Pat's Guide to Local Characters in Glasgow's West End: Dave Anderson: Musician and Actor

Butterfly Kiss - A Play, A Pie ad A Pint, 15th - 20th April, 2013

Songs of Struggle, Celtic Connections, 29th January, 2013

Acoustic affair presents Dave Anderson, The Recital Rooms, City Halls, 27th February, 2012

Dave will appear with Wildcat Re-united at Glasgow Friends of May Day 2011
28th April, 2011, STUC

Dave Anderson's play Tir Nan Og wins award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007

Dave Anderson Dave Anderson Entertains is the title of Dave Anderson's new one man show - a title that tells us a little bit about this man's talents: singer, storyteller, musician, songwriter, musical director and off course accomplished actor. What it doesn't tell us though is that Dave is mellow, modest and mannerly - a real gentleman in fact. He certainly doesn't come across as someone who has a 'big hit for himself', despite his numerous accomplishments. Such as Stardust - The Hoagy Carmichael Story

I ran into Dave in a West End pub a few weeks back and he kindly offered to lend me his reading glasses when I discovered I had come out without my own. Of course I recognised him immediately and asked if I could include him on the Web site. I later contacted him and we met at 'The Chip' where we had a nice pot of Earl Grey and an interesting chat about his long and diverse career in show business.

His stage career began in 1973 when he was invited to join the 7.84 Theatre Company. He had been based in London where he was playing and writing with rock n' roll bands when he was asked to return to Glasgow to work with the company for 3 months - "writing and helping out". That was 27 years ago and the helping out developed into performing and directing. During those years Dave has played a pivotal role both with 7.84 and Wildcat Theatre Companies.

Probably best known for his role as musical director of the "The Steamie" and "The Celtic Story", both of which have repeatedly played to sell out audiences, he also became a very familiar face on television as Adam McClelland, the Bank Manager in the sit-com "City lights". Not a man to blow his own trumpet I had to encourage Dave to tell me about some of the highlights of his career : apart from "City Lights" and "The Steamie", which of course has been televised and played all over the world (I've laughed and cried at the show in the theatre and on the tele) - he has been involved in numerous productions.

His first film was the very impressive "Gregory's Girl" - a more recent production with Charlie Sheen was not quite so successful but nevertheless "an experience". Dave was a great fan of Glasgow's own festival "Mayfest" which sadly no longer exists and in 1991 he was delighted when the Wildcat production "Sharks" won the Paper Boat Award (The George Wylie Badge presented by The Glasgow Herald - for the show deemed to be "most in the spirit of Mayfest").

When I asked him to explain the philosophy behind Wildcat he did not hesitate in answering: "not being afraid to talk about politics nor engaging people's brains as well as their emotions". The company toured all round the country bringing entertainment and awareness into small communities and housing estates - there have also been some memorable trips to other nations. His show "Confessing the Blues", with a sexual politics theme, was performed in East Berlin (before the wall came down!) - at the Berliner Ensemble, where Bertolt Brecht had his repertory company. "Confessing the Blues" was a great hit with the Berliners and Dave pointed out how "technically it was a revelation for the audience" used to Brecht's stark and neutral sets.



I am listening to Wildcats album - Unofficial Action - right now - I cannot believe how fresh these songs are after all these years. Especially - Joy is in the child, leaving you, Harmony and painted bird. This LP has been around the world with me and it always brings back the memories of the times we followed Wildcat around the Glasgow area.
Best regards
--Ian Cameron ( Emailiancameron83 at ntlworld ) from uk on 14.9.2002; 22:23:30 Uhr

Next time you see Dave, my friend for over 40 years, tell him Pat (Holden) says 'hello'. And that I do visit my publishers in Dundee (DCThomson) now and again. You gave his musical history...I can go much further back. Like 1962/3...
--Patti Hales ( Emailwriter dot com at talk21 dot com ) from England on 16.10.2001; 21:07:09 Uhr


My late uncle, Niven Smith played/acted with wildcat in the Unofficial Action and East German tour days, sadly I no longer have my copy of the album. I do have some photos if anyone is interested.

Graham | Tue Dec 21 2010

I am currently in my 3rd year of the Acting course at Rose Bruford College in London and would be very interested to ask some questions about 7:84 and ,more importantly, Wildcat Theatre Companies for my dissertation. I was in the Multiskills Theatre Arts Unit production of Celtic Story at the Village Theatre East Kilbride and also The Kings in Glasgow (which was a Celtic Supportes Association charity night for the Dunblane Fund) in 1995. I am interested to learn how Wildcat decided what type of show to put on and why such a great company was allowed to disappear! Hope you can help me out with some info.

Shona Cairney | Thu Feb 14 2008

My dad (Dave Hicks) was in Wildcat in the 1980s (died 1987)- I have Unofficial Action on vinyl but haven't had a record player for years now have made do with a cassette recording I made in my teens. My sister and I would love to have a copy of this album on CD - is such a thing available?

Wendy Hicks | Tue Jan 15 2008

Having performed as Doreen in 'The Steamie' twice now with PACT Productions & Mark Barclay it's now my turn. I would like to produce a performance of the play with the kids that I teach. How can I go about getting the sheet music, recording of the songs and performance rights? Thanks very much Kirsty Strahan

Kirsty Strahan | Fri Sep 07 2007

Would love to contact Dave (and Tina and wee David). Been in Australia for the last 12 years - here in Glasgow until 16th august 2005. Would love to catch up! Not sure where you are living now i can be contacted on the email address - if you give me your phone number i can contact you. Or my mobile is 61 1434 143 590. Jane

Jane Bulloch | Tue Jul 12 2005

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