Govancroft, Scotland. I treasure these plates for their color and elegant simple shape, which are complementary to food, and for the soft smooth texture and the weight, which are pleasant and satisfying to touch, and I use them every day. I have tried to find more of these dishes, and have advertised in the New York Times, called an ambassador's office, written to Scotland, and called dealers and wholesalers in the US and in Toronto and Victoria, Canada, and more recently have searched the Internet, without any scrap of success until today. Now I have read your website and I wonder if you would help me. The pieces I am looking for may not be of interest to a collector or curator, but I enjoy the ones I have and would like to find enough to serve a few more guests. I hope that you might know of additional places I could try. I would appreciate your letting me know and I send my thanks for your time in considering this. Sincerely, Barbara Wood Donner

Barbara Wood Donner | Mon Dec 26 2005

I see that you have received a number of questions similar to mine, regarding a short scotch whiskey jug. It is "Heather Dew Blended Scotch Whiskey" and the brim of the 8-inch bottle has written "the Greybeard." The jug is empty, and the bottom of it is stamped "Pussil Pottery, Glasgow" and the number 18. I am wondering if the jug may be considered a collectible item. Thanks for any info you might provide. --Eric

Eric | Thu Dec 22 2005

I have a Greybeard whiskey jug with a handle. markings on bottom "made in scottland and inbedded is the number 37 and under that is another inbedding but I can't make it out. is there anyone who can help me with this

Patty | Mon Dec 19 2005

harry, I have a white lion with a Burns verse on his back - be brittish still to britain time, and a coat of arms with what I think says Gourock. On his belly is a rampant lion inside a round crest as well as CR (something in small letters) GLASGOW. Outside the crest it says Caledonia China and a freehand brushmark like numbers 288 or 289 and a squiggle! Any info please

mary | Tue Dec 06 2005

I have a 10" high part-ribbed jug. Colour light green. Govancroft Pottery stamp on base. Can you tell me its approx. value?

Lesley | Sun Dec 04 2005

my grandparents passed down a set of dishes with the marking Lauffer Stoneware by Govancroft Scotland on the bottom. is this anything you've ever heard of?

jaime | Tue Nov 29 2005

During a loft clearance over the passed few days I came across an off white tea pot marked on the base "scotch ivory,B.P.Co Ltd,Made in Great Britain." It also had the number "1484" in blue.The pot has royal blue trims.It also has 3separate scenes of blue coloured birds in flight at pink flowers and green leaves. Information is requested only, as had there been any value in the item it has surely been lost as there is no lid. Many thanks in anticipation. J.Paton.

J.Paton | Tue Nov 08 2005

I have a small covered trinket dish. It has a red-pinkest rose on the top of the cover. The marking on the bottom says DeLuxe, Inc. USA. Is this valuable?

Yvonne slowiak | Fri Oct 28 2005

I have a set of 8 BOOKS which are all marked Govancroft Pottery on base. Also marked WR Patterson, Glasgow on sides of pottery and also on label. Each contained a different content - whiskey, gin etc. Marked Vol I to Vol VIII. Is this a set and are they of any value - believed to be from the 1930's.

Julia Morgan | Sun Oct 23 2005

i too like margaret have a mottled jug/pitcher but with pink/cream on the main body and gold round the rim and round the bottom. it stands about 9/10 ins high. i purchased it from an antiques shop in aberfeldy for ?18. i really like this jug mainly for the govancroft backstamp. any info on it's proper value. judy

judy | Sat Oct 15 2005

My sister-in-law has inherited a punch bowl or toddy dish with the markings on the back reading BURNS then something M and B. & Co. with a Bell . Rg. No. 75530. There are several illustrations of Burns connections, ie. his cottage in Alloa, etc on the outside and on the inside an illustration of Burns himself, with more illustrations round the inside edge. I would think this is made by Bells of Glasgow. Any idea of the age of this dish?

Grace | Thu Oct 13 2005

Dear Mr Kelly,thanks for your book which has given much pleasure over the years. I have just bought an old red earthenware bowl, glazed in the most extraordinary range of crystalline blues, through to black internally, with green drizzled with blue outside. The footrim is broad and shallow, but glaze within the foot centre has obscured incised marks. Does this sound as though it could possibly be Hugh Allen of Allender pottery, Milngavie ? I can't find any other pictures or comparison than the ones in your book, despite hours on the internet! Can send picture directly if needeed. Thanks !

