Glasgow West End: Janey Godley, Comedienne

Janey Godley

I met Janey at Mansions Cafe-Bar at Charing Cross where she runs Jester's Comedy Club, compering the Friday and Saturday night shows and performing her own stand up comedy act. Mansions is housed in a very impressive building and I was soon to learn that Janey herself is pretty impressive - full of confidence, grittiness and determination; she has a keen sense of her own ability to perform and an assured role in the world of comedy.

Her sharp repartee and sense of comedy was acquired over 15 years working behind the bar of her own pub in Glasgow's East End where, I think that it would be fair to say, she cut her comedy teeth on her customers. Refining her craft amongst the chaos of:

"the karioke machine breaking down, the country and western act trying to tune up and Rangers and Celtic fans giving each other the evil eye"

Humour was Janey's weapon of choice in keeping things under control; "I've always been funny behind the bar" - "customers would bring their pals in just for me to wind them up". She also brought comedy acts to her pub and is proud that she "put Jerry Sadowitch on in 1982 ... he did a year". When other publicans struggled to keep good acts for even a week or two.

Charing Cross Mansions Nowadays apart, from setting the scene at Mansions, she plays to packed audiences world wide, when I met her she had just returned from New York. Janey is a regular on the comedy circuit playing the Irish Pubs and Scottish Clubs in the Big Apple. She also regularly tours the UK with her stand up show; does a lot of writing for others; has just finished a screenplay and has her own weekly live radio show "Radio Active" which is transmitted to New Zealand for breakfast. No wonder she is often dozing when the BBC call to remind her that she is about to go on the air.

Apart from all this she is committed to making Jesters a big success: "bringing big international acts to Glasgow and also encouraging newcomers to the comedy scene". Janey is determined to give promising new acts a chance to show what they can do.

This is a mile a minute lady, I could hardly keep up with her and if I have many more interviews like this I'll need to go on a shorthand course. All the time I was talking to her I had the sense that she was thinking amusing thoughts. She shared a joke or two with me and a when I asked her if it was difficult to write comedy I was not surprised when she responded: "I could make a sketch out of this" - I'm not altogether convinced that she won't.

Anyway good luck to Janey Godley - bringing lightness into our lives -this is one Westender who can't be accused of taking herself too seriously. She'll make a wonderful contribution to this year's West End Festival.

Janey is currently in New York, where she enjoying herself with her pals in Queens and also working as Entertainments Correspondent for the BBC. (27/7/2000)


One of your pictures Feb 2000 Me thinks shows St George's Mansions and not Charing Cross mansions as quoted in your text.

By the way this is an excellent site and I enjoy your monthly pictures. Keep up the good work


--George Greenwood ( georgegreenwood at hotmail dot com ) from Scotland on 16.8.2002; 19:21:07 Uhr

well here i am in sunny New York, the weather is good and all over Maspeth ,Queens is signs saying HILARY GO HOME so obviously they dont like her brand of political persuasion,im staying with the irish community who are fantastic and make you so welcome,but their live music in bars are too loud and they can sure teach the Scotch how to drink.This small town is based in the fine city of Queens and the population is based mainly of Irish ,polish and Greek immigrants.It makes for a good mix ,especially where the food outlets are concerned!! I will be going into Manhattan tommorrow to visit the comedy clubs and the show's there.The comedy clubs over here are so different to those back home and everyone is so competitive !They are all hopefuls trying to get into Television and the movies,a bit scary when they a carry their CV AND PHOTO. WELL I WILL SPEAK SOON KEEP WELL.
--janey godley ( janeygodley at comic dot fsnet dot co dot uk ) from Scotland on 24.7.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr


janey we need 2 get 2gether my uncles got loads out of your book cant wait 2 here it with u !!!! 0141 778 9220 07990888835 soon i hope xxx

billy porter | Fri Oct 14 2005

Godley in a powerful piece of solo theatre interspersed with searing bursts of humour, stand up comedian Janey Godley tells the story of a teenage girl who faces the choice of whether to try heroin or not. With a power and intimacy that can only be drawn from personal experience, Godley explores the parallel lives of the girl who says no and the girl who says yes.*****

James Scotland | Mon May 16 2005

just to say that janey is a really good comedienne and was extremely funny on Kings of Comedy (channel 4) shame she was voted out though and they cut out all the best bits she done. i found that quit shocking. well good luck Auntie Janey luv natalie ps mum sed hi and so did ma dad.

natalie | Wed Nov 10 2004

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THE MACK | Thu May 20 2004

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THE MACK | Thu May 20 2004

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