Pat's Guide to Local Characters in Glasgow's West End: Eileen McCusker

Building and Cross

Eileen McCusker has lived in the West End of Glasgow since 1990 when she returned to Scotland after living in New York City for 10 years. She loves staying in the West End where she has a brilliant flat. Eileen has a great time "hanging out with people" and is a big fan of the shops in the West End. She is hooked on chunky, junky jewellery and is also a big fan of Orro. Her big love is photography and she has great admiration for Annie Leibobwitz. Eileen's interest in photography developed out of her background working as a fashion stylist and display/events manager and she has spent the last five years developing and refining her skills.

This has paid off and Eileen now enjoys a successful freelance career working in the media and public relations. Recently she has focused more on promoting her own ideas - working mainly in black and white her subjects include: people, places, buildings and beaches. She visits "her second home" New York City regularly and has taken some great shots around her old stomping grounds. (Eileen's 'New York Gallery' will be on show here over the next week or so).

Her son Matt is a native born New Yorker and plays American Football with the Glasgow Claymores but although these connections are strong she is now a staunch West Ender and has been commissioned by a number of local businesses to take their promotional shots. She has taken some excellent photographs for the Web site.

Lemon and soapdish

Eileen is enthusiastic about her work which portrays something of her innate style, New York cool and West End confidence - her work is currently on show at the Phoenix Gallery, Sauchiehall Street and also in the very elegant Princes Square in Buchanan Street. Some of Eileen's photographs were featured recently on Scottish Television on 'The Home Show' - they looked brilliant.

Eileen's work is currently on display in the West End at The Nancy Smillie Shop, 53 Cresswell Street and The Phoenix Gallery, Sauchiehall Street.

You can also see some of her work at Otago, Designer Jewellery, Merchant City.


Eileen is available for commissions and can be contacted by email

See more of Eileen's photographs


Having recently moved to New York City from Dowanhill and having just discovered this website it is great to have a look at what's going on in the west end.
I do miss the wee chip for a glass wine from time to time, but i'll be back one day.
--Yvonne ( yconnolly7 at aol dot com ) from USA on 30.1.2003; 19:46:18 Uhr

Pat say's you have a lovely flat. That's just grand. Well bully for you.
--Mary Puce ( pucegoose at jealous dot net ) from Jamaica on 14.1.2003; 15:25:40 Uhr

Eileen- Its good to see you on the web - but surely you should be under the west end CELEBRITY list .
--Hugh- Havelock street ( e-mail at yourhost dot com ) from Scotland on 3.9.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr

Eileen is one of my favourite W. End characters! One of the warmest, most genuine, and talented people I've met. Thanks for including her in your site, Pat.
--Lynn ( PhilmChick2 at aol dot com ) from US on 13.3.2000; 0:00:00 Uhr


Eileen, we have a button fabric print here in the shop. Could you come and collect it? Thanks the Nancy Smillie SHop

HILDA DE GROOT | Wed Apr 23 2014

Hi eileen, I dont know if you remember me. We were involved with meantime magazine around 94/95. I just found this web site and saw your name.

John Lowrie | Tue Jun 16 2009

a little bit of an unusual connection..I grew up with Matt, and used to stop by his flat every day on the way to Hyndland Primary..reading this page brings back some memories!

Alasdair Green | Wed Nov 30 2005

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