10 Green Bottles...sitting on the wall

Added on Tuesday 22 Feb 2011

Photo: live and kicking. And now its possible to buy milk in a green bottle.

Each day some 15m plastic bottles are used in the UK, many ending up on the country's growing landfill sites becoming waste mountains. The average plastic bottle takes 500 years to decompose, this legacy will have an impact on generations to come.

Martin Myerscough believes he has come up with the answer after being inspired by a papier mache balloon his son made at school. Remember papier mache - messy with all that flour and water, reminds me of Blue Peter experiments!.

The Green Bottle, which looks remarkably like the conventional two-litre plastic bottles on supermarket shelves, is made of a sturdy paper shell with a plastic liner to keep the milk fresh.

Once the lining is ripped out, the paper shell can be quickly flattened and recycled up to seven times - plastic bottles can be recycled only once. Alternatively the paper bottle can be turned into compost within a matter of several weeks.

The bottle has been trialled at Asda stores in East Anglia and a national roll-out across the supermarket chain has already started in Cornwall.

I'm off to try and make my own! I may have been a Live & Kicking presenter but I always fancied being a Blue Peter Presenter!

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