Jackie Esson | Sun Oct 02 2005

I have a blue and white casserole dish with lid. In fact I have two, but the second is lidless. The markings on the bottom read MING Brittania Pottery Co Ltd Glasgow Made in Scotland. There is a crowned lady holding a trident within a circle. I was wondering how old this might be, and would like to know a little, or a lot, about the BP Co. Eager for info Di

Dianne | Sun Oct 02 2005

I have an unopened jug of the Heatherdew whiskey that my deceased father in law had been given years ago. It still has the import seal. It has the Greybeard picture on the side; ans says "made in scotland" on the bottom. I am just wondering if the whiskey is still good, and if the jug is worth keeping.

J Freese | Tue Sep 27 2005

I have a mid/dark green jug 7-8 inches high with one handle with a lipped spout marked Govancroft Glasgow, am getting nowhere on the internet trying to find out about it, I bought it in Ludlow, Shropshire UK about 5 weeks ago for ?8.00. I love it. can someone please tell me more, I think I know that Govancroft made all sorts of containers, glass and pottery for marmalade and beer/ale etc. Confused? Yes I am. My little jug is just gorgeous, I would love to know more. Cheers Phili

Phili | Wed Sep 14 2005

have a large set of jugs collected in Glasgow in 1960's. all white with light blue vine drawings in stylistic designs. Would be pleased to send photo but do not know how to attach it here. Would love info. They always said these were Glsgow jugs but they were never marked. Similar to Clyde Pottery jug in your book but much clearer and crisper patterning peter

peter | Fri Sep 09 2005

Hello, I purchased a small jug which looks art deco(orange, green, blue, black and yellow and a stamp on the bottom which reads Scotch Ivory, BP Co. Ltd, made in Great Britain. There is a number 2698 also stamped on the bottom. Wondered if anyone knows anything about the value of this jug or anything about it.

Barbara | Sun Sep 04 2005

Dear Mr Kelly, I have what sounds like a similar jug to an earlier request from Paul Harvey and Louise Russel. A green mottled jug with gold trim around the top and base, with the name Govencroft Glasgow on the bottom, given to me by an Aunt. do you have any idea as to the age or value. Regards Mike

Mike Bailey | Sat Aug 27 2005

I have a green mottled effect jug approx 50 years old with Govencroft stamped on the base.It also has some gold painted around the rim of the vase.It sounds very like the discription given by Louise Russel on the 18th of July. Could you tell me anything about it and what it might be worth. Thankyou Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey | Wed Aug 17 2005

I have been given a vase from my mother in law. It is beige in colour and has two ladies sitting with their backs to the vase and their hands claspped . The only thing it says on the bottom is Govancroft Glasgow. Any ideas on how old it may be or anything about this style.

Janet Watt | Tue Jul 26 2005

Hi, I just purchased many items of John and Matthew Perston Bell plates and bowls from a museum which was owned by the State of Mississippi in the U.S. Evidently they needeed money, which is why these items were auctioned. They liquidated the entire museum, to many's dismay. Each piece is carefully numbered by the museum. I might re-sell them or give gthem away as presents. Would these items be in demand or worth much? Thanks, Carl Fox

Carl Fox | Sun Jul 24 2005

I , TOO , have a whiskey jug ..Heather Dew Whiskey... Mitchell Bros. Glasgow .. but the words THE GREYBEARD are written on the back. There is NO stamp on bottom. 3 Type seals on the top. one of the seals is MB LTD. Any help on this bottle would be appreciated .. TY

Michele | Fri Jul 22 2005

I have a green 'mottled' paint effect jug with Govancroft Glasgow on the bottom. Does this pottery have any commercial value. I have inherited this beautiful piece of pottery and I think it must be at least 50 years old.

Louise Russell | Mon Jul 18 2005

I have a Grey Beard Jug with heather dew whiskey and 2 men on the front. On the bottom it says, port dundas pottery. What would the value of this be? It is about 8 in. tall.

Karen Simpson | Tue Jul 05 2005

hiya, i have recently got hold of a Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd, Glasgow, oval blue and white plate, could you tell me anything about it and if it is of any value? thanks.

karen | Fri Jul 01 2005

Dear mr. Kelly I live in the Yukon, Canada, close to where the 1898 gold rush took place. Recently my father and I were out in the bush near the gold rush trail and we came across some old bottles and 2 glass corks. We are trying to determine the age and origin of glass corks that have metal tops on them. One reads as follows (reading from the top down): Mitchell's, Old Heather Dew, MB, Ltd., Whiskey, Glascow The second cap reads as follows: James Watson & Co. Dundee, writen in a circle. The words scotch whiskey are within the circled words. Written in very small print around the rim appears to read: patent trade mark capsull. There appears to be further writings on the bottom of the rim as well but are indiscernible. Would you be able to provide us with any information pertaining to our find? I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Thank you. Alden of the Yukon

