Earth Hour

Added on Monday 21 Mar 2011

Saturday 26th March is Earth Hour, where the World Wildlife Fund encourage people and businesses across the UK to switch their lights off for an hour at 8.30pm, saving energy and doing our bit for the planet. Its also happening across the world, with The Sydney Opera House doing their bit too..

How to take part is where you will find out all the details .

Shearer Candles, based in Govan Glasgow have teamed up with Oran Mor to ensure that you have an intimate and illuminated dining experience in The Brasserie at Oran Mor during Earth Hour. For more information on Oran Mor check out and call 0141 357 6200 to make your reservation.
You can also enter the draw to win a gift box set from Shearer Candles.

Established in 1897 and based in Govan, Shearer Candles manufacture the UK's largest range of scented candles - you can buy from them wholesale as a trade customer or you can choose just one perfect candle for a particularly special occasion. Shearer Candles are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - from pillar candles to votive candles, outdoor candles, jar candles, tealights, or environmentally-friendly 100% soy candles - so you can be sure that they have something appropriate to the needs of every venue, retail outlet and individual customer.

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