Maggie Ramage, Artist.

Photo: Maggie Ramage. Maggie Ramage is a name I've often heard tripping off the tongue of friends and acquaintances in the West End. She is a well known West End character much in demand for her work as a portrait painter. She is a member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists and has exhibited with the Glasgow Group. She's a graduate of Glasgow's famous School of Art, where she studied drawing and painting and for many years she worked at Clydebank College as Senior Lecturer in Art. Maggie's work can be found in private collections throughout the world and at art exhibitions in Scotland.

Photo: Maggie Ramage painting.Now, supposedly retired, she finds herself a busy, busy lady - but as I found out when we chatted over coffee at Tinderbox, she is having the time of her life. She looks a million dollars, vivacious and bright. Maggie is in great demand - with lots of commissions for portraits, a landscape painting class at University of Glasgow's Department of Adult and Continuing Education, as an illustrator and for private tuition in drawing and painting

She is enthusiastic about her work and enjoys teaching art to people of all ages and abilities; in particular she loves to work with beginners' classes because the students often surprise themselves by picking up new skills very quickly: 'It's great to hear them say things like - I didn't know I could do that!'
. Making me think that perhaps I have a hidden talent and should sign up for some painting classes.

Photo: Maggie Ramage painting. What seems like a particularly good idea is combining art classes with a trip to a lovely, sunny, relaxing place and Maggie will be providing just that opportunity for the first two weeks in July, when she sets off for Barga in Tuscany. She works there in the summer for Artemisia, an international package holiday company. She will teach art to holidaymakers intent on simultaneously developing their creative skills and enjoying the splendour of Tuscany's landscapes.

Maggie is looking forward to returning to Barga, where she has carved out a very pleasant little niche for herself. Last year she stayed for some months, not only running the art tuition course at Artemisia but participating in local festivals and undertaking commissions. She was delighted to be part of 'Incontrato con un artista', where artists from different countries were asked to contribute on a specific night - countries such as Japan and USA were represented and Maggie was the Scottish artist. Word got around of her presence and talent in the area and she also found herself with commissioned to paint some very special souvenirs including the lovely local churches.

Photo: Maggie Ramage painting.There are firm connections between Barga and Glasgow and you can find out more about these in Ian Mitchell's article Barga - Chianti, Culture and Chips. Maggie and Ian are old pals from Clydebank College, where they worked together, and Maggie has provided the illustrations for soem of Ian's books. Like many Scots they are both fascinated by this Scottish / Italian connection and by the place itself.

Maggie has caught the attraction of Tuscany in her paintings, a few of which are illustrated on the web page. I can't wait to see it for myself - and must have a think about those art classes.

Most of Maggie's commissions for portraits are through word of mouth, however, you can contact her at: 0141 334 4265

Her drawing and painting for beginner's and visual art classes start in October at Glasgow University.
Enquiries to Department of Adult and Continuing Education, St Andrew's Building, Eldon Street. Telephone: 0141 330 1835.


Hi maggy . glad to see that there`s life after Clydebank and that your happy.

Ian mckay, | Wed Dec 04 2013

Hello Maggie, would love to join a watercolour painting class for beginners. Are there any classes being run in the West End?

Agnes ODonnell | Thu Aug 29 2013

Hello Maggie, I'm looking for a watercolour class this winter, are you running one? Many Thanks Des

Des Morgan | Wed Aug 14 2013

Hi maggie, you taught me at clydebank, havent painted in 20 years and am back at it again because a pal wanted to join an art class so i went along. What time are your classes?

Sue bagan | Fri Aug 09 2013

Hi maggie, you taught me at clydebank, havent painted in 20 years and am back at it again because a pal wanted to join an art class so i went along. What time are your classes?

Sue bagan | Fri Aug 09 2013

hiya maggie, long time no see, I was a student long time ago at College for a year with you as a tutor in Higher Art, I am really pleased with your outbook and that you have achieved considerable (& deserved) success as an artist, I always thought you had enthusiasm for the beauty of artistic expression. You pushed especially well in helping us paint using bright colours, I think the impressionists were a big influence in your style, Oh, despite my input at college I still didnt pass Higher Art though, never mind. Bye,, From /Randal C

randal chalmers | Sun Apr 28 2013

Hi, I am looking for a watercolour course that is on during the day in Glasgow or the surrounding area for my Mum. I have only been able to find evening courses so far - any information you could provide on suitable courses would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Yvonne | Thu Jul 19 2012

Hi Maggie- hope the knee's coming on. I think it was a real friday afternoon job when we were being made - so many bits that have to work together. But it'll be great one day when you make a movement that has been giving you gyp and low and behold - no pain , but take it easy don't go daft. Mine look as if the're off different people - from rugby. It'll come. Signed a card from the classes today.Tot later. Tot later rab williams

rab williams | Wed Feb 22 2012

Hi Maggie. At a Rod Stewart concert in a vineyard about 100k from Sydney. Hope you are Well love. John

John walker | Sat Feb 11 2012

Hi Maggie, just a short e-mail to see if you can fit me in for tutorial lessons with Watercolour Painting. Havent had any lessons before but would like to fit painting lessons in with my piano tuition each week or what ever you recommend, Yours Sincerely Robert Walker.

Robert Walker | Tue Jul 20 2010

I also, along with a million other people it seems, am trying to find a painting class for beginners in Glasgow to give me an afternoon each week away from the busy shop I work in, in Ayr. Many thanks in advance for your reply. Regards Eileen Gray

Eileen Gray | Mon Jul 20 2009

I have a large canvas painting that is signed W. Ramage '63 and was wondering if this is any relation to you of if you knew who he was. Sincerely, James

James | Sat Jul 18 2009

Hi, I would be grateful for details of any Summer painting classes in the Glasgow area.