Alden Smyth | Fri Jun 24 2005

I also have a "Greybeard" scotch whiskey jug. I can read on mine that it came from Mitchell Brothers, Glasgow, Scotland. It also says "Heather Dew, Scotch Whiskey" on it under two men holding steins. It says "Made in Scotland" on the bottom of the jug, it is tan and brown in color. Can you give me any info on it. Thanks

Donna Geisr | Tue May 31 2005

Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I have got 1liqour book flask from govencraft potteries given to me by my granddad. It has got The Spirit of Scotland Vol I W.R Pateron ltd Glagow Scotland written on the 'spine' of the 'book' flask. Please could you help shed some light as to it's history and possible value as I have never come across anything like this before. Many Thanks For Your Time, Dawn

Dawn | Mon May 09 2005

Hi, We were cleaning out the office on the farm and found documents refering to the Mountainblue Pottery. Apparently my great great great grandfather William Lyon established this pottery at Camlachie Glasgow after returning from Jamaica? What have you published about the history this pottery? Are there examples of the products they manufactured? I believe my cousin may have some plates which they brought out from Scotland. Thanks ...

Richard Lyon | Wed Apr 27 2005

I have a old plate - 10-1/2 inches in dia. eight sidded with Queen Victoria's image, as a young woman, on it with the words "Victoria Queen & Empress". It is said to have been with the MacLean family for six generations and was made by Glasgow Pottery Ltd. Can you tell me anything about the plate? Thank you: Max Ross

Maxwell Ross | Fri Apr 08 2005


Gordon Craig | Wed Apr 06 2005

I have a 7 piece Sandwich set given to my mother as a wedding present in 1935. It has OMAR KHAYAM 440397. Scotch Ivory. B.P. Co.Ltd, on the back of the plates. I can`t seem to find any information on them. Could you help please. Thank you Janet Vinnicombe.

Janet Vinnicombe | Sun Mar 06 2005

Dear Mr Kelly, I have been cleaning out my grannys loft. I found two Govancraft vases, flowerpots. I think they are flowerpots. They are white and remind me of clams. My grannys loft has been undisturbed for 30 or 40 years. My sister and i both took one because we liked them, but i would like to know a little of their history as i have never hard of Govancraft pottery even though i was born and raised in Glasgow. I look forward to hearing from you Betty Hannan

betty hannan | Sun Mar 06 2005

we have a set of 4 liqour book flasks from govencraft any idea as to there value or origin ? thanks Laurie

steve | Sun Mar 06 2005

HI ,I have just purchased a large urn piece light blue colours very delicate with flowers and butterflies. on the base is has the name GOVANCROFT also a small pink bowl that looks like a sauce dish.Sorry,if I get this wrong. I am trying to get information about GOVANCROFT(GLASGOW???) THe large piece has a date 1964 I am not a collector,but do collect vintage fountainpens.Am open for a proposal,and am having these items valued very soon for my insurance. please if you can,help me thank you,billy

billy chung | Sun Feb 13 2005

Hello, I say you recently on ARS and have been trying to make a contact with you ever since. I wonder if you can be of help to me. My late father was a Potter in Pollokshaws, Glasgow, from around 1930-1950. My brother who iolder than I am is adamant it was Govancroft Pottery where he worked, but this confused me as I understand this pottery to have been in Possil. Do you have any information, or know where I can get any, on Pollokshaws potteries. I know there is a building currently being used as a garage called The Jubilee Pottery, but am unsure if this is the same one. As a child I was brought up in Pollokshaws and have no memory of any other potteries, though I am sure there were. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanking you in anticipation.....

Marilyn Parkins | Wed Jan 12 2005

Dear Mr Kelly I have what may be a simple question to yourself. I was given, sometime ago a full set of soup bolws, serving dish with ladel and lid. The markinings on the underside are as follows: Peony, Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd, Glasgow, Made in Scotland.The Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd is all in Caps. The some of the text above is enclosed within a circle which encloses another circle with a crowned female figure holding a staff with a trident on it in her left hand and a shield with the St Andrews Cross. Made in Scotland is on the next line. Would appriciate any infomation on this matter. Regards Tom Leadbitter

Tom Leadbitter | Sat Nov 27 2004

Dear Mr Kelly, I saw your appearance on Antiques roadshow tonight and thought you may be able to help me find out a bit more about a dessert service bowl + 6 individual bowls I inherited from an aunt in kincardine some years ago. The bowls are hand painted with a blue sponge-effect rim oulined in dark green with leave patterns at opposite ends of the rim. Inside the dishes are blue red and yellow (pansy-like?)flowers with more leaves. The marking on the under side is 'SCOTCH IVORY' and a circular logo with a Brittania figure(?) in the middle and BP Co Ltd Made in Scotland round the logo. Any information you could supply would be appreciated as I have always been curious as to the history of these dishes. Thanks in anticipation, Al

