Added on Thursday 10 Mar 2011

In my old flat on Belhaven Terrace in Dowanhill I had beautiful hardwood floors throughout . Way more hygenic than carpets and with my dog it made sense to go for the wood option. Hardwood floors are also long lasting and add value to your home. Easy ?enough to to brush or hoover but don't fair too well with wet mopping.

So how do you restore their natural glow without damaging them?

I have the solution! And it's super cheap and toxic free and you've probably got it stored among your condiments in the cupboard... ?Vinegar

Mix ?up a solution of 1/4 of a ?cup of ?white vinegar and 30oz of warm water. Pour it into a spray bottle, then spray on a cotton cloth or towel until it.s slightly damp. Then get to it and ?mop your floors and rid them of footprints, dust and whatever else has accidentally ended up on your floor!

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