Pat's Guide to Local Characters in the West End: Suzanne McGreevy - Artist

Photo: the innocent. Suzanne designed the cover for Jim Byrne's album The Innocent - February, 2012

Suzanne McGreevy is a Westender who came all the way over from America just to live here! Maybe it wasn't just the location - the attractions of her husband Andy might have had something to do with it. :-) She is a friend of ours (i.e myself and Jim) and I admire her work a lot - in fact we have one of her paintings on our living room wall. I am glad I have this opportunity to display her paintings to a wider audience.

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Glasgow Mods presents Tom Fleming and the Landella dancers on Studio Downbeat.

Stevie fae Cranhill | Fri Nov 14 2008

I have some TV footage of the Studio Downbeat competition. It will be posted in the next day or two.

James | Sat Jul 05 2008

Hi there, I'm looking for information on dancers from the Lindella going back to the early 60's, i have a friend who competed in the studio downbeat tv competition and i'm trying to source some information for him

tracey barr | Tue Mar 11 2008

Thomas Flemming, the owner of 'Civitas' salon on Gibson Street is a well known character of the West End. Tom was one of the original Lindella dancers, performed on television and multiple shows around Scotland. He is well worth having an interview with. Thank you for a well written piece about the West End of Glasgow,

tent28 | Wed Nov 17 2004

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