Domestic Goddess

Added on Saturday 5 Mar 2011

I've been living on my own for a few days at a friends pad in the West End and as a thank you I've been working on my domestic skills! And yesterday I spent a good few hours on it and here are some tips I've picked up and put into good practise! Keep your bathrooms and kitchen tiles spotless and hygienic with natural cleansers as opposed to expensive cleaning materials!

Baking Soda is quite amazing!!! Dust surfaces with baking soda, then give it some elbow with a moist sponge or dishcloth.

If you have tougher stains and grime on your worktops , sprinkle on some kosher salt, and burn some calories by giving it laldy!

Lemon Juice or Vinegar also works if you've got stains, mildew or grease streaks. Spray or douse with lemon juice or vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub with a stiff brush.

And finally, instead of bleach, make your own disinfectant by mixing 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of liquid soap and 20 to 30 drops of tea tree oil.

It's easy, cheap and really does shift ground in dirt and grimy marks!

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