Lynn | Thu Jun 11 2009

Hi could you help me i am looking for an arts and crafts class for adults with learning difficulties in glasgow during the day do you know of any ?. Thanks Donna Howie

Donna Howie | Thu Jun 04 2009

I am looking for a day class for beginners (adult) in waterclour painting. Can you advise me of suitable class. I am in Inverclyde area so Glasgow would be fine

Maureen Armstrong | Thu May 14 2009

Dear Maggie Ramage, I'm researching the war experiences of my late uncle, Captain R.E.V. de Lautour who died in Normandy on 20th June 1944. I know that he served closely with a Sergeant Ramage who survived the war. Is he by any chance a relative of yours and if so, is he still alive? Regards, Andrew

Andrew de Lautour | Wed Apr 15 2009

Im am the new activites coordinator at cameron house and would like to know if you/ or you know of any other artist to do a weekly session for my program?

kelly court | Tue Nov 18 2008

hi magie dont know if youl remember me but its great to see your still around would love to here from you but if not all the best love conrad

conrad gross | Thu Oct 23 2008

My mum is interesting in drawing and painting. I have tried to find (unsuccessfully) painting / drawing classes for her. She lives in Ochiltree in Ayrshire. Glasgow or Ayr or similar would be great. Do you do this, or can you recommend anything. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Lynda-Ann O'Connor-McAllister | Thu Oct 02 2008

We run art classes for adults - for absolute beginners and beyond. The Autumn Programme starts in early October and runs for 10 weeks including Drawing and Painting, Watercolours, Creative Textiles. For further details please contact Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Bearsden 0141 931 5083

Julia Campbell | Wed Jul 02 2008

Hi Maggie,you where one of my tutors at Clydebank College way back in 1980-81.Im looking for a flexable training course in tatoo artistry in or around the Glasgow area. Can you help me? Any information would be most appreciated. Many thanks.

james gilgannon | Sun May 11 2008

Hi, I was just wondering if you knew of any art classes for beginners in the west end or near about? Thanks for your help. Sarah

Sarah Al-Hassani | Wed Jan 30 2008

My Dad would like to do a watercolours art course in Glasgow that doesn't include modern stuff. Could you advise of any please.

june grindley | Sun Dec 02 2007

I was looking for a good portfolio art class in glasgow, or an art class that would prepare me to apply for art school....Can you advise or recommend anything?

Jodi Fraser | Wed Nov 07 2007

Hi, Could you tell me if there are any drawing and painting art classes in Glasgow West End? Thanks very much, Rachel

Rachel | Sun Sep 09 2007

Hi, Could you tell me if there are any drawing and painting art classes in Glasgow West End? Thanks very much, Rachel

Rachel | Sun Sep 09 2007

Hi Maggie, Yvonne Taylor suggested that you might do a workshop for our Art Group. Mondays Skypoint. Please let me know if this is possible. Cheers Margaret

Margaret McGregor | Mon Aug 27 2007

Hi Maggie, I joined your class at Clydebank College and done quite a bit of of art work. I enjoyed water colour painting. I am looking to get started again and looking for a class on drawing or figurative drawing. Can you help? Cheers

Geraldine McCue | Wed Jul 04 2007

Could you give me any information on beginners art clasees in the west end of Glasgow? I took a crash higher whilst at school (a "few" years ago now) and received a B. Really enjoyed it, but nver progressed any further, but now would be interested in taking it back up. Thanks

michele shields | Sun Jun 03 2007

Hello Maggie, i wondered if you could help me , i am in a rather desperate situation , i am applying to an art school in paris this summer and of course i have a portfolio to assemble, i am however a little out of practace and i am desperatly looking for some last minuate tutoring to get my wheels going before i head of back to france ( i am curently in glasgow). i have previous experience i did the nc and higher art and design at clydebank college , if you have the time i would be more than greatful if you could help me out . if you think you can help me please let me know , or if not could you possibly recomend someone who could. yours kayleigh

kayleigh | Thu May 10 2007

Hi Maggie You used to teach me art at Clydebank College, wonder if you can give me details of any just for hobby art classes around Glasgow? Naiomi Putt

Naiomi Putt | Thu Jan 18 2007

Hello... Not sure to call you maggie or ms Ramage, so hi fellow artist. I have been a Tattoo artist now for 32 years, and i have a burning desire to take up a new format. 2007 willbe a year of change for me, however i dont know where to start. I'd love to take formal lessons to get me going, so can you advise me at all on my best way forward? Thanx Stu

stuart wrigley | Thu Jan 11 2007

Maggie. I lost you e mail address. So e mail me. Happy new year. Lang may yer lum reek

dave Brown | Sun Dec 31 2006

I am looking for painting classes for my brother who lives in Irvine on the west coast. Glasgow or Ayr would be suitable. Preferably oil pinting, but possibly waterclours. Do you do this, or can you recommend anything. I would appreciate any help. thank you.

john tomnay | Wed Nov 29 2006

Hello Maggie My grandmother was Mary Gilmour Ramage born in 1872 in Sorn, Ayrshire. I wonder if she was related to you in any way. Regards Jill Galbraith

Jill Galbraith | Sat Sep 23 2006

I am interested in acquiring your paintings- How do i contact you in this regard .... Thanks

Amien | Wed Jun 21 2006

Ms. Ramage, Hi! I'm from the U.S. and I'm curious about my family tree. Is Ramage your birth name?? Thanks,Tom Ramage

Tom Ramage | Sat Oct 15 2005

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