Alistair | Sun Nov 14 2004

I have a octagonal bowl of the same pattern as mentioned by a previous enquirer - "San Toi" by B P Co - Made in Scotland - #-1236 with 4 green dots. It has a bird on the base of the bowl the sides being decorated with butterflies, dragonflies. I would be interested in the history of the piece and am wondering if it has any monetary value. Thank you. Louise

Louise | Sun Nov 07 2004

Dear Mr.Kelly , my aunt gave me a fruit bowl with "Govancroft Glasgow " on the base.I have tried to do some research on this without any success. It is orange rainbow/pearl inside, and green/pink/rainbow/pearl on the outside.It has a gold rim and gold around the foot of the is diam.Any ideas please? Thankyou.

jenny br | Fri Nov 05 2004

I would like some info on a company called possil pottery i have a large jug made by them and would like a bit of history or maybe value?

chris | Thu Sep 30 2004

Hello I possesses several table-ware-divides (plates/Terine etc. of britannia pottery coy. Glasgow larva in scotland willo?w?. who can associate the history of this manufaktur with me around me and the products to describe to excuse it leaves please that englich, I the text by PC translates to write it please my mail, I also directly pictures would then send!! mfg muench Germany chemnitz

m?nch | Thu Sep 30 2004

I have a Possil Pottery The Greybeard jug can you tell me what this is and what it is worth. Thank you

debbi | Wed Sep 15 2004

Ihave just aquired a large bowl with the mark J&MPS&co or J&MPB&co. It is transfer printed with Chinese figures in a landscape and the word Tamerlane in a banner underneath a bell trademark . Can you tell me anything about this pottery

nora | Tue Sep 14 2004

Your plate was made by the Glasgow Pottery of John and Matthew Perston Bell in the 1870s. It is transfer printed in a colour typical of the Pottery at this time and is part of a dinner service with what I call a changing pattern. In this the border in invariable but the central transfer varies with the shape of the piece. There is a history of the Pottery profusely illustrated in my book Scottish Ceramics, published by Schiffer. I hope this is of some use but I never do caluations.. Yours, Harry Kelly

Sean Ross | Sat Sep 11 2004

Your plate was made by the Glasgow Pottery of John and Matthew Perston Bell in the 1870s. It is transfer printed in a colour typical of the Pottery at this time and is part of a dinner service with what I call a changing pattern. In this the border in invariable but the central transfer varies with the shape of the piece. There is a history of the Pottery profusely illustrated in my book Scottish Ceramics, published by Schiffer. I hope this is of some use but I never do caluations.. Yours, Harry Kelly

Sean Ross | Sat Sep 11 2004

Your jug is almost certainly meant for a pub or as a souvenir of the Glasgow empire Exhibition of 1938 (though it has no legend on it. It was made at the Possil Pottery in Glasgow which was owned at that date by Tennents Breweries; a full history is available in my book Scottish Ceramics published by Schiffer. 14 is an indocation of size, probably 14 to the dozen. Yours, Harry Kelly

mike | Sat Sep 11 2004

I have a empire porcelain company very large pitcher and bowl set. It says stoke of trent and the month is 02, I think the year is 29 but hard to read. It is a deep blue with two birds on the front. can you tell me the value

Deborah | Wed Sep 08 2004


JACK | Tue Aug 31 2004

I have a piece of what I think is Prestonpans Pottery. It is of two fisherwives and it appears in plate XXX111 of J Arnold Fleming's book Scottish Pottery. Any comments would be appreciated and should I have it insured?

flora | Sat Aug 21 2004

I have a Omar Khayyam plate, reg no: 440397...any info please?

Ray Bramford | Thu Aug 19 2004

Dear Mr. Kelly, I was recently given a flow blue wash basin (no pitcher). The bottom has an imprinted mark within a raised rectangular bar. It is barely legible. I think it reads R1188047. The R1 is the part that I am unsure of...the other numbers are easier to read. I am not an expert but the pattern seems to be hand painted with excellent flow. The painting is of oak leaves and acorns. The bottom ring of the basin has a chip but otherwise is in good condition. There are wear marks in the bottom where the pitcher used to rest. The bowl appears to be very old. Oh yes, and there is gold sponged around the rim and a gold pinstripe around the base rim. Based on this description could you tell me what you think I have and how old it is? Also, will it be impossible to find the pitcher? Thank you for your expertise, Candace Wagner

Candace Wagner | Mon Aug 16 2004

I have a hexagonal plate which seems hand painted with a butterfly, dragonfly and some kind of bird on an orange and brown back ground. On the bottom it has a mark which says B-P-Co Ltd made in scotland and San Toi is the peice name, I would just like to know a bit more about it and if it is of any value. I thnik it is Britannia pottery as it has the stamp. There are a couple of other marks on it which aren't as clear afour digit pattern number possibly? It looks like 1236, but the second number is obscure so it may not be A two. and another mark which reads VI. Can you shed any light?

Izak Cowie | Mon Jul 26 2004

I too have a greybeard heather dew jug,marked possil pottery 18 glasgow, made in scotland. Can you tell me anything about it?

barb leveque | Wed Jul 21 2004

Hello,I have a little china jug,with an Helensburgh coat of arms on it,the bottom is stamped with a crown and the letters CR&Co Glasgow and what looks like a rampant lion inside two circles,with Caledonia China printed below this,has anyone any information on this pottery, as I can't find it anywhere,thank you, ANDREW

andrew alexander | Wed Jul 21 2004

Dear Mr. Kelly, In researching a pottery marking, I came across an article about you stating that you are an expert on Scottish pottery and ceramics. Several years ago I purchased at a yard sale a small soup tureen, although the top was missing and one handle gone, the flow blue pattern caught my eye and I knew that I had to make a home for it. The potters mark on the underside is as follows: LOMOND Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd Glasgow Made in Scotland F F The Britannia Pottery Coy Ltd is all in Caps except for the td. The entire first and second line above are enclosed within a circle which encloses another circle with a crowned female figure holding a staff with a trident on it in her left hand and a shield with the St Andrews Cross (reminds me of the emblem of my church - Episcopal/Anglican). Under this is the capital letter F and the words Made in Scotland and on the next line under the first F is another. The pattern is done is flow blue and at the lip of the bowl is a checkerboard pattern with small roses and leaves then a single rose bud then a primrose with vine and leaves. This pattern is repeated and is only broken where the handles are attached. In the background are what appear to be tiny bubbles. Under this to enclose the pattern is solid blue line, light blue line and then another solid blue line and under that is a series of half circles with a dark blue dot in each. The rest of the bowl is white and the interior seems to have some pitting and minor crazing also some brown spots -faint, but there nevertheless. Even though it is missing one handle, it is a lovely piece and has charmed me ever since I first laid eyes on it. I have the uncanny ability to always find the one pattern that no-one seems to know anything about and I am hoping that you will be able to help me. Thank you, Nadja Lee Russell 302 Diana Court Summerville, South Carolina 29483 United States of America

Nadja Lee Russell | Sun Jun 13 2004

My brother found a blue glass bottle burried on a building site in Clydebank. It has G & C moore Bridgton Glasgow written on it and has a marble in the neck. Would be greatfull if anyone can tell me anything about it.

Nicky | Thu Jun 03 2004

I have a tan colored greybeard pottery jug and it is called the greybeard . Heather dew blended scottish whisky. It has 2 men facing each other. It belonged to my fatherinlaw who was born 100 years ago. Can you tell me the age of it? Thank you

kenneth meadows | Mon May 10 2004

i have been collecting Govancroft pottery for about three years and i would be grateful for any information you can give me about the pottery when it closed etc.

owen | Mon Apr 19 2004

I have just recently acquired a tea set, that has R.C.&Co., with a circular dotted ring, with PEKIN, in the center. It has a picture that looks like it is hand painted, with two orientals, one holding a pipe, and the other stirring on a cook pot. Any help that you may be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU Arlene

Arlene Clark | Mon Apr 19 2004

I have been given this link by someone who tells me you may be able to help me. My mum bought a jug which is pink background with cream/blue/lilac mottled like it's been dabbed on with a sponge and has a lustre effect to it and on the bottom it has "Govancraft Glasgow" written in black writing. Would appreciate any information you may have. Best wishes Margaret Ellis

Margaret | Thu Apr 15 2004

Hello I have a serving plate by John & matthew Perton Bell Its sort of greenish blue Royal Conservatory design It has 1 small chip on the rim that measures about 1cm the plate is about 44cm long by 35cm wide. can't find out much on the web wondered if you could help with rarity ect

Sean Ross | Mon Dec 22 2003

hello,i have aquired a small jug..which i assume to be a cream has possil pottery stamped on the bottom along with 14 glasgow and also a circle with E inside..i wonder if you could assist me as to its value and what it was actually used for.

mike | Sun Dec 07 2003

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